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2017 Visual Novel Releases List

Jan 28 2017 05:26 AM | maxijodi in Reviews

Here I will post all in 2017 released and announced Visual Novels or all trophy hunters and all imports members interested in Visual Novels. Please post if you find any missing ones or any mistakes. Buttons under a game will lead you directly...

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Mafia 3 review

Jan 23 2017 01:41 AM | lordmartock in Reviews

Attempt number two. Was halfway done and accidentally closed out the screen...loosing all that work. Story  Mafia 3 is a continuation...of sorts...from the second game. The only one to make the crossover is Vito from Mafia 2. He is much o...

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Mantis Burn Racing review by Blondlizard

Nov 25 2016 08:20 AM | blondlizard in Reviews

Mantis Burn Racing – now that’s a title to get the juices flowing. UK’s VooFoo Studios know how to make luxurious looking games, and if you’ve played Pure Pooland Pure Chess then you’ll know what I’m on about. VooFoo know how to turn on the style and...

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PS VR Hardware Review

Nov 22 2016 07:55 AM | Tenshi in Reviews

Introduction: Hello PS3imports, I'm Tenshi and this'll be my third Hardware Review for you guys and gals. Today I'll be reviewing the PlayStaion VR headset, the first modern VR foray by any of the major console manufacturers. My intentions are to...

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PS4 Pro Review and Discussion

Nov 07 2016 11:44 PM | Tenshi in Reviews

Introduction: Hello PS3imports, I'm Tenshi and this'll be my second Hardware Review for you guys and gals. Today I'll be reviewing the PlayStaion 4 Pro, the most powerful console ever built at this time of writing. My intentions are to inform, ans...

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PlayStation Vita 2000 Hardware Review

Nov 06 2016 04:38 AM | Tenshi in Reviews

Introduction: Hello PS3imports, I'm Tenshi and this'll be the first of what I hope to be a series of Hardware related reviews. Today I'll be reviewing the PlayStaion Vita 2000 model. My intentions are to inform, answer any questions you might have...

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Ride review by blondlizard

Apr 17 2015 04:36 AM | blondlizard in Reviews

RIDE, the brand new motorcycle racing experience from Milestone, offers you a chance to delve deep and submerge yourself into the world of motorbike racing. A departure from the usual Milestone formula, RIDE takes a big step in the right direction. RI...

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Magus Review

Aug 14 2014 03:39 PM | BobbbyLight in Reviews

Magus is a game that doesn't need to exist, probably shouldn't, but does. If you watch the teaser trailer, you can tell this game takes itself seriously. Very seriously. Between the music which gives the feel of grandeur to the inclusion of slow m...

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OMG HD Zombies review by blondlizard

Jun 28 2013 07:21 AM | blondlizard in Reviews

Laughing Jackal bring Zombies to the Vita and lots of them. OMG HD Zombies is a remake of the PSP 2011 release OMG-Z, one I never played so I’m new and fresh and ready for the kill. You’re a lone gunman standing in a Zombie infested playground and the...

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Grid 2 Review by blondlizard

Jun 04 2013 10:00 AM | blondlizard in Reviews

Grid 2 – Review PS3 After Codemasters flung Dirt at us, now comes Grid 2. A return to track and city street racing complete with brutal online gameplay. It’s been over four years since the first Grid shook our senses, so is this the racer we have been...

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More fun than George Michael could ever have in...

May 20 2013 07:48 AM | blondlizard in Reviews

Here at Punk and Lizard you won’t find any cheap toilet humour, double entendres or crass jokes in our reviews, oh no. Here we try and bring a little refinement and sophistication to the gaming table. So when the kind guys over at Ripstone sent us thei...

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Guacamelee! Review

May 01 2013 05:01 PM | blondlizard in Reviews

Most reviews of this game will probably throw in some sort of cheap puns, but you won’t get that here at punkandlizard.com, no way Hombre. Dammit. Drinkbox Studios brings us the Mexican themed Guacamelee! – a cross buy, 2D platforming brawler which le...

