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2013 Holiday Contest

The staff here at ps3imports would like to thank you for being part of the community. We came up with an idea to have a holiday contest to thank you all.

Think you know your community? Well here is your chance to win cash and prizes big shot! Below are 15 posts by a few of the great people here at ps3imports. The contest is easy, all you need to do is name the person who said them. All posts are from this calender year.

Since this is a contest, we ask you to please submit your answers in a message to one of the staff. How lucky am I to be that staff? :pinch

- Submit your final answers to Juzam666.
- Please, only submit your answers one time. Further submissions will not count towards your total.
- This contest starts now, December 9th and ends this Saturday December 15th at midnight est.
- Winners will be announced and prizes given out at the end of the contest.
- Prizes are determined by who submitted the highest correct total first.

1st place: 1year US PS+ card
2nd place: $20 US PSN card
3rd place: $10 US PSN card

Good Luck all!

1. He won the contest of dickery there. The post with an * and proper spelling or punctuation use typically wins those battles. Which is why I try to do it to people whenever I can.

2. Trophies while taking a shit.
Im not gonna lie, Ive earned quite a few trophies while dropping a deuce.

3. maybe 4 hours to you pal, but once i get fucked off with a game its time to send it on or i snap the stupid fucking disc

4. I guess my USPS guy wasn't retarded.

5. Tired of crappy new games like Black Ops 2, Hitman, Far Cry 3, etc? Then go buy ________ and experience what IGN calls "completely bankrupt of any value whatsoever."

6. Get one of those copies over to the Euro and Uk! Bloody yanks hogging all the community games.

7. Happy Birthday Keese. I hope you have fun while out and about the famous club "The Man Hole" but make sure you go easy on those mantinis and don't go home with someone that you'd to ashamed to take home to you're mom and the lovely Sarah Keese :)

8. Are we shipping it to the Netherlands or the moon?

9. This is like if Nintendo was to say we have a big announcement and it was a virtual boy you could play on the tv.

10. I dont even know who he is and he's premium already. Wow. Congrats and welcome.

11. I have begun to treat Gold Box days the same was as US PS+ Updates. Keep expectations as low as they can be and maybe they will do something to surprise me.

12. "Fuck Rockstar"

13. "We're dropping online passes, we're trying to right our wrongs as we care about the consumer."
2 months later.
"All games with online passes have been shut down as we have stopped our support of online passes. You're welcome."

14. "I am going to produce offspring for the express purpose of helping me with coop games. That will be their purpose in life."

15. i got me a vita with 4gb card and lbp, now its a box of tissues and some unboxing :) sweet night for me


Dec 09 2013 02:22 PM

I would so own at this.... if I could.  And because I know the answers.

Dec 09 2013 03:08 PM

Oh, and we hide the posts so searching won't help you ;)

I would so own at this.... if I could.  And because I know the answers.


I almost wrote in the rules staff can not participate because bobbby would demand 1st place prize. damn, Im good. :yes

Please refrain from posting any hints or solutions to the answers above.  Thank you.

Dec 10 2013 09:43 AM

#12 is a tough one...  And I doubt you hid all of those... That would take hours.


Thanks for doing this, guys!  I will fail miserably, but I'll give it a shot.  :)

Dec 10 2013 09:57 AM
Apparently I dont know shit about any of you haha. I have some good guesses for most of these, but nothing too set in stone. Good luck to all!
Dec 10 2013 10:25 AM

Yeah, I said number 12 was obvious, but it's so engrained in the board it had to be part of this.

I do not expect a high score to win this, it is supposed to be a challenge.

Dec 10 2013 10:42 AM
I was expecting to see "Fuck you Mr. Cent"
Dec 10 2013 11:11 AM

It was actually surprisingly hard to find quotes.  Basically it was pick a random thread and hope there was a good quote.  So we probably did miss some good ones (I will say, all quotes are from 2013).

I was expecting to see "Fuck you Mr. Cent"



We tried to find a classy comment from this individual but unfortunately this was the best we could find :thumbsup

Fun contest. Good idea guys. I'll try this in a couple days.

I submitted my answers. I knew reading every new post would fucking finally pay off!


Can you tell me how many I got right or do I have to wait?

You will have to wait for the end of the contest

I don't mean to brag, but I know literally 0 of these. 

As a reminder, please remember to send in your submissions.

I just sent my answers. I'm totally winning this :P

I just sent my answers. I'm totally winning this :P

You might win this outright. I don't know a soul here well enough to remember memorable posts.
Thank you all for participating and Congratulations to the 3 winners:

Shoe 11/15 - 1year NA PS+
Kb 9/15 - 20$ NA PSN Card
Matty 8/15 - 10$ NA PSN Card

Thanks for holding the contest and thanks for donating the prizes.


I'm also looking forward to a nice new icon/badge/award/thingy.

Shit I was so close! I got 4 right :(

Dec 17 2013 07:17 AM

Thanks for holding the contest and thanks for donating the prizes.


I'm also looking forward to a nice new icon/badge/award/thingy.

First you get a year supply of Plus and now you want the site award.  You are asking too much :P.


Award given.  Congrats Shoe.

Congrats Shoe, KB, and Mattybell for all winning prizes and everyone that has participated.