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Attack of the Toy Tanks

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Stacks: 6 total
2 EU, 2 NA, 2 AS


Players and Trophies: Solo or Couch Co-op. You can get all the trophies playing solo vs AI. There are no online trophies


Rating: E Family friendly but fun for vets as well.


Objective: Destroy the AI tanks before they get you. Each level presents different challenges. You can play against another person. Total of 60 levels but not all levels are need for the plat.


The first thing you will notice are the amazing bright colors. The devs made it look more vividly fun than deadly. You have lots of things that can get in your way. Various obstacles are on each level that you can peak out from and shoot the other tanks. Some of the obstacles are moving and can vaporize you in one hit, though most of the levels you can just hide behind some and wait for the opposing tanks to come towards you. Other levels require that you immediately move and take cover or risk being taken out immediately. I've found myself, playing this game on vita even after the plat. Quite a fun little game. You can use traditional tank controls or they can be modified slightly. A few of the levels before the plat are frustrating as some of the bullets can rebound off walls and you will find the AI quite intelligent even though you can play on easy to earn all trophies.
The game will take around and hour or so to plat. Your strategy should be to just take it easy and let them come to you when possible. Hiding behind the right place can make some of the level super quick and easy while others take a little more thought. Those many of the AI will come and get you some require you to be a little more assertive. If you have kids that would enjoy a game this is a good one for them as well. The controls on the PS4 seem a little easier as the vita sticks can cause some frustration. Regardless you should find this relatively easy and fun for a short plat.


Still one of my favorite ez games but the controls will take getting used to.


Difficulty: 2/10 IMO