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PS3Imports Twitter Account

Well everyone it is finally happening, we are expanding into the twitterverse! For all you tweeters follow us @PS3Imports. This will be another way for us to communicate and post up trophy guides and anything else you guys might like to see. https://twitter.com/PS3Imports


Mar 15 2018 07:14 PM

And a big thank you too Red for the Graphics they look awesome! And Viddy for accepting this task keep it up!

Very happy to see imports making it to the social medias! It's about time, after all :P 

Hopefully we get some good publicity from it.

Mar 16 2018 06:43 AM

Doesn't seem to be a lot of followers at the moment ~~

31 followers since I created it isn't bad if you ask me. it hasn't even been a day yet lol. There will be plenty more to follow once we have stuff to tweet, that's worth tweeting anyways.