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Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality Trophy Guide

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Posted 08 May 2018 - 03:56 PM




  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10
  • Offline trophies: 19 (4  :bronze, 6  :silver, 8  :gold, 1  :plat)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to plat: 5 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: none
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A
  • Do trophies stack?: N/A
  • Requires VR, Move Controllers



Wubba lubba dub dub! This is basically an episode of Rick and Morty jammed into a VR experience.  In addition to the main story there are a ton of easter eggs and random things to do.  It's a fun showcase of all the craziness and improvisation from the show.


Road Map:


There is nothing that can be missed and you can replay any section from the living room disc player or just revisit the areas in free play.  


Start the game just goofing around with stuff and experimenting for a bit.  Then play through the 1-2 hour story.  Lastly, clean up the various remaining trophies in free play and have fun.


One of the biggest issues in this game is the VR calibration and tracking.  I ran into lots of issues trying to grab things or having the VR track my movements properly.  Here are some tips I've found:


- PSVR works best with 5-7 feet from the player to the camera.  This makes a big difference in tracking accuracy for this game.

- The game is meant to be played standing.  I don't like standing for PSVR however but I did calibrate while standing and it worked better that way.

- If you are having trouble reaching things, lower or raise the player height in calibration and try the "big morty" mode found in the cabinet below the TV in the living room.

- Utilize the youseeks mechanic for things completely out of reach.  This is required for multiple trophies and story events.

- Things on the floor will pop up for easier grabbing when you hover near them.

- If everything is getting too cluttered or you can't find the item you need press :square to reset back to the living room.  Then find the disc you want and play it to reload everything back to default positions

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Posted 10 May 2018 - 12:35 AM

Trophy Guide:



Platinum Rick:plat

Platinum Rick 



Big Hands Mode!:bronze

Dude… your hands… they’re so BIG! 


At the combiner area, look in the back corner of the desk just below the pegboard.  There is a box with a growth stimulant pill in it.  Eating this makes your hand get big.



Wubba lubba dub dub! - :bronze

Achieve your ultimate purpose


This is basically the trophy for beating the main story.  It will unlock when you combine the super seed with liquid to create the super detergent.




Thrown Under the Bus - :bronze

Have a youseeks get hit by a bus


At the portal wall area is a youseeks box.  Press the button to get a youseeks ball.  Throw the ball out the garage door into the street.  Buses drive by regularly and will hit the youseeks.


Be very careful with your throwing motion.  You don't want to hit the TV or other objects in your real life room.  I found throwing underhand was easier to get the ball far enough in the street.



From Downtown! - :bronze

Throw something at the Smith home from very far away.


There are multiple times you go to the satellite in the story.  You can also return at any time.  Simply throw an item at the earth.  This one may be a bit glitchy so keep trying until it unlocks.



Palate un-cleanser - :silver

Eat poop


There are multiple times you go to the bathroom in the story.  You can also return at any time.  Eat a laxative pill to poop.  Then eat the poop.



He's Thrashing Your Score - :silver

Go off the grid in Troy.


Like in the show you can try and go off the grid by discarding your Social Security card.  During the story when playing with the alien baby (and any time after) you can play Troy.  Take the game cartridge from the shelves in the portal wall area and load it into the dryer slot.  Then hit the Tory switch on the wall by the washer.  The Troy machine will swap places with the washer.  To play Troy put the helmet on your head. 


At 35 years you are given the option of changing your career, having a baby, etc.  On the table is your Social Security card.  Grab it and throw it in the trash (probably can throw it anywhere).  A scene will play chastising you for trying to get rid of it and the trophy will unlock.



Love Hurts - :silver

Give Jerry his medicine


After you complete the story Rick mentions that Jerry is somewhere in the game.  To find him go back to the bathroom and try to open the door.  A scene will play with Jerry's voice.  Eventually he wants his medicine.  The Prep-Ur A medication is found in the bottom right cabinet.  Grab it and slide it under the door for him.



Ding - :silver

Fixed a light bulb.


When helping the alien phone home you need to provide a light bulb.  In the washing machine area there is a broken light bulb by the door.  Take this light bulb and combine it with any of the glass beakers to repair it.



Bureaucratic Nightmare - :silver

Kill 100 Gromflomites in a single session of the shootout.


The shootout occurs during the story when retrieving an alien egg for Rick.  You can also return to the planet at any time to repeat the mini game.  Remember you are just a disembodied head so that's the only part of you that needs to be protected from shots.  Turn off big mode if you have it on and recalibrate your position to be super low to the ground.  When on the planet, hide up against the rock in front of you and look back and to the right.  The enemies will fly over head so keep an eye out when they do.  You can use your gun hands to block shots as well so always keep them up and in front of your face.  If you replay this in the story then you also have Rick's ship as protection from that side.

The whiteboard in the garage keeps track of your high score in the post game.



Meet Your Makers - :silver

Watch the entire credits disc


In the living room there is a hidden disc on the upper shelf below the player.  This is the credits disc.  Play it all the way through for this trophy.

If you are having trouble reaching this disc, lower your height on the calibration screen.



Buttception - :gold

Or is it eggception?


This is one of the few trophies that can't be obtained in free play.  Go back to the alien mission and hatch the egg in the dryer.  When the alien comes out, take him over to the combiner machine.  Take any item and combine it with the alien.  He will try to fly away so place him then hit the button quickly.  Take the resulting item and feed it to him for the trophy.



