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Gang Beasts Quick Guide

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Posted 29 December 2017 - 12:07 AM

Quick guide for controls and how to do each trophy for the Gang Beasts 100%. 
:l1  :r1 : Tap to punch left and right, hold to grab
:cross : Tap to jump, hold to run
:square : In air > tap to kick, hold to dive kick.
         On ground >tap to kick (doesn't really do anything),  hold to ragdoll backwards
:circle : In air > hold to diving headbutt
         On ground > tap to headbutt (useful), hold to ragdoll forward
:triangle: Lift arms. Lifts whatever you're grabbing (unconscious person)
Climbing isn't really explained by the loading screen tip, and it takes some practice to learn. The basic way to do it is hold both  :r1 and  :l1 so that you're grabbing, then hold  :cross to pull yourself upward. While holding  :cross alternate letting go of each hand and you should climb upwards. This can be done on most grabbable surfaces, though do note that not all walls are grabbable, like the back wall on the elevators stage. 
Note that basically all the trophies can be done just playing by yourself in a level, you don't actually need a second player to start them. Set "Wins" to 8 as it still counts wins even if you're the only player in the level. 


If you need visual for some of the trophies you can just search on youtube "Gang Beasts 'trophy name'" to get some videos, as people have uploaded ways to get the trophies to pop. 

Safety Warning
Escape from a grinder hazard on the grind stage
Grinders are the cylinders around the level with the spikes that look like they grind things. You can sort of jump into the grinder, then climb your way out. Might take a try or two, and might also pop if you die in it anyway. You're only actually pulled in if you get caught between two of the cylinders. 
Short Wave
Defeat an enemy wave in the waves game mode
This is done in the "waves" mode, which is you fighting against AI opponents. Start on any map you want, though incinerator is probably one of the easier ones. First wave is just two guys, so punch them to knock them unconscious then pick them up and throw them in the fire to get rid of them. Trophy pops when the round ends, which is when you kill the two AI in whatever fashion on the stage. 
Drop Kick
Concuss an enemy with a diving kick
Big Head
Concuss an enemy with a diving headbutt
Putting these two together as you should do them together on the same stage, as they're both easy that way as well as the only one you need a second controller for. Place your second player in the center of the platform, then come at them from either side and jump from the top of the small stairs and hold either :square: or :circle: in the air to do a diving kick or headbutt at them. If done correctly you should hit them and they'll fall to the ground. When you get pushed in the air by the fans it's also possible to (somehow) hit them and knock them out when you drop to the ground. 
Win a game of soccer without the opposition scoring in the soccer game mode

Self explanatory. Start soccer with a second player, walk the ball into the opposite goal, then let the time run out.

Buoy ‘o buoy
Climb to the highest section of the buoy on the buoy stage

Somewhat finicky, as you can only really grab on to the horizontal rings of the buoy. Use your climbing and then once you get to the top you might have to start tapping :cross to get yourself to jump on top.

Sea Legs
Escape from the water on the buoy stage

Very possible you earned this while trying the last one. In this level if you go in the water you float for a few seconds. Go in the water right beside the buoy then pull yourself out onto the buoy.

Special Delivery
Break the cables supporting a container without falling on the containers stage

This level is two suspended containers beside each other. If you look at the center there will be one corner that is closer to the other container, break the cable beside this one on the same side (headbutt is good for breaking cables). Once you've broke the one jump to the other container and break the second cable while standing on the container you aren't breaking cables on. Once both cables break the whole container should fall. (This trophy can pop even if you fall off).

Self Storage
Get inside a shipping container on the containers stage

Same stage, just get inside one of the containers. You can basically just walk off the side of the container and grab the top ledge, then drop yourself in the side door.

Ground Floor
Break the cables supporting an elevator without falling on the elevators stage

This level you start in the elevators, so you have to wait to get on top. The hatch in the roof will open and you can pull yourself out. If that's not working you can wait for the opposite elevator to be at a lower height and jump out the window to it.

Once on top you can start punching one of the cables. Once it's broke grab on to it with one hand, then punch the other cable until it breaks. You should then be left hanging onto the one cable with the elevator falling. (This trophy can pop even if you fall down).

Hang Tough
Break the cables supporting a gondola without falling on the gondola stage

This is the most annoying of the breaking ones, as you have to actually break every cable and stay alive. First break the two cables on diagonal corners from each other, so the gondala should still be hanging mostly flat. Then start alternating headbutting each of the other two cables until one breaks. You then need to start moving toward the other remaining cable. You can climb the whole gondala to get yourself over there. Once you are at the cable climb up it, and keep going until you're holding the yellow frame on top. Once here you can let go with one hand, then headbutt the remaining cable until it breaks (you can headbutt while hanging). If done right the gondala falls leaving you hanging on the yellow frame.

Bucket List
Pass through the orange chute on the girders stage

There's an orange chute on the right side of the stage, walk into it. EZPZ

Roast Beef
Escape from the incinerator hazard on the incinerator stage

Similar method to the grinder one, jump into the fire but stay close to the wall and grab it before you go all the way in, and then climb back out. If done right it should pop the trophy once you're standing again.

Welcome to Beef City
Customize a character on the character customization screen

On the main menu select "COSTUMES", then select "EDIT". Change whatever you want want then hit "APPLY".

Sit Down
Collide with the seating and the railings on the ring stage

This stage you're in a boxing ring with stadium seats around it. What you do is grab the rope around the outside with both hands, then double tap jump and let go of the grab. If done right it should fling you in the air, where you then steer yourself towards the outside. You don't actually have to go way out, just hitting the railing should pop the trophy.

Step Down
Break the stairs on the towers stage

This is a little finicky because of how the stairs work. What you want to do is run down the stairs to the bottom platform just off the final flight of stairs, then immediatley turn around and run back up. Once you're at the last floor before the actual tower you want to jump onto the tower itself and grab either the top dark grey floor part or the metal part on the wall if the stairs are falling already. Pull yourself up onto the tower and the trophy should pop.

Long Haul
Pass through three road signs on the trucks stage

Next three trophies are all on this level.

You start on top of the trucks. If you wait long enough you see there's signs above the roof of the trucks that you have to avoid. For this one you have to jump through 3 of them in one go when they're empty frames on one side. This is easy enough, just be careful jumping between trucks, and do the jump from towards the front or the middle of the truck so if you clip the frame you should still stay on. If you're going towards a sign with both sides blocked go onto the lower front part of the truck and hold :square or :circle to ragdoll so that you go underneath the signs.

In Transit
Get inside a truck on the trucks stage

Very easy, you can either go off the back and drop into the truck you're on, or jump towards the opposite one and go in the side door.

Keep on Trucking
Climb onto the roof of a truck on the trucks stage

Now that you're inside the truck, you need to get back on top. I found this easiest done by jumping through the side door towards the opposite truck and climbing up that way.

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Posted 30 December 2017 - 09:23 PM

Thank you for the guide


I tried soccer twice by myself with no trophy.  I was able to get it with a 2nd player

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Posted 31 December 2017 - 01:32 AM

I tried soccer twice by myself with no trophy.  I was able to get it with a 2nd player


Sorry, that was just me assuming it would work without a second player as everything else worked solo. Changed it to say start it with a second player. 

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