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A Chair in a room: Greenwater - Text and Video Walkthrough

PSVR Horror PS4

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Posted 28 April 2019 - 11:35 AM

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Difficulty:- 1/10
Time: 2-3 hours
Available: PSN Store NA & EU (http://bit.ly/PSNUSALink & http://bit.ly/PSNEULink)
Controls: Needs a PSVR, Can use Move or Controller
Trophies: 1 :gold , 3 :silver , 8 :bronze
Missables: 4 Trophies, :silver Feeder, :bronze Matthew 14:25, :silver Tablets and Ghosts, :silverSuppository
Genre: Horror!!!!



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Posted 28 April 2019 - 04:46 PM





Walk through the Lift


Chapter 1


Cut Scene 


Take Medication

Put Ball under cup and move cups around with ball in until spider appears

Turn around

Pick up postcard

Look through door window to see boy on Phone

Turn back

Pick up cups move them around

Triggers take pill

Take pill


:bronze  Routine


Your in your cell/room


Open big cupboard

Pick up book and open it, Place on desk

Go to Shelf

Pick up book and open it, Place on desk

Pick up book on Desk and open it put back on desk

By the clock a board/picture will have shook loose grab it and flip over (board)

Place on Desk

Go to Shelf

Pick up Swan, place the Swan on the board in the place here spot


:bronze  A Memory


Chapter 2


Go to the right side and pick up the lamp but do not equip it yet

Head to the water see spot below and use the lamp to hit the Crocodile, if you miss do not worry the lamp re-spawns.





:silver Feeder *Missable*


Head to the door pull the doorknob it will fall off

Wait for a scene to end of people talking, I routed through cupboards whilst waiting

Look at the deer's head

Grab Screwdriver

Put screwdriver in door latch

Open the Door

Head to the Stove/Burner

Open top part look at newspaper

Try and open bottom Section of Stove/Burner

Rustling will happen in the bin bags

Move bin bags

Eventually the side panel of the Stove/Burner will fall off

Grab the Crowbar that is inside the Stove/Burner

Turn around

Use Crowbar on latch in floor of room

Keep the Crowbar Head Back next door

Use Crowbar on loose wooden floorboards by door

Leave Crowbar

Head back through Door

Look in the hole

Grab Key

Use Key on the other Door with Padlock


Cut scene


Your in a Swan Boat


You do not want to use the Crank yet

Go to the back of the boat and to the side crouch over and try and position yourself outside the bottom. ( Takes some messing about keep trying)


:bronze Matthew 14:25 *Missable*


Cut scene Swamps


The boat will come to a end look over the right side at the dead body


:bronze What Lies Beneath


Back in Cell


Head to Shelf

Grab Stork

Place on the board on the Desk, on the place here spot

Cut to new Chapter


Chapter 3


* Missable Trophy in here you probably need to replay at the end, Try and eat as many pills as you can. As the Dev put it be like Pac-man with Pills! ( You need 66 for the Trophy) :silver Tablets and ghosts


Turn around

Head through Door

Turn around

Head through Door

They are Pill bottles on the floor try and grab the pill bottles without the contents coming out, take pills (Grab as many pills as you can)

Turn around

Head through Door

Turn around

Head through Door

Head towards the fridge

Move milk carton

Carefully take top off Pills

Grab Pill Bottle take Pills

Head towards TV

Turn Around (Person in bed)

Turn Back to TV

Then Back (Person Gone)

Head to Door

Head through Door

Turn around

Take a step forward

Scene will play

When ended

Turn back around

Head through same door

Head to TV

Take Pills On TV


New Scene


Go to where phone is ringing

Open Draw take torch and equip

Answer Phone , Listen till man comes in front of window

Put phone back

Turn around

Head to Big Cabinet

Open Both Cupboards

Open fridge

Take fork

With fork in hand

Go towards WC

Use Fork on WC Lock

Head in WC

Turn Tap on

Code will appear in Mirror 320 (You can not skip this and just enter the code)

Turn around

And again

Head through door

Go to Safe in Cupboard

Open Safe 320

Now go towards door with chair propped up against it

Phone will ring

Answer phone


Scene will play


:bronze  Arrested


Back in Cell


Go to Shelf

Pick up Vulture

Place on board on the desk, in the place here spot


Chapter 4


Head to Desk

Press on Answer Phone

Pick up pad read note

Go to Drawers

Pull out First Drawer all the way out

Now you can access second draw

Take UV light equip

Take Tool

Put tool on Chair for Now

Head to wooden Panels

You will see finger marks on the wall you can touch and move them you want to do that until a lock is found for the tool to go in too


Scene cut


This area is really Dark hard to describe directions


You want to pick up the two Dolls heads and put them back down again they should be fairly near you (do not throw them)

Then to the right should be a devil's mask you can pick that up and throw it

Now you can hear a Ticking, This is kind of straight in front behind a box. You need to pick him up and put back down to stop the noise.

You then need to head back to where the devil mask was a new mask is there a White mask, Again you can pick up and throw.

Then to the left I think is the Dolls head you need to pick up and look and put back down. Then if you turn around and crouch you should see writing on the floor.

A Snake will go across the floor

You will hear someone drop

It's a tape player go and pick it up. Keep it with you. You now are looking for a head on its own. On a upper shelf. Put the tape recorder on the shelf whilst you turn the Dolls head over and get a battery from inside.

