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WE ARE DOOMED review by blondlizard

WE ARE DOOMED PS4 Review punkandlizard.com

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Posted 07 May 2015 - 10:05 AM



Dead, defeated, doomed


Upon first glance you may think Vertex Pop’s WE ARE DOOMED is just another retro twin stick shooter. This PSN download title however is different and brings a modern feel to the shoot ‘em up party. Along with intense neon and psychedelic colours that could cause near fits of epilepsy,WE ARE DOOMED may require you to dust off those eclipse sun visors you hid away.

You are the strange shape centre stage that needs to avoid other stranger shapes spurring randomly around you; think Geometry Wars.


You can zoom about anywhere but where to head is determined by the army of enemies taking up the same onscreen space. There’s a lot to avoid in WE ARE DOOMED , all odd looking polygon baddies, brightly coloured and pretty hard to miss. You’ll so enjoy zapping these annoying little buggers as they really test your patience, all while the background to the game goes completely and utterly nuts with colour. These weird and strange life forms spawn quickly and randomly, and to make things worse there’s this indestructible wall of death that keeps making a guest appearance. If that’s not bad enough, then enters a character from hell that enjoys constantly blitzing you with homing missiles. WE ARE DOOMED , yes you are.




As you’ve probably guessed, destroying these baddies is the name of the game. Collecting trinkets that appear will help make lighter work of these nasties. Your chance to escape death is your laser/flamethrower weapon which your blob fires out. It slices through just about everything but unfortunately only has a short firing range. Collecting these trinkets extends your laser’s range as well as increasing your score. Collect enough trinkets and you’ll have a weapon of mass destruction – ah heaven – but beware, these trinkets don’t hang around for long.


Sound fun? In short bursts of play, is it. WE ARE DOOMED is not something you’re going to sink hours into in one sitting. It’s still an addictive shooter though and the urge to set a new wave score and beat your last does taunt you. Action is relentless as wave after wave of super bright screens release more challenging levels but with only one form of weapon things get can get rather stale. The main problem with We Are Doomed is the lack of any sort of different game mode apart from Wave Mode and Endless Mode where a barrage of baddies continually chase you. WE ARE DOOMED  is hard and because of this it keeps its trophies close to its chest.






WE ARE DOOMED is an uncomplicated shooter to say the least, but does execute its mechanics very well and provides a descent shooter experience. The lack of options and extras limit the game’s life but with its impressive title and ridiculously cool look Vertex Pop have delivered a very unique shooter in every way.


Lizard rating 7/10

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