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Scribblenauts Showdown Trophy Guide

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Posted 22 June 2018 - 11:19 PM




  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10
  • Offline trophies: 27 (8 :bronze, 12 :silver:gold, 1  :plat)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to plat: 5-7 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: Showdown game, multiple VS games, and Sandbox levels
  • Number of missable trophies: none
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A
  • Do trophies stack?: N/A
  • Needs 2 controllers (only the account that launches the game will earn trophies)

Scribblenauts Showdown is a party style game where you can compete and play with your family.  It's probably the closest thing to Mario Party available on the PS4.  In Scribblenauts you can enter in almost any noun and the game will create it for you.  People, monsters, weapons, and more can be used in game to compete with friends or solve puzzles. 
Road Map:
These steps can really be done in any order.
-Play through all the different modes.  (Sandbox is optional other than starting a 2 player round but does gives quick starites for unlocking things)
-Practice and master the mini games needed for trophies (use VS > Freeplay if you don't get these while doing the other trophies). 
-Create custom characters.
-Grind the remaining starites needed to unlock everything. 


I would recommend going into Settings and turning the word timer off.  This makes the Wordy games more fun as you can have time to experiment.

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Posted 23 June 2018 - 01:28 AM

Trophy Guide:



Showdown Superstar!:plat

Unlock all other trophies. 



Word Master:bronze

Play every Wordy game at least once. 


Wordy games are any mini game where you enter in a word to play with.  Both VS and Showdown mode use the same set of minigames.  This will most likely occur naturally as you play through all the modes.



Speed Master:bronze

Play every Speedy game at least once. 


Speedy games are any mini game where you don't enter in a word to play with.  Both VS and Showdown mode use the same set of minigames.  This will most likely occur naturally as you play through all the modes.



Create A Scribblenaut:bronze

Create a custom Scribblenaut.  


Go to the My Scribblenaut section and create a custom one.




Create all 15 custom Scribblenauts.   


Keep creating custom Scribblenauts until all 15 slots are full.  You don't even need to change anything.  Just click the + and then save.



Starite Apprentice:bronze

Earn 25 Starites. 


Almost everything you do earns starites.  This will come naturally and very quickly while playing through all the modes.



Starite Master:silver

Earn 100 Starites. 


Almost everything you do earns starites.  This will come naturally and very quickly while playing through all the modes.



All In The Family:bronze

Create one of Maxwell's brothers in Sandbox Play or a Wordy game.


Maxwell has 38 brothers and any of them should work.  I tried a bunch but not all.  If for some reason one doesn't work try another.  I used Mox myself.


Artie, Bruiser, Bubbles, Buzz, Chase, Chilly, Clark, Dale, Duce, Edwin, Flurry, Flux, Glum, Gorge, Hector, Jack, Kenpo, Larp, Leon, Ludwig, Milo, Mix, Moury, Mox, Patches, Poindexter, Razer, Rex, Scratch, Shadow, Stunt, Tanc, Tempo, Tiberius, Tiny, Tony, Tots, Yarrr


Guy and Serenity may also work but they are technically his sisters.



Two Shovels:bronze

Play Sandbox with two players. 


Start up a Sandbox game with 2 players and this will unlock.



Inventor Extraordinaire:silver

Create 100 Sandbox objects.  


This should come naturally as you play the sandbox.  Just keep creating objects if it doesn't.



Four's A Crowd:silver

Complete a Showdown with 4 players. 


Play any Showdown match with 4 players.  This will unlock once a player wins.  You only need 2 controllers for this as the game allows people to share.




Complete a 9 round Versus match. 


As the description states, complete a 9 round VS match.  The VS trophies do not stack, you have to do each one separately.



Deadlock :silver

Complete a 15 round Versus match.


As the description states, complete a 15 round VS match.  The VS trophies do not stack, you have to do each one separately.



Battle Royale:gold

Complete a 25 round Versus match.


As the description states, complete a 25 round VS match.  The VS trophies do not stack, you have to do each one separately.



Greatness Is A Habit:silver

Win 5 consecutive games against a single player. 


While doing any of the VS trophies above win 5 rounds in a row.  You will get this while doing Shutout.



Shutout :silver

Shutout a player in Versus by winning every single round. 


While doing any of the VS trophies, win every round.  Obviously this is easier with a 2nd player who is purposefully losing.  The clock and pinata games are somewhat random so be careful with those.



Drone Pilot:silver

Score at least 1500 points in Drone Drop! 


In this game you pilot a drone and have to drop off objects on different landing pads.  Heavier objects (planets work well) give more points and hitting the edge of a landing pad will give less points.  200 points seems like the max.  I did this with 2 players having one go right and one left.  The pads and multipliers are randomized but you can see where they are on the minimap.  I recommend going about mid way out and then working back to the center.  Try to hit the 2x and 3x pads but the most important thing is not to crash.  The objects will swing around so make fast but controlled movements.  1500 points isn't too bad and this should come after a few practice runs.



