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Dino Frontier Trophy Guide -VR

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Posted 16 April 2018 - 07:48 PM






  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10
  • Offline trophies: 28 (8 :bronze, 13 :silver, 6 :gold, 1 :plat)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to plat: 5-10 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: none
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A
  • Do trophies stack?: NA and EU lists stack
  • Requires VR, Move Controllers



Dino Frontier is a simple city building and strategy game.  It takes place on the frontier and mixes the wild west with dinosaurs.   


Road Map:


Almost every trophy is "story" related and comes through natural game play.  Just play the game and enjoy it.  




-When choosing a settler there isn't too much difference between their stats.  Luck seems most important and late game there's a training facility where you can level fighting, harvesting and helping.  Go for high luck.


-Most settlers and dinos are autonomous and will complete their tasks automatically.  Early on you need to micromanage a little but for the most part just let them go about their business


-Keep an eye on your Brachi.  He has to roam north to refill water and often gets in fights that can kill him.  Also watch it early on when settlers start attacking random dinos.


-Iron will be the material you always need and never have enough of.  Early to mid game upgrade buildings and create dino lures based on what you need.  Use the Mayor's Retreat and Mine as much as possible.


-Don't worry about losing in the Mine.  You will not hit wave 20 until 10 or so runs.  Just make sure to get the iron you need for objectives and occasional defense upgrades.  See I'm Not Gonna Give You Up for more detailed Mine strategy.


-When fighting dinos or bandits have your settlers ride your trained dinos and throw everything you got at the enemy.  If your settlers or dinos get weak just pull them to safety.


-Settlers have to bleed out to actually die but dinos die immediately.  It's annoying and wasteful to have to buy new lures, so always try to save the dinos from dying.

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Posted 23 April 2018 - 02:09 PM


Hall of Fame Mayor:plat

Collect all the trophies 



Start a New Town:bronze

Build a Saloon 


Early on your objective will be to build a Saloon.  Simply build it to unlock the trophy.




Kill a T-Rex 


In the Mine area the third major wave will have a T-Rex attacking you.  Kill it to get the trophy.  

You can also randomly encounter T-Rex's in the main area.  I'm not sure this counts but I don't see why it wouldn't.



My Big Pony:bronze

Ride a dino for the first time 


You are prompted to do this after obtaining your first dino.  Pick up a settler and drop him or her onto a dino to unlock this trophy.



Work the Earth:bronze

Harvest plants in Mayor's Retreat


Around mid game you build a building that allows you to travel to the Mayor's Retreat.  This location is the early source of iron and gold and provides extra wood and food as well.  This trophy unlocks after your first harvest.



I'm a Survivor:silver

Survive 10 waves in Mine 


See I'm Not Gonna Give Up



I'm Not Gonna Give Up:gold

Survive 20 Waves in Mine 


The Mine is your main source of iron so come here often.  At around 10 tries you should be able to clear it.  As you upgrade the Caravan you will be able to bring 2, 4 and 6 settlers.  I beat it with 4 settlers around levels 6-8.




1 andare the main enemy entry points.  3 and 4 are added later.  Enemies entering from 4 randomly go right or left at the fork.


Green numbers are the sniper nests, blue are the gatling guns and yellow are the decoys


I preferred snipers over gatling guns.  When I first cleared the mine I could one shot the weaker enemies and 2-3 shot the Trikes and Stegs.  You will want to level everything evenly with preference to locations 1 and 2 as these are the main chokes.  I left the lures at level 2 and never upgraded gatling 3 because almost nothing goes there.


The tar bomb is marked by the and respawns after a short while every time you use it.  It freezes and damages the enemy and can cover half the fighting area.  Ideal usage is when enemies are caught in the choke area with both guns in range.  You can even drop guys behind the dinos while they are trapped for extra damage.


Initially you can bring 2 settlers.  You won't clear 20 waves with just 2 so just try to get as much iron as you can while prolonging defeat.  I beat it with 4 settlers and after a third Caravan upgrade you can bring 6.  Try and mine any time no enemies are coming, even during the waves.


When a dino reaches a settler make sure to pull them away before they die else you have to wait a while for them to heal.  You can abuse the AI as well and kite the tougher dinos.  For example, gatling 2 is vulnerable and often has dinos rush the gun.  Once they reach it pull the settler away and wait.  The enemies will either attack 3 or the main building.  Once they engage drop settlers in behind them.  They will ignore the settlers.  


For enemies coming out of entry 3 attack from sniper 3.  Sniper 1 can't hit them. The AI will also sometimes just stop attacking and get stuck at the rock.


Try and top off the settlers' health during slow parts of the waves and during the mining phase.


If all else fails just level some more, train your fighting stat, and upgrade your defenses.  It becomes very easy the higher you get, so don't worry if you are struggling early on.





King Slayer:gold

Defeat Bandit King 


It takes 700 iron to make the building to get to the final battle.  At this point you should have already cleared wave 20 of the mines and have multiple high level settlers.  You can take 8 settlers, Raptor, Steg and T-Rex to the fight.  You really just need 2 settlers with decent attack and the dinos.  The first part has 2 sniper nests and a gatling.  I just set one settler in each and let them auto everything.  Make liberal use of the healing potion and throw in the T-Rex if you need to.


