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OMG HD Zombies review by blondlizard

Laughing Jackal bring Zombies to the Vita and lots of them. OMG HD Zombies is a remake of the PSP 2011 release OMG-Z, one I never played so I’m new and fresh and ready for the kill.

You’re a lone gunman standing in a Zombie infested playground and the aim is to take out as many groaning undead as possible. Actually 3 bullets is all you have, so no Bruce Willis hero antics here. Working out the best method to rid the screen of these unsavory folk is where the fun begins.

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The screen is solidly packed with Zombies. Laughing Jackal could not have fitted any more in with a shoe horn, it really is a Zombie fest. How each Zombie takes a bullet is the way you can complete and unlock new levels. Some, when hit, will explode causing others around them to hit the deck also. These chain reactions are the best and most satisfying ways to clear a level. Others turn into a pool of blood infecting other unlucky bystanders. There are also burning barrels that when fired upon explode, use these wisely.

A menacing sound track D-12 style sets an eerie feel to the game. A lovely blood red finger, on the Vita, appears when moving between menus.

The controls are very simple; the game offers touch or the left stick to move the cross hair. As the screen is heavily packed to the rafters, choosing which Zombie to target is sometimes easier with the left stick. As you progress through the 100 levels, each location changes and a different approach is needed to work your way through the killing spree.

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If you want to blast away a whole screen of Zombies Rambo style, then head to the PlayStation Store. Here is an option to purchase ZIT Grenades, but don’t get addicted to these, they come at a price. Remembering you only paid £2.99 for the game does help your decision. But if you want a kill that creates a chain reaction then planning and timing your shot is needed. A touch of the on screen icon will show the health meter of each Zombie. This helps greatly knowing which walking dead is the least fittest and likely to drop with one bullet.

OMG HD Zombies becomes quite an additive game. Returning to levels to gain a medal and better your body count brings a challenge to this neat little action puzzler. The striking art style with the combination of blood reds and greys are simple and effective. In game currency can be used for upgrades and the added online leaderboards and trophies help add more interest to your zombie slaying time.

With pools of blood, bullets and the walking dead, Rob Zombie would be at home playing OMG HD Zombies.

Lizard rating 7-10

Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Laughing Jackal
Developer: Laughing Jackal