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Moss Forgotten Fragment Collectible Guide

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Posted 18 March 2018 - 08:10 PM

This list is in the order you find them (pub and church can be done in any order).  For some of the screenshots I show the area the fragment is in even if you can't see it in the angle I used.
The Clearing
1 - In your path as you enter a fallen log
2 - On the ledge to the left of the gate
3 - On the balcony of the house left of the waterwheel
Leaving Home
4 - Before leaving home go upstairs by the bed
5 - On top of the ramparts all the way around and to the left
6 - Behind the axe head
7 - After raising 3 platforms to cross some water it's on the other side of a hidden cave
8 - In the next area walk towards the screen (you can see it if you look down)
9 - In the ruins area there is a wall with a ledge you can hold on to, move to the left, drop down, and then look for a circle platform in the pit below it
10 - After the area when you open a gate with a mouse statue, as you come down the stairs go under the stairs from the left side
The Mire Temple
11 - At the start there's a ring of columns.  Start on the left and jump all the way around them to the right, it's on top of the last column
12 - In the room with multiple statues, it's to the right of the stairs against the right wall
13 - In the next area it's behind and to the left of the movable statue
14 - In the center opening up by the vines, you can reach it after the fight
15 - In the next area it's in the opening just below you as you enter. To get to it go past the lever and jump down.
16 - In the room where you activate moving platforms it's all the way up and to the right.  Ride the right platform all the way up and jump through a hole at the top.
17 - There is a scroll hidden under the center platform (look underneath the ground) in the main hall to the Mire Temple.
18 - In the next room with Scorchers it's in the alcove to the right of the stairs between two pots.
19 - In the room with raised stairs in the center and 2 targets, it's in the top left of the center area.  Get Quill into the position shown then use the Scorcher to shoot the target to move the platforms.
Last Respite
20 - After defeating the Tickers it's behind the gate, Use the elevators to go into an opening in the back to get it.
21 - After you come out of the main elevator, hit the switch.  Then go up and around behind the elevator to the left.  It's by the crates.
The Abandoned City
22 - After you exit the mine go behind the dead Sentry.
23 - In the next area there is a scroll behind some barrels all the way to the bottom right.
24 - In the next area it's on a ledge to the right of the Sentry.
25 - In the front area of the town it's in the attic of the house.
26 - In the train yard area it's on the center ledge behind the boxes.
27 - In the pub on the left side of the balcony.
28 - In the church all the way left, behind the altar.
29 - At the back of the town it's to the right of the gate.  You see this when you first explore the town but can't get to it until you power down the Sentry.
Sarffog's Domain
30 - As you climb out of the sewers it's on the second step behind the rock sticking out.
31 - After your first shot on the snake you drop into a bunch of cliffs.  Drop down in front of the Scorcher and go into the secret cave.  It's to the left and towards the screen.
The Castle
There are none in the castle



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Posted 08 April 2018 - 07:58 AM

Perfect thx Sef
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Posted 06 October 2018 - 09:29 AM

Forgot to post this the first time, but this is perfect :)

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