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Fight for Fortune - punk's quick look and easy trophies guide

Uncharted: Golden Abyss was awesome. The Uncharted series is brilliant full stop. So when it was announced that Fight for Fortune was coming out, and it was a card game, my heart sank. Now I'm not knocking card games. It's just that we didn't buy a PS Vita to play card games. The good news however is that Fight For Fortune is actually really fun. It's a pretty tenuous link to Uncharted granted, but it's still fun.

The game is 2 teams going against each other, heroes and villians from past games. You have Factions, Fortune and Resources to beat your opponent. Your end goal is to reduce your opponent's health level to zero. You have a deck of cards to choose from which are split into 3 sections: hero, villian or mercinary. Some are attacking and some are defending, and to help more you get a treasure card and action card. You can use these all together or bank your fortune.

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It's complicated at first, but you'll pick it up very quickly. You will probably win your first match against Doughnut Drake and be baffled as to how you did it. My first reactions to this game was that it was rubbish. I thought it was taking advantage of Uncharted fans. But 10 minutes in and I couldn't put it down. I keep going back to it. It's so addictive and it's actually pretty cool to have the odd game on the Vita which isn't guns blazing.

One slightly jarring thing about Fight for Fortune is that if you've collected certain items in Golden Abyss your cards are worth more, making some of the fights easier. Problem for me was that I platinumed Golden Abyss, deleted the data and traded it in. I wish Bend had arranged for it to be taken from trophy data. I feel this will probably happen to a lot of people.

That being said, Fight For Fortune is £3.19 on the PSN store, which is next to nothing for the amount of time you'll get with this game. That price will creep up with the 2 expansion packs incoming, but I'm still glad to say that Fight for Fortune hasn't let the Uncharted series down.
Give it a go, it might surprise you how much you like it.


Quick trophy tips

License to Hunt - You'll receive this after playing the tutorial.
Change it Up - Customise your Faction Deck, Avatar, Card Backing & Background. The Faction Deck is not with the other three. You can find it in Card Library under Faction Builder.
Plundered! - Very easy silver trophy. Simply play your first match against Doughnut Drake five times. It's the easiest match and one by one you will unlock all the rewards for the match.