Ball And Chain:silver

Create a chain of 10 objects in Rocket Rubble! 


Stay away from the black hole in the center and collect 10 of your objects.  Best to play with a 2nd player that is either afk or moves away from you as you can break each others items and chains.  Once you collect 10 the trophy will unlock.



Junkyard Bully:silver

Knock down a tower in 8 launches in Tower Topple!  


It's Angry Birds with a catapult.  You pick the item being thrown and try to knock the box with the target on it off.  It's hard to tell if the actual size or weight of the object makes any difference.  Explosives seem to hit harder and larger objects hit more of the tower.  Make sure your opponent doesn't match the theme or their tower will be stronger.  I did this by hitting the mid section where the weaker supports are a few times and then the top portion of the remaining tower until victory.  Pause between shots to let the tower wobble and fall over.  It is a little easier with 2 players because you can give each other time to line up shots and get two tries per game.  Be careful not to hit each others' shots as they will deflect each other and waste turns.  


Occasionally the game glitches and half the tower collapses before you do anything.  This makes it drastically easier.  During showdowns you can also get cards that reduce the size of the opponents tower.  This can help too.  Overall it's not that bad and you should get this after a few tries anyway.



Plate Thrower:bronze

Win a game of Get Served! without losing any health. 


Older players will recognize this game as a simplified version of Tapper.  You send a "food" item to patrons and they send back the empty plates.  Don't let the plates hit the ground or have the patrons leave angry for not being served fast enough.  This is easiest with 2 players.  Have the 2nd player purposefully serve plates as fast as they can down one line.  The game will be over before the winner even needs to serve anyone.



Flight Captain:gold

Make it to the finish line in Take Flight! with full health.


This is basically Flappy Bird.  This is also the hardest trophy but it's not bad with a little practice.  Each map is random and some are way harder than others.  Everyone's preference will differ but I found it easiest using small, heavy objects.  Do not use people or large objects.  You will hit obstacles easier the larger your object is.  Heavy objects tend to bounce less dramatically so I found it easier to control them.  Speedy objects (vehicles, birds, etc...) are nice but can be hard to control if you get going too fast.  Remember you can push back or forward on the stick to accelerate and decelerate in case you need to dodge something suddenly.  It took around 30 minutes for me to pass this and every failure is still 5 starites that you will need for unlocking things anyway.  My favorite objects were missiles and I passed this riding an ICBM. 




Win a game of Super Sprint! without hitting an obstacle. 


In this game you alternate left and right trigger for speed and press X to jump over the obstacles.  The trick is to pick a flying object.  Now you will never hit any obstacles.



Carpet Rider:silver

Win a game of Balancing Act! without dropping any of your objects. 


Your goal here is to stack falling objects on your flying carpet without spilling them.  This is easier with 2 players.  Have one player purposefully miss their objects and this will be over around 5 objects, before it becomes hard to stack them.  Pick smaller, easily stacking items and be careful not to hit your partner or the sides as this will bounce your carpet around pretty badly.



Sandbox Explorer - :gold

Unlock all 8 Sandbox levels. 


Sandbox levels can be found in the Sandbox mode.  The grayed out ones can be unlocked with starites.  See Mechanic for starite grinding tips.



Dr. Frankenstein:gold

Unlock all the custom Scribblenaut parts. 


All of the parts are found in the My Scribblenaut section.  They include hair and skin colors, hats, face and body accessories, and guy's and girl's clothing.  Some are unlocked by different achievements and the rest can be purchased with starites.  The ones that are unlocked do not seem to be required for this trophy.  I got it without completing all the unlockable characters in the Sandbox.  See Mechanic for starite grinding tips.



Sandbox Collector:gold

Unlock all custom Sandbox objects. 


The first option in the Sandbox section is the store where you can buy additional items for each sandbox.  See Mechanic for starite grinding tips.



Mechanic :gold

Unlock all vehicles in the game.


All of the vehicles are located in the My Scribblenaut section.  All are purchased with starites.


Starite grinding tips:


-Don't bother grinding too much until after you unlock the other trophies.  You will get a ton of starite naturally.  There will still be a lot needed, but this way you don't waste time.

-Each Speedy game is 2 starite.  Each Wordy game is 5.  Starite missions in the sandbox are 10.  After completing a Showdown; 22, 31, 40 (depends on game length) extra starite are given as rewards.

-Play the easiest/fastest game in VS freeplay over and over.  The Disc Dive is the quickest Speedy game and Take Flight is the quickest Wordy game if you immediately die.  The Sandbox missions are not required but do give the most starites for the least effort.

-If you want more variety, do 25 round VS matches with only Wordy games.  It's 150 starite per run.



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Posted 28 June 2018 - 09:32 AM

Great job on the guide, Sef :thumbsup


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