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January 2015 Member of the Month: OmegaXXII

I want to be the first to congratulate our newest member of the month, OmegaXXII. Omega has been offering some great games to the community recently and has helped contribute a lot of trophy guides for visual novels to the site. He offers a lot to the site. So congratulations Omega, this is well deserved.

Tell us about your life outside of gaming

Outside of gaming, I have a part-time job at UPS during the night shift, during the day however I attend my local ITT Tech College part-time and I'm currently enrolled in a graphics designer course and also as an IT specialist and in hopes of one day landing a job into the video game industry, even if it's not directly related with making video games, perhaps as part of a development team or some other role within the industry or something along those lines. I'm currently looking into "unity" which" has helped me tremendously develop my skills even further. Even though my parents always wanted me to be a teacher or become a attorney/lawyer as I was growing up because they make good money, I honestly never saw myself in those fields nor do I have interest in them now, for now, my focus is in the tech industry and we will see what the future has in store for me concerning this field. as far as traveling goes; I have only traveled to Mexico and Spain on a couple of occasions but also wish and plan to travel around other countries as well, most notably Japan and learn more about their lifestyle and culture in person.

How did you get the name OmegaXXII

First and foremost, I got this name from the Final Fantasy series of games, more specifically from the "Omega Weapon" boss that is an optional boss in Final Fantasy X, there was something I loved about this boss being so bad ass and so hard to get that after having played this game countless hours back in my PS2 days and after catching his name for the first time; it just struct me as cool and dark and it was a name I truly loved and had left an impression on me so since then I have stuck with it; when I created my name it was originally going to be Omega22 since I was 22yrs old at the time; but after realizing how much I loved the FF series and how each of their numbers we're spelled with roman numerals which just looked so cool to me made more sense and hence where "XXII" came in to show and display how much I l love the final fantasy series.

You donate a lot without signing up for much, why is that?

Well, this is simple, because as some of you may already know, I am a collector of Japanese memorabilia, this includes Japanese Visual Novels and other imported games from the east so I usually end up getting my hands on the latest games and share the games I own; plus being a collector and all I almost always tend to buy the games for myself, besides that, I also love helping out others who are in need of it's trophies, especially if they happen to be serious trophy hunters such as the wonderful community from this site and what better way then to put up my games for everyone to enjoy and also helping out others which makes me feel like i'm really contributing to the trophy community and it's a great feeling being a part of the trophy hunting community, even if it means being on sidelines helping out my high level trophy friends. It truly puts a smile on my face when the top trophy hunters get a platinum from my own copies of my games.

Which Omega fatty acid is your favorite (from: http://www.webmd.com...ega-fatty-acids

Omega-6 mostly comes as linoleic acid from plant oils such as corn oil, soybean oil, and sunflower oil, as well as from nuts and seeds.

Omega-3s come primarily from fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, and tuna, as well as from walnuts and flaxseed in lesser amounts.

Funny thing about this, I never really cared nor payed attention to any of these fatty acids until one day I noticed the name Omega being mentioned in a vitamin commercial, I was left was intrigued to find out more about it and what I found was definitely surprising, I discovered that Omega-3's are actually in fish which I love to eat ever since I was a child so it was surprising to find out this out, not only that but that it has an important function n the human body such as maintaining healthy blood cells which is important for our bodies. I also enjoy some Omega-6's as well as I always loved to eat peanuts as a child, not only that but they also have cholesterol reducing benefits which is a plus, but if I had to choose between one I would say Omega-3 for sure since I find myself eating Tuna quite often in whatever creative way i can think of so it's awesome I think.

Tell us about your gaming background? What is your first memory of video games, your favorite import and your favorite game ever

My earliest memories of me gaming go all the way back to 1995 gaming on a simple Tiger Electronics handheld portable device and used to play Mighty Morphin Power Rangers which I really enjoyed playing as a kid since I was really into the show at the time and even though it was a simple device with pre-loaded sprites; I enjoyed playing it for infinite amount of hours on end and would not stop playing it, I also remember having sleepovers with my cousin and he would often bring his Sega Genesis console with him and we would always play Mortal Kombat 2 and Pitfall which were amazing and had a lot of fun when he would perform all these cool looking fatalities on me, this is what got me into video games. In X-mas of 1998 I finally ended up owning my very 1st video game system which was a PS1 along with a copy of Street Fighter Alpha and Crash Bandicoot 2, those games were and still ARE amazing! Shortly after a friend introduced me to the Pokemon games so I ended up getting a Gameboy Pocket along with Pokemon Blue, even though the screen was always black and white, it didn't matter to me, all I loved was the gameplay and catching monsters and had a lot of fun with it and that's all that mattered to me, really great game. I mostly find myself liking older games rather than most from this new generation, although there are exceptions but not many are as good as the older games in my opinion.