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Sine Mora review

Apr 16 2013 03:13 AM | blondlizard in Reviews

“When you’re born with the ability to travel through time…” Sine Mora isn’t your typical side-scrolling shooter, this game is all about time. Each individual mission is against the clock which makes for really interesting game play. Take a hit and you...

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urban trial freestyle review

Apr 16 2013 03:08 AM | blondlizard in Reviews

Tate Interactive’s Urban Trial Freestyle is a side scrolling motorbike stunt racer. You play as a bare chested, monosyllabic, grunting, hairy hillbilly biker. He’s pretty fearless. Bouncing off double decker buses and surviving 50ft drops from roof top...

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Fight for Fortune - punk's quick look and e...

Apr 12 2013 04:05 AM | blondlizard in Reviews

Uncharted: Golden Abyss was awesome. The Uncharted series is brilliant full stop. So when it was announced that Fight for Fortune was coming out, and it was a card game, my heart sank. Now I'm not knocking card games. It's just that we didn't buy a PS...

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PS Vita review - Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken

Apr 12 2013 03:45 AM | blondlizard in Reviews

Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken - now that’s a game with a name. I've never played the original PC or PS3 game and I can't remember playing as a fully armed chicken that looks like a miniature Hulk Hogan. It’s interesting times ahead. Rocketbirds: Har...

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The Walking Dead Review

Dec 04 2012 11:45 PM | MikeKeese in Reviews

Overview: Over the past few years, comic books have come out of obscurity into the main stream with big budget films like Batman and Spiderman. At the same time, a huge zombie craze started, for better or worse. These two pop things led to a tv adap...

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Killzone HD Review

Dec 03 2012 06:33 PM | BobbbyLight in Reviews

When Sony started doing HD remakes of its classic PlayStation library (understanding that everyone’s definition of classic is different), it started a trend that’s gone farther than some may have guessed. God of War came out with upscaled textures, w...

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Testament of Sherlock Holmes Review

Dec 01 2012 08:55 PM | MikeKeese in Reviews

I just finished playing this one and decided to write a little review on it. Going into this game I had no expectations of this game. Gameplay: This game plays very similarly to point and click games of old with some puzzle solving and free range...

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Resident Evil 6 Review

Nov 22 2012 10:33 AM | MikeKeese in Reviews

Just so we clear this at the beginning, this review will contain minor spoilers. If you really care about the plot of this game, avoid some sections of this review Overview: Since it originated in 1998, Resident Evil has been a wildly popular franch...

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Assassin's Creed III Review

Nov 20 2012 06:58 PM | BobbbyLight in Reviews

Games released on a yearly cycle tend to be bad for innovation, but good for the developer/publisher’s pocketbooks. Every year a new Call of Duty is released and every year it breaks last year’s record for pre-sales and first weekend sales, regardles...

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Saints Row: The Third - Review

Nov 09 2012 06:11 PM | BobbbyLight in Reviews

Saints Row: The Third is Grand Theft Auto. With a giant purple dildo. Which you use to beat people to death. I could let that be my review, because to a very large extent, that’s all Saints Row’s latest installment is. The game doesn’t feel any d...

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Unfinished Swan Review

Oct 29 2012 05:47 PM | Evilspacecow in Reviews

Unfinished Swan is a great little game. Story: You play as Monroe a little orphan boy whose only relic of his mom, an unfinished painting of a swan, teleports him to a magical world where he finds comfort in his lost. Throughout the game, Monroe, is...

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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD Review

Oct 29 2012 04:18 PM | MikeKeese in Reviews

The Tony Hawk series started back in 1999 and has since become a huge franchise. It has spanned systems from the N64/Ps1 all the way to this generation. Hell, it was even on the N-Gage. Most fans would agree that the story got stale at or after Under...

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Machinarium Review

Oct 29 2012 03:51 PM | BobbbyLight in Reviews

This generation of games, more than any other before it, has had an influx of creative design poured into various genres to varying degrees of success. While the landscape of gaming is still dominated by shooters, sports and other various games on a...

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