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Cursed Crusade: Review

You play the game as Denz de Bale....with a sidekick/partner by the name of Esteban Noviembre. You (as Denz) are searching for your father who has gone missing during the Crusade's. Your Uncle has taken over your Castle and lands and you hope to find your father and bring him home. However...you have one small problem....you are Cursed. Being a Templar Knight while Cursed certainly makes for an interesting idea.
Your father and several others have been cursed for commiting henious acts during the Crusade's...and the curse is passed onto the following generations. The curse means you are pulled into a "hellish" nightmare when Death is close to getting you....and dragging you to Hell. You are also able to tap into powers from Hell....namely, burning souls and people with Hellfire.
My first opinion of the game was...it is a cheap knockoff of Dante's Inferno with some Army of Two thrown in. I wasn't too far off in that assessment. You have to collect coffers, purify souls, and collect cursed blood crucifixes....and you get Valor points for completing the required number of each objective. You use those valor points for your upgrades which you can do at the end of each mission. Every mission can range from a boss fight to about 30 mins of wandering around.

Story: As stated above...the story follows Denz and Esteban in the search for Denz's father. The story is well written and the voice acting seems to be well done. I enjoyed the story a lot more then the overall game. You can skip over the cutscenes by hitting the circle button, and then hitting the x button when the prompt shows up.

Gameplay: Typical third person perspective with platforming elements thrown in. The square :square button is the weak attack, the triangle :triangle button is the strong attack. The circle :circle button is the dodge....but you can only dodge when you are attacked by a "guard break". The guard break is the basic stun move, but once you are stunned....there is a quicktime event that pops up, and will allow you to get unstunned early. L1 will take you into demon mode...and while in demon mode, your health will drop and Death can come for you. You will also be stronger and faster in demon mode. Try to avoid demon mode...at least until you get used to passing into and out of it quickly. Gets really frustrating...to be stuck on the ground dieing with Death stalking you, and Esteban can't reach you. R2 is your ranged attack and your deflection trigger. Try to get used to deflecting your attackers......they will also deflect your attacks....a lot. L3 will check the durability on your weapons and bring up the menu of your secondary objectives.
Example of seconday objectives: 0/4 coffers, 1/1 blood crucifixes, 4/10 souls.
On easy difficulty...your attackers will glow a blueish color. Opponents attemping a guard break will glow orange. On Nightmare difficulty...your on your own as they won't glow anymore. If you attempt Nightmare, try to get used to looking for the attack animation before you start that playthrough...will save you some headaches.

Graphics: Graphics are very well done and the cutscenes are beautiful. However...I did notice several times that the animations did get stuck. Sometimes when opening a portculis...my guy would stop the animation and just stand there. Esteban would continue with his animations, and when the gate would drop....Denz would magically appear on the correct side of the gate. Other times...Denz would freeze and Esteban would magically raise up into the air...only to have Denz appear beside him on top.
The camera though was a bit annoying. During the platforming parts of the game, you can't control the camera. It also wasn't always very quick responding. You pretty much had to stop moving to get the camera to move quickly. There was also several parts where the camera wouldn't move at all.

Sound: Sound was ok. The voice acting was well done...but half the time I couldn't hear what they were saying from the background music. The volume of the fighting would also drown out what they were saying quite often. During the cutscenes, there wasn't any issue's I could find. Just during normal gameplay did the sound have some trouble.

Overall.....I think this was an "ok" game. Once I got the hang of it and knew what I was doing....it wasn't too bad. As Inter stated in another post...there is a pretty steep difficulty spike in a couple of parts of the game, but nothing that a little perseverance can't overcome. I am glad I only paid about $18 for the korean version though.