My favorite game of all-time so far has to be and without a doubt is Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii, although a limited release came to the states I had played this game before that era and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that it's truly a masterpiece, and if you have any sort of interest into Japanese Role-Playing games at all; I highly recommend you play this sometime as this game in my opinion is a must have! I also love Fire Emblem 9 a lot and what I loved so much about it was not only the story, but the gameplay since it broke from the traditional turn based RPG's that I was accustomed to and since I had never actually played a strategy game prior to this one, it really left an impression on me and ultimately opened the doors to similar games in the genre such as Disgaea HoR.

These are my top favorite games of all time, in no specific order:
  • Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii)
  • Fire Emblem Path of Radiance (Gamecube)
  • Pokemon Blue/Yellow/Silver (Gameboy)
  • Kingdom Hearts 1 (PS2)
  • Final Fantasy X (PS2)
  • Disgaea 1: Hour of Darkness (PS2)
My favorite import of all-time has to be Namco x Capcom for the PS2 which is an SRPG and has all these different iconic characters which made it so noltagic and is simply awesome! Another favorite import of mine is Tears to Tiara: Riddle of Avaron for the PS3 which is another SRPG only released in japan, the game is amazing and quite addicting, love the story as well, great game to import if you are into the genre and are looking for something new.

When did you become addicted to trophies?

At first, I only used to buy the games that I actually wanted to play since I came to the PS3 scene rather late since I was mostly playing on the Wii & 3DS at the time, but one day, when a buddy of mine came to my house told me all about the trophy system and how it works, it got me interested in this collecting of trophies, naturally since i'm a collector as well I wanted to kind of "show off" my collection of ps3 games for everybody to see and what better way then to have them on a trophy card. After earning my first few platinums from my collection this had given me some motivation to hunt for more and get even more, although I've barely even begun to scratch the surface concerning trophy hunting and i'm not as active or dedicated as most trophy hunters on this site, I sometimes will get the urge to and come back to earning trophies which I find addicting from time to time.

What was your first, your most proud and your most embarrassing platinum?

My first platinum was Oretachi ni Tsubasa Under the Sky, my proudest platinum so far is Wrecked Revenge Revisited because those time trial and completing those challenges were very hard for me and I am not at all good in racing games so when I finally achieved the gold trophy plus platinum trophy for clearing all the trials it gave me a sense of accomplishment, as for embarrassing, I have none currently, although I am embarrassed to have my trophy card mostly consisting of Visual Novels but that is because I usually have a very strong urge to play nothing but Visual Novels, however, I am also planning on playing some "real" games such as Borderlands, Little Big Planet and a bunch of fighting games such as Blazblue and King of Fighters XIII as I really enjoy those, but I only see myself playing those whenever I have the urge to play them which isn't often. One embarrassing platinum I am plan on having however is Hannah Montana, no I am serious on this!! :D

Do you consider yourself a trophy whore?

Not at all, I really don't see myself as a "trophy whore" in fact, I play mostly for fun, however; I sometimes will get a sudden urge to hunt and suddenly become a trophy whore and I actually think its fun and this is why I always see myself coming back hunting for more trophies, even though it's not as often as the pro's on this site.

What are your top 5 favorite movies/shows/albums?

As some of you already know, I love watching Dragonball Z since I grew up with this since my childhood, also love watching all sorts of other anime's and listening to Korean music such as K-Pop and I absolutely love video game OST's. I don't watch too many movies but I love watching and reliving Disney movies but here are my top 5 for each category.

Top 5 favorite movies:
  • The Fast & The Furious Saga
  • The Karate Kid 1
  • The Substitute
  • Training Day
  • The Lion King
Top 5 favorite albums:
  • Girls Generations - Girls' Generation
  • SPM - The 3rd Wish
  • Z-Ro- Let The Truth Be Told
  • Big Bang (K-Pop group)
  • Eminem - Encore
Top 5 favorite shows:
  • Dragonball Z
  • The Real World
  • Operation Repo
  • Caso Cerrado
  • Various Spanish Novels
How did you find out about PS3Imports, were you referred?

