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Tamiku Review

Sep 24 2020 06:25 PM | Roughdawg4 in Announcements

Check out Roughdawg4 review/impressions of Tamiku, Balloon popping platformer



Official Game Info:-




You are an alien from a distant galaxy who is totally obsessed with blow up balloons.
Having popped every last balloon on your home planet, now you must venture to other worlds in search of more balloons to pop. Inspired by classic arcade games, Tamiku is an arcade game in which you have to burst all the balloons of a level without being killed. To do this you will face different dangers, jump, run and quickly inflate the red balloons!




- 8 worlds and 16 levels
- Incredible variety of enemies
- Beautiful pixel art
- Chiptune soundtrack


Our Info:-
Check out our Twitter:-https://twitter.com/PS3Imports
Our Facebook page:- https://www.facebook...ps3imports.org/
Reddit:- https://www.reddit.com/r/PS3Imports/
And last but not least our insta:- https://www.instagram.com/ps3imports/

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Elite Premium

Mar 11 2017 12:13 PM | Roughdawg4 in Announcements

I am happy to announce a new member group on ps3imports. Elite Premium


Elite Premium will be purely cosmetic. Joining this group will change your premium trading status to elite premium and the image will be replaced with a V.I.P. designation. To earn elite status, you will need to earn at least 4 platinum awards on the site (site competitions and posts do not count). Having at least 4 platinum awards on the site shows your commitment to helping others and the site over a long period of time.


At this announcement, I am pleased to announce 3 members that meet the requirements. These 3 people should not be a shock because they are always helping out.




While doing this, there were other members at a total of 3 so I look forward to others being able to earn this status.

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Fluffy is moving up to the top :)

Feb 01 2019 05:51 PM | Roughdawg4 in Announcements

Fluffy has been around ps3imports practically since the very beginning. Even from the very beginning she was always very involved and has a great positive attitude so putting her on the staff was always an easy decision.


Fluffy has many great qualities that makes her an excellent staff member, but one of the best that I personally love is she always challenges things she does not believe in. Its always great to have someone with different view than you and honestly she is right most of the time ( don't tell her I said that).



Everyone sees Fluffy as the head of the CG area, but behind the scenes, whenever the website had any kind of issue, she was always willing to pitch in. When she hasn't helped the site financially she has spent much of her time running the website. We have not had a site incident in many years and a good portion has to do with some of the checks and balances Fluffy has created.



This is probably well past due, but as of today, I am promoting Fluffy to a co-owner of Ps3imports. I honestly cannot do this site without her. So thank you for everything you have done for the website, this is the least I can do for you after you have done so much for me.

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Trophy Guide Points Update

Jun 16 2018 10:07 AM | Roughdawg4 in Announcements

Going forward, there will be a small change to earning trophy guide points. If a trophy guide is just a translation of an existing guide, that will earn 1/2 point rather than a full point. The change was made because a lot less work is going to translated guides rather than writing a new guide.



This will not be retroactive, so any points earned prior to this post will still be a full point.

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PS3Imports Twitter Account

Mar 15 2018 07:11 PM | PViddy in Announcements

Well everyone it is finally happening, we are expanding into the twitterverse! For all you tweeters follow us @PS3Imports. This will be another way for us to communicate and post up trophy guides and anything else you guys might like to see. https://twitter.com/PS3Imports

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Official Comprehensive PS3Imports.org Guide/Gam...

Oct 04 2017 09:22 AM | Tuffinz in Announcements

Hello again!


A while back I posted in the Premium only section regarding a spreadsheet that would hold and track our game/guide data and have it sorted in a way that would make it easy to see, the quickest/easiest games. This sheet is comprehensive and holds all of the VN games that PS3imports currently has guides for.


To elaborate on that this spreadsheet can be completely customized to your specific needs if you'd like. You'll simply copy it into your own google sheets, sort it however you'd like and utilize the drop-downs to organize your games (borrowed, CG, completed, wanted etc)


As guides/games are added naturally your customized sheet will become out-of-date. I'll be keeping the core sheet up-to-date and on the second tab titled "Update/Explanation Log" will be a tracking of every game/guide I add going forward.


