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International Cricket 2010 Tips

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Posted 26 July 2011 - 11:25 AM

* Orginally posted by RD

Just like Ashes, Bowling for outs is the only hard thing to do in the game, even on easy mode but I have picked up a few tricks to make it easy.

1) Throw a pitch three times and throw the exact opposite on the fourth, it tricks the batter and usually can catch them off guard for an easy wicket.

2) Throw the slow pitch. Not sure why, but I have a good success rate throwing a slow pitch and getting wickets.

3) Use the curving pitchers. Usually they are nasty and you can sneak easy wickets with them

4) In tournaments KNOW YOUR SITUATION. In tournaments you might need to be in the top 2 (in 4 team group play) or top 4 ( in 8 group play). You can throw a game by batting first and giving it away in essence ending the game in 5 minutes. Knowing when to lose shortens this game by hours.

5) The only semi-difficult trophy is the 3 wickets out in a row. I suggest waiting until you get 2 out in a row and then save, then try to get the 3rd out.

* Tips added by Capatin

A couple other tips from my perspective.

- As RD said, the Spinners (Off Spin, Leg Spin, etc.) are the best for getting people out. A lot of times I would use much lower rated bowlers if they were spinners instead of speed bowlers.

- Curving pitches toward the batter worked better for me than curving pitches away from the batters. Also, the Top Spin (typically X) for spinners worked pretty good regularly too.

- For teams, I used India every chance I could. They have a couple of solid spinners and have superb batters. For the Super 20-Overs Tournament, I used the Aces, but I would not recommend them. They have a few spinners, but they are all low-rated.

- For the tournaments, I was able to lose 6 of the 14 games in the 20-Overs Super League Tournament, and still continue on. If the computer didn't pull off a miracle, I would have been able to lose 7. I missed it barely by the rating that they rank teams by, since I had the same record (7-7). In the World 20-Over Tournament, I only lost 1 game in the second round on purpose. I think I could have lost 1 game in the first round too, but I wasn't sure at the time how the tourney worked.


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