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Switch Galaxy Ultra Review (PS4/PS Vita) by blondlizard

Switch Galaxy Ultra punkandlizard.com review

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Posted 23 December 2014 - 01:55 PM

It’s time to buckle up and strap yourself in as Atomicom bring their world of high speed futuristic racing to PlayStation. If you’re familiar with Playstation Mobile, then you’ll already know Switch Galaxy Ultra‘s younger brother Switch Galaxy, which raised many eyebrows on PSM last year. We first saw Switch Galaxy Ultra strutting its stuff on PS4 back in May at P&L HQ however, as Atomicom kindly let us loose on an early build. Now it’s all change though, as mechanics, look, speed and feel have been boosted up to 1000%. It’s as if the game’s been force fed a lethal cocktail of Relentless and Ketamine. It’s not just going to be the Turkey dinner that is going to churn your stomach this Christmas.




Switch Galaxy Ultra catapults you down a neon tinged track suspended in the farthest reaches of space. The backdrop is moody and epic as stars, moons and asteroid belts fly past at life threatening speeds. The slick track ahead consists of breathtaking drops, dizzy hoops and soaring sky bound runs. Take your beady eye off the intergalactic track ahead for one second and you’re in trouble. Like wise a blink too many and you’re history, as this is the fastest futuristic racer to grace your living room in a long, long time. Honestly, prepare yourself for the ultimate speed challenge, Switch Galaxy Ultra is seriously good. Created by the team that includes veterans from Psygnosis, this might give you an idea of how Switch Galaxy Ultra rolls out.




The premise is simple, reach the end of the track in the quickest time possible. The track consists of multiple lanes which you can quickly flip and change into. The manouevre of changing lines at high speeds is super fast and super slick. Pickups line the cosmic track ahead and gain you even more speed. Yep, this turning and churning racer does warp speed for breakfast. As for the power ups, some are tucked away behind barriers that need lightning reactions to weave in and out of, while others are fairly easy pickings. Your main nemesis in the game by far is the obstacles. These come in the form of coloured gates – slam into the wrong coloured one and you’ll bring your beautifully designed craft to a snail’s pace. Picking up a corresponding power up lets you blast through that coloured gate though, so as you can imagine, this fast and frenetic reaction racer demands crazy fast reflexes.


The beauty of this game is not just the visuals, but the ability to ‘buy’ some of the aforementioned gates. As the insane speeds increase, spending the in game currency lets you pass through a limited amount of gates unhindered. It’s a really clever option and feels like the game is willing you to progress. With other crafts switching lanes randomly it’s hugely advisable that you stock up on this bypass system. The results could be catospheric in this stratosphere. Switch Galaxy Ultra also comes with six crafts that unlock as you move forward and earn more credits. You can also upgrade your craft’s boost, acceleration and dexterity to reach further bone-rattling high speeds.



Switch Galaxy Ultra looks awesome on an intergalactic scale. Even the comic book art style from WipEout’s original concept artist Darren Douglas displays the love and passion that has been launched into this title. Not only that, but there’s also a belting soundtrack that delivers relentless pounding blows to the midriff, so chaining down that floor sub woofer might be a good idea.


There are two game modes: Story and Survival. The main story mode spans across 55 cities which unlock depending on your Tantalum level. You’ll need to return and replay levels to progress and furthermore up your coffee consumption if you want to Gold each track. Survival mode on the other hand is an infinite track that really tests your reactions with top scores displayed on the leaderboards. Both PS Vita and PS4 version run at a super slick 60FPS, with the PS4 version at 1080p. Completed with online multiplayer and the fact that this is cross-buy too, well the team at Atomicom have given us a treat. Modesty in modern day creativity seems to be a dying breed, but Atomicom lead the way. This is no more obvious than Atomicom giving all of the proceeds of their Charity Pack DLC to Caudwell Children, an amazing charity helping disabled children. It makes the fact that Switch Galaxy Ultra is an awe-inspiring spectacle that much sweeter when you understand the good intentions behind the team making it. It’s good to see these guys win.






Slick and flawless, Switch Galaxy Ultra is simplicity and genius rolled into one. Atomicom have dropped a bomb onto the Playstation Store – let the fireworks begin.


Lizard rating: 9/10

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