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Flowers Road Map + Trophy Guide

Oct 18 2014 07:52 PM | MainComptonese in Trophy Guides

Banner needed with this image FlowersRoad Map & Trophy Guide Overview: Estimated Difficulty: 1/10 Estimated time to complete: 30-45 minutes or less. Minimum # of routes required for the platinum: 2 routes + bad endings Overall Trophies: (offli...

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Bloodbath - Trophy Guide & Road Map

Sep 19 2014 01:17 AM | The-Captain-388 in Trophy Guides

BLOODBATHTrophy Guide & Road Map Overview: Estimated Platinum Difficulty: 2/10 Estimated Time To Platinum: 10-20 Hours Online Trophies: 13 (1 :plat, 10 :gold , 2 :silver , 0 :bronze ) Offline Trophies: None: Technically you have to be signed in on...

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ROBOTICS;NOTES - Tropy guide & Roadmap (PS3...

Sep 06 2014 04:44 AM | CrystalPhoenix in Trophy Guides

OverviewSystems: PS3 / PSVitaStacking Versions: PS3 :jp: PS3 :h: / PSVita :jp:Estimated difficulty: 3/10Estimated time for Plat: ~5 hrs.Offline: 50 (40x :bronze 6x :silver 3x :gold 1x :plat)Online: 0 Minimum playthroughs: 1 big playthrough and 5 re...

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やはりゲームでも俺の青春ラブコメはまちがっている Road Map & Trophy...

Jul 12 2014 07:43 PM | MainComptonese in Trophy Guides

やはりゲームでも俺の青春ラブコメはまちがっている。[Yahari Game Demo Ore no Seishun Love Kome wa Machigatteiru]Road Map & Trophy Guide Overview: Estimated Difficulty: 3/10 Estimated time to complete: 10-15 hours. Minimum # of routes required for the platinum: 6 routes (X3...

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Binary Star Guide

Sep 15 2014 03:28 PM | Merlin-87 in Trophy Guides

OverviewEstimated trophy difficulty: 3/10Offline: 34 (1 :plat 4 :gold 15 :silver 14 :bronze )Online: N/AApproximate time: 5 - 7 hoursDoes Difficulty affect Trophies: N/ADoes Difficulty levels stack: N/AMissable trophies: None if you follow this guideEx...

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Fluffy is Back

Sep 11 2014 02:27 PM | Roughdawg4 in Announcements

Just when you think she is out, we pull her back in :) I am happy to announce Fluffy will be returning to the staff. Fluffy always had an open door to come back to the staff after she retired and I am very happy she has decided to return. When we f...

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Trophy List Challenge

Aug 22 2014 11:59 AM | Roughdawg4 in Announcements

Now that the summer is coming to an end, the staff and former staff have all come together to play a game and have some fun. Using a standard trophy list, both of our groups have come up with 2 trophy lists for you to complete. Welcome to the Trophy...

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Trophy Guide Moderator

Aug 18 2014 11:58 AM | Roughdawg4 in Announcements

With the increase of trophy guides going on the site, we have added a new moderator whose focus will be on trophy guides. CrystalPhoenix has gladly accepted the position :) His main focus will be editing the guides so they are easier to read and mak...

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Magus Review

Aug 14 2014 08:39 PM | BobbbyLight in Reviews

Magus is a game that doesn't need to exist, probably shouldn't, but does. If you watch the teaser trailer, you can tell this game takes itself seriously. Very seriously. Between the music which gives the feel of grandeur to the inclusion of slow m...

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Trophy Guide Bounty Contest

Aug 09 2014 01:31 AM | Evilspacecow in Announcements

We have decided that we would like to increase the number of new trophy guides here so we have decided to have a bounty contest until the end of the year. Rules: -Open to any meber that can post guides -Guide must be a new guide and not just a copy o...

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