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Banana Fighting (王牌香蕉大乱斗) Trophy Guide


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Posted 03 March 2018 - 06:40 PM


  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10
  • Offline trophies: 15 (11  :bronze, 4  :silver, 0  :gold)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 8-10h
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: Multiple games of versus and grab banana
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A
  • Do trophies stack?: HK and CN trophy lists stacks
  • 3 PS4 controllers and 1 turbo controller highly recommended


Banana fighting is a 2-4 local party game where you fight to win either in versus mode (classic deathmatch style game) or grab banana mode where the player that collects the most bananas at the end of a round wins. The game is only available in the HK store and CN store for the price of 23 HKD and 20 YEN.


Trophy lists:
Hong Kong


Road Map:

There is no set road map for this game so feel free to go for any trophy you wish. The road map suggested here is just to facilitate your way to the 100% in the most efficient way as possible.


First of all, here's a quick tip for the whole game. Make sure to press  :start after choosing a character to immediately ready up.


Also, I will refer to the factory map because its the only map with walls and it's useful to trap opponents for this reason. Here's what I mean by locking opponents: https://www.youtube....h?v=ouA785gX5rU


STEP 1: Deaths and easy trophies


Grab banana games lasts 90 seconds each. Every 10 seconds, a new set of bananas appears on the map (don't worry none will ever disappear). The orange bananas are worth 5 points while the blue ones are only worth 1 point. There are 5 maps only in this game and 3 of those maps have trophies associated for doing a certain task on them. The maps are: 


  • Swimming pool (moving blocks surrounded by water) pic
  • Factory (small horizontal rectangular map with tunnels that can suck you in from both sides) pic
  • Desert (circular map with 3 cactus which you can bounce from) pic
  • Puzzle (floor is made of puzzle pieces and there is two ducks on it) pic
  • Conveyor belts (4 conveyor belts) pic

From the main menu, choose to start a grab banana game with 2 players and 5 rounds. Hook your controllers, choose any character and once you are in control of a character, press  :start to ready up . If you get the swimming pool map, simply hold your joystick left to keep falling in the water over and over until the match ends. If you get the factory map, simply go left or right to get sucked in the tunnels until the match ends. If you get the desert map, walk straight into a cacti in a way that you bounce back and fall off the map and repeat that for the whole game. If you get one of the other two maps, don't move until the timer hits 20-25 secs and then collect as much bananas as possible (can easily get 50-60).


After your first round suiciding, you will unlock the trophy:  :bronze I got nothing. After your first round collecting bananas, you will unlock the trophy:   :bronze Greedy for bananas.


You want to keep doing this step until you collect 50 deaths on all three maps for   :bronze Don't Slip!,   :bronze Watch out for traps! and   :bronze Watch out for cactus!. It should take only 2-3 rounds on each respective maps to unlock these trophies. As soon as you're done with deaths on a certain map, start collecting bananas on that map too the same way I told you to before.



STEP 2: Grab the banana grind
So now we will start the first big grind. You need to win 100 games BUT the game actually means 100 rounds so don't panic and also collect 5000 bananas overall. Each round lasts 1:30 and you should be able to collect at least 50 bananas on average per round.  Adding load times and main menu navigation, expect this to take around 3h. There is no way to choose a map or see stats so just keep at it. The good news is that you pretty much only need to collect bananas for the last 20 seconds of the game which means the whole thing is a pretty light AFK. You can watch Netflix on the computer or browse your favorite blog for a minute each rounds so it's not that much painful. Both trophies should pop around the same time but you should get the 5000 bananas first. As soon as that's done, you just need to get 2-3 bananas to have more than your alt account to play even less per game until the wins trophy pops.
Trophies earned in this step:

  :silver  The Banana Protector
  :silver  The Banana Guardian

  :wookie That's it for this game mode !  :wookie


STEP 3: AFK trophies

This is where your turbo + controllers get into play. We will now head to versus mode. This is simply a game where the last banana that hasn't fallen off the map wins. Start a versus game with 4p and choose Banana Aniki (purple guy one row down on the left) for your main character. When the game starts, simply go right next to any character and turbo  :circle. This is the lizard hook attack. Just do it 500 times for :bronze Lizard Trainer!. It takes 3 seconds to recharge the attack so idle the game for 25 minutes until it pops. Now, if you're not in the factory map, just turbo  :square and hit your 3 alts off the maps until you get to that map. When on factory, lock an opponent on one of the 4 corners (by lock I mean that you shoot him in a way that he gets blocked by the wall and doesn't move). Once that done, turbo  :square again until you hit an opponent 200 times with a critical attack. These attacks are random but pretty common and you can see above your character when that attack was a critical. The trophy WON'T POP if you're not shooting an enemy. Once that's done you will get  :bronze The Critical Striker. Now just finish the game ASAP by hitting opponents off the maps.


