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The World's Top Trophy Hunters

Dec 18 2014 06:57 AM | Roughdawg4 in Announcements

Over the last few weeks I have talked with the top trophy hunters in the world and asked them a few questions about some of the games they have played. Since most of the top 100 are on the site, a majority of them are on imports :)

Here is the interview that you all helped me produce. Thank you for your help.


Also a big thank you to Blondlizard for the idea of the interview

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Fluffy is Back

Sep 11 2014 09:27 AM | Roughdawg4 in Announcements

Just when you think she is out, we pull her back in :)

I am happy to announce Fluffy will be returning to the staff. Fluffy always had an open door to come back to the staff after she retired and I am very happy she has decided to return. When we first moved over from zetaboards, her and Captain helped us move and account for every important topic we have as well as setup some of our current checks/balances on community games.

Welcome back

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Trophy List Challenge

Aug 22 2014 06:59 AM | Roughdawg4 in Announcements

Now that the summer is coming to an end, the staff and former staff have all come together to play a game and have some fun. Using a standard trophy list, both of our groups have come up with 2 trophy lists for you to complete.

Welcome to the Trophy List Challenge

In the Forum Games and Contests Board, two trophy lists will be posted. If you can complete 50% or 100% of a list you will receive an award. To the 1st person that completes either list, there might be something additional waiting for you as well.

Good luck everyone

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Trophy Guide Moderator

Aug 18 2014 06:58 AM | Roughdawg4 in Announcements

With the increase of trophy guides going on the site, we have added a new moderator whose focus will be on trophy guides. CrystalPhoenix has gladly accepted the position :)

His main focus will be editing the guides so they are easier to read and making them look better. He has already helped on a bunch of japan guides by adding pictures and/or adding numbers on choices. His great eye for detail and passion for trophy guides made him an easy choice to help our staff out.

Congratulations Crystal.

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Trophy Guide Bounty Contest

Aug 08 2014 08:31 PM | Evilspacecow in Announcements

We have decided that we would like to increase the number of new trophy guides here so we have decided to have a bounty contest until the end of the year.

-Open to any meber that can post guides
-Guide must be a new guide and not just a copy or transfer of a guide from a different site
-Anyone that plagerizes guides is automatically disqualified
-Guides must be complete and good guides
-Counts for Guides written between Aug 1, 2014 to Dec 31 2014
-Staff Members cannot participate in the contest
-If you would like to write a guide and the forum does not exist, please notify me and I will add it

+1 points for Guides for Games with Platinums
+.5 points for Guides for Games with no-platinums
+.25 for guides for DLC

Awards (can either be mailed or sent via PMs):
1st place: $20 PSN Card and site award
2nd Place: $10 PSN Card

In case of tie, winner will be choose by random drawing of the members that have tied.

I hope to see a lot of new and great guides.

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A real quick and easy giveaway to win a PS Vita...

Aug 01 2014 10:52 AM | blondlizard in Announcements

As you know my site is tiny but we have teamed up with Curve Studios for this giveaway. Here is the link incase you're interested. :) Cheers


We have up for grabs a PS Vita and a copy of The Swapper! We love The Swapper, if you’ve not seen our review then head over here.

You can currently grab The Swapper in the PSN Play promotionin North America, its available to pre-order at a 20% discount (£10.49) in Europe through the PSN store also.

Please note that the competition is open to persons aged 14 years or over who are residents of United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, and Spain, France and the United Kingdom.

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Site Email Issues

Jul 15 2014 12:26 PM | Roughdawg4 in Announcements

It was brought to my attention that the automatic emails from the site was not working. This could involve anywhere from getting emails on threads or PM's to password recoveries.

I have fixed the issue so it should be working going forward. If anybody has any issues please let me know.

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Two walk in, One walks out

Mar 21 2014 11:09 AM | Roughdawg4 in Announcements

As you already know, Bobbbylight has stepped down from admin.....again. It is really hard when real life gets in the way and we wish him the best. As always, there is a position on the site that is always waiting for him :)

With a spot opening on the staff, we are going to promote Velsu to Moderator. Velsu has shown great potential on the site and gets along with everyone. In a short amount of time, he has been very active and has great ideas about how to make the site better (which already includes the idea for 4 community games).

Congratulations Velsu and welcome to the staff.

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Forum Permissions - Guest's View Of Forum/T...

Feb 28 2014 12:34 PM | BobbbyLight in Announcements

As noted a week or two ago, we had some issues with forum permissions and people not being able to see guides/posts in certain areas. This was due to an error in forum permissions which should now be corrected across the board. There is an issue with our forum software that bugged out once we hit 1,000+ forum/sub-forums so I was lucky enough to have to go through the permissions on each of those 1,000+ forums and click the boxes on each one.