I will also post in this thread when updates are made.


You are welcome to just continue to peruse the sheet linked here but you won't be able to make changes to it or customize it to your liking.


On the "Update/Explanation Log" tab there is a section to the right where I explain the sheet in more detail. Please take the time to read through that.


I'm completely open to suggestions and also please let me know if you find errors. I'll get them fixed ASAP. Just post in this thread. Thank you and I hope you find this useful!



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Facebook page

May 11 2017 04:48 PM | fluffy-rabbid in Announcements

We have decided to move with the times we are way behind lol but here's the sites Facebook page




We are still adding to it but if you want to join feel free we understand if you don't want to due to privacy reasons but you can always put you pages on strict rules :) if you want too





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Joining Staff

Mar 03 2017 06:08 PM | fluffy-rabbid in Announcements

We have decided to add to the team, after discussion we feel these two members will be great additions to the Staffing Team.


So a big congrats too Bus and Unknown who will be joining the Moderator Team.


They have both been great members over the years and helped out whenever they could on various things. So one EU and one USA Mod!


Congrats Guys!!

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Member of the Month October 2015 -DIM10

Oct 28 2015 12:14 PM | fluffy-rabbid in Announcements

Posted Image

I would like to congratulate our next member of the month. This member in a short space of time has been really helpful on the site pretty much helping every member here with Minecraft and a great member . The member we are celebrating this month is DIM10


Tell us about your life outside of gaming?

My name is Dimitri, 37 years old. I live in West Flanders.

I work as a maintenance technician in a company that makes the wires for champagne bottles.

Beside gaming, i love to watch football(soccer)

How did you get the name Dim10?

Not much to tell here.The hassle of account has bin taken, i just wanted to play. So the first 3 characters of my name and the number of my soccer jersey.

Tell us about your gaming background? What is your first memory of video games, your favourite import and your favourite game ever?

My first console was an Atari system with games like space invaders, sea quest.

But my real passion for video games started when i played "The legend of Zelda" on the NES.

Since that day, i bought every system and collecting games ever since.

You love Minecraft and have helped a lot of people on the forum with the trophies, what made you decide to build a world to help people?

I think Blazikiller couldn't transfer his PS3 world to PS4.

New to the site, I thought it was a great opportunity to help the community.

So I build a world for PS3/4 and vita with the help of iTz-iConZz-Be.

And what's your craziest creation in Minecraft?

Nothing that big really, since I made the world for trophy purpose only.

On the vita, i tried to build a tower, that would light up with lava at night.

But when i put the lava in the dispensers, I get the message, that I can´t use lava in the spawn area. Just my luck. :(

What are your top 5 favourite movies/shows/albums?

My favourite shows are -Match of the day

-Band of brothers

-Big bang theory

-Game of thrones

No favourite albums, because i like the dance/house music.

Most of them are one hit wonders. :)

-Iio, rapture

-Delirium, silence

-Fisherspooner, emerge

I have no time for movies.

If you could be any gaming character for a day who would it be and why?

The main character in a silent hill game. To experience the suspense in real life.

That´s why i am looking forward, to play games like Silent hill and Bioshock with project Morpheus.

When did you become addicted to trophies?

Since day one.

Do you consider yourself a trophy whore?

Yes, but not in a way that I would not play or buy a game, because of it´s trophy list.

If you could change one games trophy list, which game would it be and why?

I would rather have that they leave out the very hard or grinding online trophies.

If you were staff for a day, what would you do/change?

That´s easy, i should demote Busdriver1205 to junior member again. :rotfl

Then I would be the top Belgian premium member!

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Platinum Achievements Podcast

Jun 24 2015 07:00 PM | Roughdawg4 in Announcements

I joined Platinum Achievements podcast last week and here it is. Check it out when you have a moment. I did an interview at the beginning but I stuck around for the rest of their podcast.

They are a great group of guys that love to talk about games.

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