The second wave of the fight is the hard part.  Or is it?  The bandit king will mount a gigantic T-Rex with a devastating aoe attack.  The fight takes place on the right side of the map where lava will pour out of the volcano.  I made the mistake of throwing everyone at him and they quickly got massacred.  The trick is to never really fight him and abuse your ability to pick people up.  Keep moving everyone back to the first area and wait until he moves away from a sniper nest.  Then take your strongest attacker (preferably with the Sheriff's badge) and drop him or her into a sniper nest.  After one shot he'll try to attack you so pick up the settler and wait until the bandit king moves away.  Repeat until he dies.  


You can make it faster by reserving 1 or 2 of your best settlers and throwing everyone in initially to get his health down before cheese tactics.  Don't worry about anyone dying as this will trigger the end credits and you get everyone back after they finish.




Biggest Mayor:gold

Mayor level 10 


Almost everything gives you experience.  Keep building and upgrading buildings, leveling up settlers, and playing the mine and you will get to level 10 easily.  The Mine looks to have the most exp gain if you want to grind it a bit.



Higher Power:gold

Level up a settler to Level 10 


Settlers gain exp performing almost every task.  When an arrow appears over their heads pick them up and look at them (turn your controller towards you) to level them and allow them to get exp for their next level.  It takes a while but your settlers will eventually hit level 10.


Killing hostile dinos and bandits seems to be the most exp so have your best attacker as your Sheriff and kill any that you see.




Train Apex Anky


You get this when completing the objective for training an Anky.  The Anky collects any wood and automatically adds it to the Lumber Yard.




Train Apex Trike


You get this when completing the objective for training a Trike.  The Trike helps fill any settler needs around him.




Train Apex Proto


You get this when completing the objective for training a Proto.  The Proto collects any food an automatically adds it to the Food Depot.




Train Apex Para


You get this when completing the objective for training a Para.  The Para is a fighting type and becomes your Sheriff's Deputy.




Train Apex Brachi


You get this when completing the objective for training a Brachi.  The Brachi collects water north of camp and then waters trees and bushes for you.




Train Apex Steg


You get this when completing the objective for training a Steg.  The Steg will heal settlers around it.




Train Apex Raptor


You get this when completing the objective for training a Raptor.  The Raptor is a fighting type.




Train Apex T-Rex


You get this when completing the objective for training a T-Rex.  The T-Rex is that strongest fighter in the game.  It can solo the wild dinos and entire bandit groups no problem.




Train Apex Galli


You get this when completing the objective for training a Galli.  The Galli occasionally lays eggs that can be collected for food.



On the Open Road  -  :bronze

Build a Caravan 


You get this when completing the objective for building a Caravan.  This building lets you send settlers to the Mine.



Eat This:bronze

Stuff your face the first time


Once you harvest a dino, berry bush or dino egg pick up the food item and put it to your face.  You will eat the food and unlock the trophy.



Easy Pickings:bronze

Bury a resource under table


Take any resource and place it below the playing area.



There's a New Sheriff in Town:bronze

Assign a Sheriff 


Once you build the Sheriff's office you can give a Sheriff's badge to any of your setters.  You will usually want your highest attack and luck settler to have this.



Treasure Hunter:gold

Find all the lock boxes 


There are 33 little round lock boxes scattered about the maps.  You can find them in the main area (12), Mayor's Retreat (12), and Mine (9).  Early on they give a nice boost to your resources so try to grab any that you see.




I found all of these without any trouble.  There was a tricky one on the left side of the right caves in the main area but nothing was too bad.  If you are having trouble here's a video from The Hidden Object Guru.




What's Mine is Mine:bronze

Recover stolen goods 


It is very likely that you will never get this naturally.  You need to let the bandits come into town and steal some resources.  Once they fill up they will try and flee.  Kill them and return those resources.  To make this easier put the Lumber Yard and Food Depot on the right and left edges of your build area.  When bandits come move everyone away until they start to flee.  Then dump everyone on them.



Rough Landing:silver

Throw a settler off the table 


Grab any settler and throw them outside the playing area.  You won't kill them so don't worry.



Lost Soul:silver

Let a settler die


This is best done whenever you need to pick a new settler.  This way you don't waste a leveled up one or have to wait for a high level one to get killed.  Take them and throw them into any hostile dinos and let them die (or do this in the Mine).  The settler will first get knocked down and then needs to bleed out.



Prime Property:silver

All buildings at max level


This trophy will come naturally.  Upgrade buildings as you need them early game and then once you have tons of resources upgrade them all.  



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Posted 30 April 2018 - 07:31 PM

thx for the guide.


the trick on the boss works great :thumbsup


max. major level is 11

for leveling up the human, hold 1 up, then turn your hand around.

i beat  wave 20 with 2 humans. you can beat wave 21, then have 1 minute farming time.


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