STEP 4: Character trophies


We will now go get every character related trophies. Set up a 4p versus game and choose Banana Arnold as your main. On every round, group up all your 3 alts near an edge of the map and then fire a bomb towards them with :triangle. You need a total of 100 kills with that attack so this will take 34 rounds which really isn't that long and will unlock  :bronze The Bomber.


Now, fire up a game with Banana Scarlett as your main and keep hitting opponents out of the map until you get to Factory. Once again, lock your alts in a corner and turbo  :square. There's a random chance that you will stunt an opponent and you have to stunt 3 times in a row. This trophy didn't take more than 1 minute for me that way so it should be pretty easy. This will unlock  :bronze Maximum Charm. 


Next is Banana Popsy's trophy. You need to push 100 opponents off the map with her :triangle attack. Her attack is slow and can't hit multiple enemies like Arnold so this will take longer. Do note that you can AFK this method although making it longer if you wish so. Simply fire up a 3p game instead of 4p and turbo both :cross and :triangle. This will automate the kills for the 5 rounds but make sure to turn the turbo off when the game is over and reset it when you chose the characters again. If you choose to play, move the characters near edges before using the power to speed up the process. You will get  :bronze The Stalking Demon.


Ok, last guy I swear ! Use Banana Archmage this time and use his :triangle attack to turn enemies into chicken. Push them off the map as you do so to speed up the process for the last step but do note that you only need to turn them into chickens and not actually kill them for this trophy. This will get you  :bronze Transformer.


STEP 5: Versus mode grind (last step!)


We sadly have to do a grind similar to the grind in grab banana now. Turbo  :square for this whole step and choose any character you want. Just quickly start 5 rounds verses games and keep killing opponents until you hit the 2000 opponents defeated mark. Do not that the 100 wins will pop pretty early through this process as once again, round = game. You will need a total of 667 rounds to hit that mark but you will have grinded some of it on the previous step. It might look bad but with the turbo it's easy to win the 5 rounds in less than 2 minutes which makes the grind about 3-4 hours long.


I went totally overkill and recorded some videos/ took screenshots and added a little trivia about the trophies in the trophy guide if you ever need more guidance.


Enjoy that pretty rare 100% (in terms of owners, of course) :thumbsup !



Trophy Guide:



The Gladiator :silver

Defeat 2000 opponents in versus mode

This is probably the longest grind in the game. Turbo  :square to automatically shoot and keep doing 5 rounds 4p versus games pushing your alts off the map as quick as possible until it pops. There is no way to see stats but you will need a minimum of 667 rounds to achieve this. It should take around 3-4 hours.



The Dancing Master :silver

Win 100 games in versus mode


A round equals a game in this game so this is basically unmissable as you will need a minimum of 667 rounds to get the trophy above. Simply be the last player standing in 100 rounds.


The Banana Guardian:silver

Grab 5000 bananas in "Grab Banana"

This is the 2nd biggest grind in the game. Keep starting 2p grab banana games with any characters and idle the game until the timer hits the 20 seconds mark. This will make most of the bananas spawn as they spawn every 10 seconds and then simply try to collect them all for the last 20 seconds of the game. You should easily collect 50+ bananas per round. Do note that the maximum bananas per round is 61. I suggest you find something else to do while you wait 70 seconds per round or it will be very long.



The Banana Protector:silver
Win 100 games in "Grab Banana"


This trophy should unlock only a few games after the trophy above. You simply must have the highest number of bananas for a total of 100 games. Each game last 1:30 so this step will take around 3h if you include loading times. Don't panic though as most of it will be leaving the game AFK while you do something else. Once again, a round = a game so don't panic !


The Bomber:bronze
Use Banana Arnold's bomb to defeat 100 opponents


Banana Arnold's bomb is used by using the :triangle button. Simply group 3 alts together near an edge and fire away at them for a triple kill. Keep at it and this should pop in around 34 rounds which isn't that much long at all.


Here's a video of it in action: https://www.youtube....h?v=tBQ7SUfuyY4


The Critical Striker -  :bronze
Use Banana Aniki to critical strike 200 times


Banana Aniki has a random chance to critical strike an opponent when using his :square attack. It will show ''critical attack'' over his head if so. The chances are pretty high tough so 200 is not a lot. To do this, start a versus game and keep playing until you get the factory map. Put an alt on one of the 4 walls in the corner and then turbo :square and just wait until you shot the opponent 200 times.


The Father :bronze

Use Banana Scarlett to stun opponents 3 times in a row


Similar to Banana Aniki, Scarlett has a chance to stunt an opponent when using her :square attack. Get an alt stuck on a wall on factory on a versus game just like the trophy above and then turbo her attack until you get 3 stunts in a row which should not take more than 2-3 minutes.


