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Site Email Issues

It was brought to my attention that the automatic emails from the site was not working. This could involve anywhere from getting emails on threads or PM's to password recoveries.

I have fixed the issue so it should be working going forward. If anybody has any issues please let me know.


Here I was thinking I did something wrong and assumed it was working as normal. Thanks for the announcement

Jul 19 2014 01:53 PM

this is still a 50/50 for me. Sometimes I receive an email, and most of the time I don't. 

Hey Roughdawg,how do i pm someone?i can't figure it out

You have to be a junior member to PM

You have to be a junior member to PM

Okay,thank you,because i wanted to pm maincomptonese,how many post to get to junior just out of curiosity?

You get junior membership by being referred by a current member.

It seems some people are having problems, I am trying to fix this.



Please email ps3imports@hotmail.com if you have problems logging in.

Just a heads up, I had to add the noreply@ps3imports email to my contacts twice for some reason. Once a few weeks ago and I did it again yesterday just to see if it would change anything.. But now I get every email like I am apposed to.

So you are getting the emails they are just registering as spam?

It seems so. But I added the email weeks ago to avoid this. Apparently two times is better? Idk. Just glad to have them where they belong now.