Put the battery in the tape player. Let the tape play.

After the scene ends take a little bit

You will hear the ticking again

Find the Crocodile his on the floor

Pick him up


Scene ends


New room Dark room


Look on the table on the Left

Pick up Blank Photo Paper

Turn all the way round

Take to the Photo Developing kit

Put Blank photo paper on Machine First switch on (10 secs)

Pick up paper place in first solution (5 secs)

Pick up paper place in second solution (5 secs)

Pick up paper place in third solution (5 secs)

Photo should develop if not you can put in solutions longer


:bronze  A Development


Back in Cell


Go to Shelf

Pick up Crow/Raven

Place on board on the desk in the place here spot


Chapter 5


Turn Left

Head towards Confession Room

Turn on light first

Head through door

Open the bible on the chair  in the room

Pick up Piece of paper

(Has a code for lock)

Listen to the preacher once finished you can leave

Head through door

Go to the door on other side

Grab lock with free hand

The combination for the lock in on the piece of paper (3L, 11R , 17L)

The top buttons are your left and right to turn

Head through door

Turn around

Turn on light

Turn around you are facing a cupboard

Open cupboard

In the bottom right is a stick

Pick up stick

Head back through door

Go back to see the Preacher

Give him the stick


:silver  Suppository *Missable*


Go back to the room you were in

Head to the shelf's

Top shelf

Pick up Green Tablet

Take to the preacher

Give to the preacher

He with give you a Key

Pick up the key

Head through the door

Head over to the steps

Crouch and use the Keys on the steps

Pick up lighter and equip

Go back in to the room with the cupboard

In the cupboard on the top shelf there is a green circuit box with a power symbol on

Grab the fuse and keep

Head back through the door

Go over to the steps and place the fuse in the switch on the steps

A secret passage will open

Grab the red ladder , It will take you down the steps


Basement/ Dungeon


Turn around, walk forward

You are looking for a shelf with pieces of paper on

Pick up the piece on paper that says “You came for me”

Head back to the ladders

Head back up




Turn around

Small cut scene

Head to the confession room

Head through the door

Give the paper to the Preacher


:bronze  An Apple from the Tree




Back in Cell


Go to your door Pick up medication and place on the the board on desk, in the place here spot


Chapter 6


Do not take the medication


The screen will go fussy

When a note appear in the window walk up to the window

Turn around there will be open space

Walk forward until you see writing on the floor

Look for the boy

Let scenes play out

Your in a boat look up at the boy, the boat will sink, let scenes play out

Your appear in a Jail Cell again let this Scene play out

Next is the Hospital scene like the first one let this play out until a playable scene


:bronze Signs of Recognition


Pick up the Chair, Throw through the glass, walk towards glass.

Cut Scene

Your be with the DRs Body

Look up through the window.

If it doesn't move the scene on try looking at her then at the window




Pick up the paper

Turn Look down the corridor


Head over to coffee Machine

Place coffee Pot under Machine

Turn back around


Your Be back in the Lift Area


Head to Photos, Point at the Missing Girl Picture and Grab the Door


A Chair -Short Story


Look at all the Newspaper clippings in front of you

Then turn around to look at the Door

Turn back around

You will see wet footprints and a draw handle left on the floor

Pick up the draw handle and use on chest of drawers

Take out what's in the Drawer

Then look with the torch around the room

A eyeball will roll across the room

Pick up the eyeball and put on top of the shelf with the blocks

Head back to the dresser

Again look at the News clippings and around the room

Some more clippings should appear on the wall

Go to the Clippings

Remove the Photo

Take the key

Head back to the Dresser

Use the Key

Take out the Music box

Place on top of the Dresser

Look Left the light bulb has come on

Head over to that and look at the note that has appeared

A doll will appear nailed to the wall

Pick up the eyeball collected earlier and place in the Dolls head

Pick up the key from behind her

Head over to the music box and use the key on it

Remove the phone

Use the phone and read the messages

Look towards the door

Head to the door

Try to go through the door, it will shut

Turn around


:gold  A Chair in a room


You are returned to the lift area, you can point  on any photo to replay a scene, Just grab the door to load




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Posted 11 June 2019 - 12:18 AM

perfect concise written instructions per chapter, excellent and easy to follow, i had no problems at all getting my 100%, thank you  :)


i did watch the start of your video so thank you for making one, but in the end to keep things all a surprise for myself, i decided to just follow the written instructions, plus was easier to just quickly look at every now n then with my phone on my lap while i was in in VR. the game was pretty good too. 


so yea, great guide! thanks! 




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Posted 17 June 2019 - 11:05 PM

The easiest way for the pills is to not dump them out; "drink" them from the bottles. Once you eat the first pill the scenes will transition and you may not be able to grab them fast enough. For the first part underwater, carefully grab 2 bottles of pills without spilling them and "drink" them at the same time. You won't see pills but it will count the whole bottle. Then in the scene with the fridge do the same with that bottle and then again with the bottle on the TV. This way you eat pretty much every pill available and don't have to go grabbing at them.



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Posted 21 October 2019 - 09:05 AM

Perfect guide, thank you.

I don't like it when you have to pick up stuff from the ground in VR.


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