Poop Emoji - :gold

Play with poop


You make a poop emoji when combining any two forms of poop.  You get poop by going back to the bathroom and eating a laxative.  A small poop will fall on the floor.  Get two of these and take them back to the combiner.  When you combine them you get a new poop with the emoji face on it and the trophy.


You can also create different forms of a single poop and combine those for this as well.  As far as I can tell the alien poop will not work as it explodes before you can combine it.



You Went There - :gold

You should be ashamed.


Combine a tape with any other object to make an alien tape.  It will be blue or yellow depending on what side of the combiner the tape is on.  This next step seems buggy.  I tried two blue tapes, two yellow tapes and one of each.  Sometimes I got a Tape Tape Tape black tape but sometimes it just duped one of the alien tapes.  Just keep trying different combinations until you get it.  Now combine Tape Tape Tape with another tape.



Gold Hand Of Midas - :gold

Give yourself a high-five, you’re a real alchemist now!


The trophy says to give yourself a high five but I got this immediately upon creating a golden hand.  Take the crown from the shelves in the portal wall area and combine that with your hand (move your hand over the combiner pad).  A gold hand will result.



1000 Years Troy and Morty! - :gold

Play as Troy for over 1000 years.


This is a cumulative trophy.  You get around 60-80 years each play.  Keep going until you rack up 1000 years worth.


I've tried multiple different paths and it seems around 80 is the highest you can get.  Just try to pick the healthy options if you want to grind this out the fastest.  Otherwise have fun seeing all the different scenarios and scenes.


Doll > Don't raise hand > Switch job to carpet salesman = 86 years



Old [FRIENDS] - :gold

Ahh [HUMAN] memories.


Early in the story you feed the monster to get RAM for the computer.  After that he has 4 more items he wants.  Feed all 4 items to get a tape See Emperor of Soundwaves.  This will unlock 6 more items.  Once you feed these 6 you get a picture.  Viewing this picture unlocks the trophy.


1 - Metal Candy Bar - Combine any 2 food items (fridge) for the candy bar.  Then combine the candy bar with a metal can.

2 - Crystal OH-NO Hammer - Combine the drain cleaner (bathroom cabinet) with the hammer (pegboard) for an OH-NO Hammer.  Then combine the OH-NO Hammer with a crystal.

3 - Gold Beer on a Stick - Combine the small broom (left side of the shelves) with any can for a Beer on a Stick.  Then combine the Beer on a Stick with the crown (shelves).

4 - Cardboard Boxes for Dumb Clones - Combine either of the boxes (shelves) with a book (top shelf).



1 - Hand on a Stick - Combine mace (shelves) with your hand

2 - Brain Energy Bar - Combine any 2 food items (fridge) for the candy bar.  Combine your own hand and head for the brain.  Combine the brain and candy bar for a Brain Energy Bar.

3 - Beer Cup Cutout - Combine the beer cup and cracker box (both on workbench) for the Beer Cup Cutout.

4 - Psychedelic Plumbus - Combine the plumbus and super seed (both on workbench) for the Psychedeic Plumbus.

5 -Troyboy Broccoli - Combine the Troy cartridge (shelves) with the film reel (pegboard) for a Troyboy.  Combine the Troyboy with some broccoli (fridge) for the Troyboy Broccoli.

6 - Small Ticking Rock Capsule Device - Combine the space rock (on ground on the planet) with the capsule device (shelves) to get a Rock Capsule Device.  Combine the Rock Capsule Device with the wall clock (have the Youseeks pull it off the wall between the dryer and workbench) for a Ticking Rock Capsule Device.  Combine the Ticking Rock Capsule Device with any ruler for a Small Ticking Rock Capture Device.



Emperor of Soundwaves - :gold

Listen to all of the numbered tapes.


There are 13 tapes hidden throughout the game.  Play them in the tape player in the left cabinet below the combiner.  The two alien tapes you get from the combiner don't count for this.  The whiteboard will keep track of your progress post game.


1 - The Best Mixtape - on the bottom shelf to the left

2 - Ice cream - in the drawer on the satellite

3 - Gender ambiguity - in box on the third shelf drop the box find it inside

4 - Dear Future Lawyer - Feed the monster in the basement 4 items See Old [FRIENDS]

5 - Snuffles - outside the window

6 - Summer's Diary - in the bathroom, bottom right cabinet

7 - Squim squam rap - on the wall next to white board

8 - VR forever 100 years - living 77 years in Troy

9 - Clones - under the rock on the alien planet

10 - 1% Visible: Courier Flaps - buy this from Garzorpazorpazon on Rick's computer

11 - Interdimensional radio - in the microverse battery charger it's under the main panel

12 - Tape Tape Tape - combine 2 alien tapes See You Went There

13 - Mix Tape - in the mission when you fix Rick's car it's underneath the engine.



Fully Charged - :gold

Charge the largest battery to 100 or greater.


This is the most difficult trophy in the game.  Inside the battery charging microverse is a large battery.  You need to play the mini game long enough to get the battery to 100 or greater.  This is going to take practice.  Use big mode to more easily reach each panel and keep practicing.  The VR tracking heavily affects this so make sure you have good lighting and calibration.  I prefer standing for this one.



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Posted 23 June 2018 - 06:21 AM

Nice job on the guide sef :)

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Posted 05 August 2019 - 07:09 AM

Fully chargé trophy is too hard for me
I give up for this platinum :s

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