Here's a video of it in action showing you how to lock opponents too: https://www.youtube....h?v=ouA785gX5rU


The Stalking Demon:bronze
Use Banana Popsy's tracking missle to defeat 100 opponents


This is the longest of the character trophies. Banana Popsy has a homing attack that locks onto the closest opponent and hits it pushing it a bit. Keep starting 4p versus games with Popsy as your main and move the alts on edges of the map. Then just fire 3 times with :triangle until you killed all 3 opponents. Note that this trophy could be AFKed a bit more than the others due to the fact that you don't have to aim at all. If you wish to do so, start a 3p game instead as the fourth player will get stuck on walls on the factory map and then simply AFK both :cross and :triangle to automatically shoot enemies and start the next round. You will still have to manually start games each time though but you can AFK all 5 rounds. This will take much longer than if you play.


Transformer -  :bronze
Use Banana Archmage to turn opponents into a chicken 100 times


Banana Archmage :triangle attack turns enemies into chicken for a few seconds and also pushes them. You need to turn 100 opponents into chickens but killing them is not mandatory. I would still suggest to kill them as quick as possible to speed up :silver The Gladiator. If you just want to get rid of this trophy fast, you can just lock an opponent on a wall in the factory map and just turbo :triangle to fully AFK your way to 100 transforms. Be careful as this attack has very poor aim. make sure you shoot from very close to your opponents.


FUN TRIVIA: For some weird reason, if you shoot a girl banana with the transform attack and kill her in grab banana mode, she will respawn but be stuck leaning and with her face looking like she totally high on heroin  :unsure


Don't Slip! -  :bronze
Fall into water 50 times in "Swimming Pool“


This is the easiest of the deaths trophies. The pool level should be obvious as you will be floating on moving blocks in a giant pool. Like all deaths trophies, play on grab banana and not versus and simply hold the joystick left for the 90 seconds of the match to quickly get 25-30 deaths. The trophy should pop on your 2nd game on this map.


Look in the roadmap for a picture of the map.


Watch out for traps !:bronze
Get sucked into tunnel 50 times in "Factory”


 Like all deaths trophies, play on grab banana and not versus. The factory map is very small and has two vacuums located on the left and right of the map. Simply keep getting sucked in from either side until the trophy pops. If you are quick enough, you have enough time to die twice per vacuum activation. It should not take more than two games to get 50 deaths this way. If you are and the very left or right side of the map, the vacuums will somehow not be able to suck you in so make sure you leave a little space between you and the trap.


Look in the roadmap for a picture of the map or here for a video of the deaths in action: https://www.youtube....h?v=hFtcstqdhNU


Watch out for catcus! - :bronze:
Get knocked out by cactus 50 times in “Desert"


Like all deaths trophies, play on grab banana and not versus. This is the hardest of the death trophies but it's quite easy. The desert map has three cactus. If you walk straight into a cacti, it will bounce you back in the opposite direction. Just line up yourself so the cati pushes you off the edge and repeat 50 times. This should not take more than 2-3 games on the map.


Look in the roadmap for a picture of the map.


The Shadow - :bronze:
Use lizards to hook opponents 500 times.


This trophy is ridiculously easy with a turbo controller. Every banana have a lizard hook which is the :circle attack. Simply start a versus game with any character and turbo  :circle  aiming at an opponent to keep using your hook on it. Leave it that way for 25 minutes and the trophy will pop (as there is a 3 seconds recharge time between hooks).


Here's a video in case you need it (but it's totally overkill): https://www.youtube....h?v=TH7zk9bZr_M


Greedy for bananas -  :bronze
Grab more than 50 bananas in a single game of "Grab Banana"


I applaud you if you manage to get every trophies in this game without this one as it's basically unmissable. You will get 50 bananas on pretty much every grab banana games you will play. Simply let your alt idling and get all the bananas that spawns every 10 seconds until the round is over to easily get 60 bananas. A death makes you lose 5 bananas so watch out for that. Also orange bananas are worth 5 bananas and blue ones are worth 1 banana.


I got nothing :bronze
All players grabbed less than 10 bananas in a single game of "Grab Banana"


Start a grab the banana game and simply idle for 90 seconds to quickly get that trophy. You will most likely get it without trying going for the death trophies as each death makes you lose 5 bananas and your alt will be idling and should get more than 1-2 bananas.


Look in the roadmap for a picture of the map.


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Posted 03 March 2018 - 06:43 PM

I got the game on an alt so if anyone wants to play it just PM me. The stack also seems to be CN only so if anyone has access to such an account and CN currency I'd be super interested in stacking this  :yes


I'm also trash at spelling so if you have any idea how to improve this guide or if you spotted typos I'm always ready to listen to constructive feedback.


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Posted 03 March 2018 - 07:01 PM

Great looking guide :)

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Posted 03 March 2018 - 07:07 PM

Thanks RD,


About time I contribute to the site  :thumbsup. It's just tricky to find games that don't already have a guide that I can handle (aka non JP  :ermm ).


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Posted 03 March 2018 - 07:10 PM

Hey any guide is welcome and we love when rare and unique games are posted, so well done

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Posted 03 March 2018 - 08:32 PM

Is this the sequel to Genital Jousting? 



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