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Member of the Month October 2015 -DIM10

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I would like to congratulate our next member of the month. This member in a short space of time has been really helpful on the site pretty much helping every member here with Minecraft and a great member . The member we are celebrating this month is DIM10


Tell us about your life outside of gaming?

My name is Dimitri, 37 years old. I live in West Flanders.

I work as a maintenance technician in a company that makes the wires for champagne bottles.

Beside gaming, i love to watch football(soccer)

How did you get the name Dim10?

Not much to tell here.The hassle of account has bin taken, i just wanted to play. So the first 3 characters of my name and the number of my soccer jersey.

Tell us about your gaming background? What is your first memory of video games, your favourite import and your favourite game ever?

My first console was an Atari system with games like space invaders, sea quest.

But my real passion for video games started when i played "The legend of Zelda" on the NES.

Since that day, i bought every system and collecting games ever since.

You love Minecraft and have helped a lot of people on the forum with the trophies, what made you decide to build a world to help people?

I think Blazikiller couldn't transfer his PS3 world to PS4.

New to the site, I thought it was a great opportunity to help the community.

So I build a world for PS3/4 and vita with the help of iTz-iConZz-Be.

And what's your craziest creation in Minecraft?

Nothing that big really, since I made the world for trophy purpose only.

On the vita, i tried to build a tower, that would light up with lava at night.

But when i put the lava in the dispensers, I get the message, that I can´t use lava in the spawn area. Just my luck. :(

What are your top 5 favourite movies/shows/albums?

My favourite shows are -Match of the day

-Band of brothers

-Big bang theory

-Game of thrones

No favourite albums, because i like the dance/house music.

Most of them are one hit wonders. :)

-Iio, rapture

-Delirium, silence

-Fisherspooner, emerge

I have no time for movies.

If you could be any gaming character for a day who would it be and why?

The main character in a silent hill game. To experience the suspense in real life.

That´s why i am looking forward, to play games like Silent hill and Bioshock with project Morpheus.

When did you become addicted to trophies?

Since day one.

Do you consider yourself a trophy whore?

Yes, but not in a way that I would not play or buy a game, because of it´s trophy list.

If you could change one games trophy list, which game would it be and why?

I would rather have that they leave out the very hard or grinding online trophies.

If you were staff for a day, what would you do/change?

That´s easy, i should demote Busdriver1205 to junior member again. :rotfl

Then I would be the top Belgian premium member!


Oct 28 2015 12:15 PM

Congrats Dim well deserved!

Congrats Dim!!  :goldstar

Congrats on MotM, and nice read! 


I also love The Legend of Zelda, it's a must play and love that game so much! :link

Oct 28 2015 12:21 PM

Congrats DIM.  Very well deserved for helping all of us with Minecraft.

Oct 28 2015 12:23 PM


Yes DIM well deserved

Congrats DIM, very quick and interesting read! :) I find it amazing you'd want to live out the horrors of Silent Hill yourself, but hey whatever makes you happy  :lol  :lol Congrats again! You definitely deserved this one!

Oct 28 2015 03:37 PM

Glad you made it member of the month, we have been friends for several years now and you are here like you are, always willing to help another. 


Big congrats but still happy your not on the staff  :lol

Very well deserved wtg. Nice read as well, Congrats!

Oct 28 2015 08:27 PM

Congrats brother! Super helpful guy and great read.

Yup, 100% deserved. Congratz. Dim = one of the nicest guys you will meet on PSN.

Congrtats Dim10 you deserve it

Oct 29 2015 09:57 AM

congrats on motm

Nov 16 2015 02:06 PM

Congrats, DIM10.

Definitely well deserved, and will have to check out your MineCraft world(s) sooner or later.