I actually found out about this site while I was a member on PS3trophies.org and since I was a big follower of Aeliana who is known for his Japanese expertise I had seen his trophy list with a bunch of Japanese imports so this in turn inspired me to want to be like him, so I bought my 1st visual novel but couldn't find a resourceful guide for a certain game until I came across this site and honestly I was really amazed when I first came here and i'm so glad i came upon this site, its like no other site out there thats for sure.

What do you like about PS3Imports and what keeps you coming back?

What I love about this community is that everyone here is like family and we all help each other whether it be borrowing/lending a game, boosting sessions or getting questions answered/help with a certain game plus everyone here is really nice and fun to talk to. What keeps me coming back is that this site gives its members so much freedom and doesnt force you to conform with any silly strict rules, aside from this; I also love to write trophy guides and help others since I have managed to learn some basic Hiragana & Katakana with a decent amount of Kanji in between so in turn; I use my skills to provide and help the community in any way I can. Also, I see PS3Imports as my second home because I love it here so much and its active members here is what keeps drawing me in as well, because of this I like to be very active on the site continuing to provide for the community in any way I can.

If you were staff for a day, what would you do/change?

If I were staff for a day I would create an "Anime Prank Day" and "animify" the main forum index and change everyone's name and avatar to that of an anime character, DBZ characters perhaps, as a prank which would be funny but cool I think. :D But realistically though, I would most likely edit some of the older trophy guides here and retouch them as I love it when the guides look nice and are up to date. I would also edit the Trophy name index of each game for more accuracy if it was within my power.

I would like to thank PViddy and Merlin, if not for you guys I probably wouldn't have not been here for it not you suggesting a second copy for my first CG, also MainComptonse and other people who gave me the opportunity the build up my reputation and prove that I was willing give back to the community and still am so i'll always be thankful for that, last but not least; thanks to Roughdawg4 for always having the safety of the members games in mind, and also for creating this wonderful site and building it into what it is today, you guys rock!


Congrats Omega! It was a pretty interesting read. Nice to see a fellow member with a Final Fantasy inspired name :P


Since you loved xenoblade on wii, are you considering getting the 3DS remake as well?

Congratulations Omega.  You had a wonderful impact on the site in just a short amount of time.  :)

Mhm, dat' Kpop in top 5 music. I knew you were a cool guy. :3

Feb 08 2015 01:14 AM

This is very well deserved, i was thinking about the next member of the month and Omega was the 1st name that came to mind


Congrats Omega

Tiger electronics really change a man for the better

Congrats mate!

Feb 08 2015 04:41 AM

Congrats Omega!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 08 2015 04:54 AM
Congrats, you def deserve it :)

Congrats man, nice read & well deserved. Thank you for the shout out too lol.

Feb 08 2015 07:26 AM
Congratulations, I've only been here a short while and you've already impressed me. Well deserved.

nice man congratulations

Congrats dude... :)

Yay, congrats Omega!!!
Keep up the awesomeness :)

Congrats Omega!

Congratulations Omega!  Very well deserved!

Feb 08 2015 06:24 PM
Congrats Omega! :)

Congrats, nice interview was a good read

Thanks You everyone for all the kind words, it means a lot and it's a great honor getting such recognition, this award would not possible without this wonderful community here so I am here to say a BIG THANK YOU to you all that helped me along the way. :)



Congrats Omega! It was a pretty interesting read. Nice to see a fellow member with a Final Fantasy inspired name :P


Since you loved xenoblade on wii, are you considering getting the 3DS remake as well?


Thanks! Of course i'm getting that game! :P


It's like my most anticipated game so far and this will definitely be a day 1 purchase for me! I cannot wait for this!! :D

Congrats Omega! I'm a new member here, but I'm already in love with your guides! :P
Thank you for helping me and many other games with an amazing work!
Feb 09 2015 01:17 PM

Congrats, Omega!!! You have done a great job on everything contributed to the site.

Great interview to read, too. Though, who's MainComptonse? lol

Feb 09 2015 04:22 PM

Well deserved for everything you did lately for the site! :superhero




no one devserves this more than you Omega :)

Congrats, Omega! :)

Feb 10 2015 04:48 PM

Congrats Omega, very well deserved :thumbsup

respect for all the guides and Cgs.