For any conspiracy theorists out there, we did not change any permissions on purpose to drive people to join or to stop anyone form seeing guides. It was really just a fix in the forum permissions that needed to get done.

That said, we also have had a handful of guides restricted to certain member groups only. People are wondering why we have done this and the answer is simple. While some people (and I am one of these) think all guides should be view-able to the public, we (as a staff and a site) actually place the guide creators' wishes above all else. That means if someone here writes a guide and they want it to be for premium/junior members only, that is what we allow the guide creator to do.

We allow you to do as you please with the content you create, within the restrictions our forum software allows. That even means if you decide to not be a member here any longer and wish for any guides you created to be taken down, we will do that, no questions asked.

People may wonder how to have guides being hidden from public view can be avoided. While there is no real answer, as it is up to the creator of each guide and how he or she wants it to be shown, a little bit of thanks goes a long way. I've seen it (very recently) said that guide creators shouldn't care about feedback or thanks, they should just write guides and not want anything back. Even if that anything is as simple as a "thank you". I'm pretty sure that thought process is only held by those who use and abuse, not those that have ever contributed to a community. Guides take extensive time and effort to create and some of these creators really appreciate a thank you or even a tip on a certain section that maybe worked better for you. So if you use guides here, why not join and just post a simple thank you for that platinum someone else helped you earn?

This site is nothing without its members and we do not own our members, they control their content. Want to be a junior member? Contribute quality reviews and guides, help with a few boosts. The staff is always watching to see who helps and can be an asset to what is easily the number one source of info on stacking and Japanese games on the internet.

Thanks to everyone who's made this site what it is! We look forward to the future members help us continue making this site what it is as well! Now go get those platinums!

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2013 Holiday Contest

Dec 09 2013 02:20 PM | Juzam666 in Announcements

The staff here at ps3imports would like to thank you for being part of the community. We came up with an idea to have a holiday contest to thank you all.

Think you know your community? Well here is your chance to win cash and prizes big shot! Below are 15 posts by a few of the great people here at ps3imports. The contest is easy, all you need to do is name the person who said them. All posts are from this calender year.

Since this is a contest, we ask you to please submit your answers in a message to one of the staff. How lucky am I to be that staff? :pinch

- Submit your final answers to Juzam666.
- Please, only submit your answers one time. Further submissions will not count towards your total.
- This contest starts now, December 9th and ends this Saturday December 15th at midnight est.
- Winners will be announced and prizes given out at the end of the contest.
- Prizes are determined by who submitted the highest correct total first.

1st place: 1year US PS+ card
2nd place: $20 US PSN card
3rd place: $10 US PSN card

Good Luck all!

1. He won the contest of dickery there. The post with an * and proper spelling or punctuation use typically wins those battles. Which is why I try to do it to people whenever I can.

2. Trophies while taking a shit.
Im not gonna lie, Ive earned quite a few trophies while dropping a deuce.

3. maybe 4 hours to you pal, but once i get fucked off with a game its time to send it on or i snap the stupid fucking disc

4. I guess my USPS guy wasn't retarded.

5. Tired of crappy new games like Black Ops 2, Hitman, Far Cry 3, etc? Then go buy ________ and experience what IGN calls "completely bankrupt of any value whatsoever."

6. Get one of those copies over to the Euro and Uk! Bloody yanks hogging all the community games.

7. Happy Birthday Keese. I hope you have fun while out and about the famous club "The Man Hole" but make sure you go easy on those mantinis and don't go home with someone that you'd to ashamed to take home to you're mom and the lovely Sarah Keese :)

8. Are we shipping it to the Netherlands or the moon?

9. This is like if Nintendo was to say we have a big announcement and it was a virtual boy you could play on the tv.

10. I dont even know who he is and he's premium already. Wow. Congrats and welcome.

11. I have begun to treat Gold Box days the same was as US PS+ Updates. Keep expectations as low as they can be and maybe they will do something to surprise me.

12. "Fuck Rockstar"

13. "We're dropping online passes, we're trying to right our wrongs as we care about the consumer."
2 months later.
"All games with online passes have been shut down as we have stopped our support of online passes. You're welcome."

14. "I am going to produce offspring for the express purpose of helping me with coop games. That will be their purpose in life."

15. i got me a vita with 4gb card and lbp, now its a box of tissues and some unboxing :) sweet night for me

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