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More fun than George Michael could ever have in a toilet? Men's Room Mayhem review

Here at Punk and Lizard you won’t find any cheap toilet humour, double entendres or crass jokes in our reviews, oh no. Here we try and bring a little refinement and sophistication to the gaming table. So when the kind guys over at Ripstone sent us their new Vita release Men’s Room Mayhem, we did not want our high standards to drop. We’re not the sort to give in to such lunacy…actually I’m lying – we’re Punk and Lizard, let’s roll!

Does Men’s Room Mayhem grab you by the goolies and stream with a high scoring royal flush? Is it a soft, strong and very long game or a short, quick burst of undiluted pleasure? Would Thomas Crapper, the English toilet inventor from the 1800′s approve or turn in his grave? Let’s don our surgical gloves, get our head behind the U-bend and take a closer look.

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In Men’s Room Mayhem you must guide desperate customers around the restrooms (toilets for us Brits) and let them do their business in a hassle free environment. You then simply guide them to the hand basins and out the door. Now not all patrons are the same, some dash Usain Bolt style to the urinals while others simply amble along. If you don’t escort the little guys to the loo in time then these guys aren’t too shy about letting go in public either. Slowly the toilets start to get busy as folks flood in and here is where the fun starts. If customers knock into each other then bathroom brawls will break out, meaning missed points. Gaining “etiquette” bonus is done by spacing out your peeing public in opposite urinals. In between rounds you need to swipe your finger like lightning over the screen to clean your restroom. This is a frantic few seconds – there is blood, liquids and solids as well as sinks and toilets that need to be swiped spotlessly clean. The bone crushing rock soundtrack makes a welcome change in tempo on these mid level breaks too.

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Are the controls as infuriating as potty training? No. It’s a rather simple case of drawing a line with your finger and these guys will follow it. You could draw a line as long as Route 20 and these fellas would stick to it like glue. This really make’s Men’s Room Mayhem a joy to play. Unlocking later levels is done my meeting the set challenges, so replaying levels to move forward is required. The game really becomes a quick thinking strategy game as you dash about making sure all your customers are peeing, washing and leaving the restroom clean and happy. It really is mayhem on a grand scale.

The game’s menu is a clever custom vending machine which lets you choose between two different game modes, Normal or Blitz. Men’s Room Mayhem looks so shiny and bright and shows off different detail on each new level. Play the music festival toilet and you’re guiding around Black Veil Brides lookalikes. The endearing music is thought out and makes Men’s Room Mayhem addictive and heaps of fun. Ripstone have got everything so right. With a name like this, the game had to deliver and it certainly does. Complete with trophies and one gold :gold on offer even the elite trophy hunter’s over at ps3 Imports will be bagging this one. Also the fact that there are Leaderboard options make it an even better package.

More fun than George Michael could ever have in a toilet, Men’s Room Mayhem is a riot. Oh and it’s cheaper than a packet of Wet Wipes.

Lizard Rating 8/10

Published by: Ripstone Games
Developed by: Sawfly Studios
Released Date: 22.5.13
Genre: Action