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Gravity Crash Ultra review by blondlizard

Gravity Crash Ulta PS Vita Review punkandlizard

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Posted 18 August 2014 - 05:29 AM

Navigation plays a big part in Gravity Crash Ultra, a mechanic that has to deliver perfect precise manoeuvrability. Jaggered landscapes, tight twisting tunnels and lava pools makes Just Add Water’s latest release a hairy but ultra smooth ride. Gravity Crash previously released on PlayStation 3 in 2009. Now the twin stick shooter has gone ultra, overboard and comes packed with added excitement and extras onto your favorite handheld.




Gravity Crash Ultra is a battle that sets you up against alien life forms, hazardous terrain and an ever depleting fuel supply. Your brief for each level is varied; these can be from destroying enemy’s fuel cell to putting a halt to expanding alien forces. Scattered throughout each world are coloured gems and artefacts. Also dotted along the landscapes you’ll find the odd crewman calling out to be rescued. How these lost in space cadets got there god only knows, but there’ll be the last of your problems. Saying that, you wouldn’t want these little guys to perish, so it’s just an easy task of lining up your craft on the planet’s surface and letting these little guys hop aboard – easy.




The game can become either a frantic race against time or a Sunday afternoon recky as you don’t actually need to collect, destroy and explore every area in each planet. You only need to meet the required brief which flashes up at the start of each level. Once this is done a wormhole appears, letting you leave the party early and disappear to the next mission.


The game offers a selection of different control options: Classic, Duel stick or Anti-Grav control and 4 different special weapons to tinker with. All work great. The Vita’s twin sticks make performing manoeuvres and picking off targets a breeze. Action never gets too overwhelming but when it does your get out of jail card is your shield, not forgetting a tap on the R1 trigger releases your chosen extra weapon to send the uninvited packing.




While each planet throws at you interesting moving metallic objects to manoeuvre around, cleverly placed lasers, meteor showers, gravity changing mechanisms and even the odd teleport pad, each world does seem pretty similar to the last. There is a repetitiveness to each planet and the deeper you venture, the realisation you’ve been here before becomes apparent. Furthermore, as each level throws a maze like path at you, quite often you will find yourself visiting areas you’ve been to before, which highlights the fact that your abysmal geography skills are still abysmal. The repetitive gameplay that Gravity Crash Ultra dishes out can take the crunch out of the overall experience but don’t get me wrong – it’s still a blast.


Visually Gravity Crash Ultra does look knockout, screen filling particles of exploding structures and strange life forms all look blinding on screen. This really is a game to blackout the lights and whack that soundtrack up.




Each little knock, bump or full on kamikaze smash into the terrian causes damage. Along the way you’ll find crystals that replenish both fuel and damage. The fun/annoying feature here is getting to these lifesavers in time. The game has unlimited restarts so it’s only your score that resets when you hit ‘game over’. Because of this you can rinse through each level without too much of a care. With mission editing, sharing features and running at a smooth 60 frames per second Gravity Crash Ultra really pumps out a cracking pick up and play anywhere shoot’em up.




Gravity Crash Ultra is still hot property, a spectacular visual awesome looking shooter that’s smooth as a peach and definitely has found its home on the handheld. Priced at $8.99/ €6.99/ £5.49 and coming with a 20% PS+ discount for the first 2 weeks of launch, it’s definitely worth donning your space suit and heading out to the store.


Lizard Rating: 8/10

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