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Sine Mora review

“When you’re born with the ability to travel through time…”
Sine Mora isn’t your typical side-scrolling shooter, this game is all about time. Each individual mission is against the clock which makes for really interesting game play. Take a hit and you lose valuable time, while unleashing your fire power will extend time. Sine Mora is visually awesome, and definitely the finest shooter I have played in a long while.

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Before this game I was zapping away on Shienryu and GaiaSeed, both great PS1 shooters. One massive plus this game has playing on the Vita as opposed to playing on a 50 inch is the ability to track the onscreen action. The OLED screen is perfect. At times the game is extremely chaotic, and the huge quantities of coloured blobs are easy to spot on a smaller screen. Your ship feels small but handles precisely which helps in later levels when you’re travelling through twisty misty passages. The many gigantic boss fights are so stunning you’ll find yourself being blown to pieces. You’re in awe at the visual feast in front of you and forget the task at hand. Sine Mora is still your typical shoot’em up – destroying everything in your path, dodging incoming missiles, collecting power ups and huge boss fights. The left stick controls your mini ship and the handy left trigger can fast forward the cut scenes thankfully. Having the ability to slow down time is a real winner when it’s time for bigger badder battles and avoiding swarms of missiles.

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Released in Nov 2012, Sine Mora came out around the time when maybe bigger releases were hitting the Vita. Make sure you give this epic shoot’em up a blast though. Sine Mora is brilliant. It has stunning visuals and is a real challenge even for seasoned gamers.

Lizard rating 8.5/10

Release Date: November 20, 2012
Genre: Shoot’em up
Publisher: Grasshopper Manufacture
Developer: Digital Reality