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Eiyuu Densetsu: Sen no Kiseki 英雄伝説 閃の軌跡 - Trophy Guide and Roadmap

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Posted 26 June 2014 - 04:22 PM




  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10 (personal vote)
  • Offline trophies: 51 (38 :bronze, 10 :silver, 2 :gold, 1 :plat)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 100+ hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 2
  • Number of missable trophies: 24 [Zero Grade Student] :silver, [Lion Heart Heroes Chapter] :silver, [Quest Master] :silver, [Battle Master] :silver, [Flaming Cook] :silver, [Super Fishing King] :silver, [Character Master] :silver, [Book Mania] :silver, [Treasure Hunter] :silver, [M quartz Collector] :silver, [Supreme Sword] :bronze, [Special Honor Student] :bronze, [Ties with Alisa] :bronze, [Ties with Eliott] :bronze, [Ties with Laura] :bronze, [Ties with Machias] :bronze, [Ties with Emma] :bronze, [Ties with Jusis] :bronze, [Ties with Fie] :bronze, [Ties with Gaius] :bronze, [Ties with Millium] :bronze, [Ties with Crow] :bronze, [Ties with Sarah] :bronze, and [Ties with Towa] :bronze
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?:  Yes, you need to beat the game on Hard and Nightmare mode
  • Do difficulty trophies stack?: Yes

Welcome to the world of The Legend of Heroes. Sen no Kiseki’s gameplay is similar to the previous titles in the Kiseki series, but this instalment introduces a new system called “Tactical Link”. This allows players to deal additional damage to enemies with help from team mates. When you make progress in the story, you have chances to level up your team mates Link Level. The higher the level, the more abilities and support the characters can provide.

The "Master Quartz" system from previous games also returns, but with some slight modifications. There are two type of quartz which can be equipped, which I have labelled as Active and Passive. The Active quartz gives the player the ability to use any magic that relates to the equipped quartz (the player can use Fire magic if equipping the quartz which has that ability for example,) while the Passive quartz boosts characters’ stats if equipped (such as HP, Attack, Defense, etc.).


Step 1 - Play through the game and earn most of the trophies:

Start the game on Normal mode (you can start on Nightmare if you wish, but seeing as the game will require two playthroughs anyway, it's highly recommended to start on Normal and get a feel for the game first.) Play through the story while taking care of the “Note” (Battle, Character, Recipe, Fishing, and Book) and subquest trophies since they are easy to miss.

There is also something important to note below, which will greatly reduce the time needed for the character trophies:


After you complete the story, you should have unlocked the following trophies:

:silver [Zero Grade Student]
:silver [Lion Heart Heroes Chapter]
:silver [Quest Master]
:silver [Battle Master]  *
:silver [Flaming Cook] *
:silver [Super Fishing King] *
:silver [Character Master]  *
:silver [Book Mania]  *
:silver [Treasure Hunter]
:silver [Laurels of Hell] *
:bronze [Laurels of Fortitude]  *
:bronze [Millionaire] *
:bronze [Supreme Jewel]
:bronze [Supreme Sword]
:bronze [Mighty Men of War]
:bronze [Stalwart of Bravely]
:bronze [Winning Veteran]  *
:bronze [Lightning Flashed]
:bronze [Transcendence Mystique]
:bronze [Hundred Flowers Interception]
:bronze [Brilliant Style]
:bronze [8 Headed Destruction]
:bronze [Link Master]
:bronze [Follow-up Master]
:bronze [Rush Master]
:bronze [Burst Master]
:bronze [Special Honor Student]
:bronze [Ties with Alisa]  *
:bronze [Ties with Eliott]  *
:bronze [Ties with Laura]  *
:bronze [Ties with Machias]  *
:bronze [Ties with Emma]  *
:bronze [Ties with Jusis]  *
:bronze [Ties with Fie]  *
:bronze [Ties with Gaius]  *
:bronze :secret [Ties with Millium]  *
:bronze :secret [Ties with Crow]  *
:bronze :secret [Ties with Sarah]  *
:bronze :secret [Ties with Towa]  *
:bronze :secret [School Officer Enrollment]
:bronze :secret [Toruzu Officer Academy]
:bronze :secret [New School Year’s 1st Time Practice]
:bronze :secret [The Beautiful City of Jade]
:bronze :secret [Earth-of Azure Beyond the Railway]
:bronze :secret [The Scarlet Capital -Midsummer-]
:bronze :secret [The Stirring Determination]
:bronze :secret [Silver and Black, The Disturbance in the City of Steel]
:gold :secret [The Officer Academy Festival, and....?]

The trophies marked with an asterisk can be earned in a second playthrough if necessary, so don't worry if you miss some of them on your first attempt.

Make sure that when the Headmaster gives you the choice of M Quartzes, that you choose the opposite one in your second playthrough. The conditions for the M Quartzes are:

+ Fill most of Character notes
+ Fill most of Battle notes
+ Finish most of subquests

Carry Over

Clear # of playthrough:
1 -->  5 pts
2 --> 10 pts
3 --> 15 pts

Carry Over: (recommend for Nightmare playthough)
1. Link LV (Rush/Burst)    - can use Rush and Burst from the beginning --> (0 pt)
2. Current Mira (money)     --> (1 pt)
3. Item - Equipment/M.Quartz/Quartz/Consumable except key/event items --> (1 pt)
4. Notebook Information -  Character/Battle/Recipe/Fishing/Book --> (1 pt)
5. Status - Level of characters and master quartz --> (2 pts)

Reward (Bonus):
1. Stage costume - Receive the stage costume --> (1 pt)
2. Other costume - Receive the other costume --> (1 pt)
3. School Swimsuit - Receive the school swimsuit --> (2 pts)
4. 300,000 Mira or 3000 pieces available seven attributes Sepisu --> (2 pts) (good for Millionaire trophy)
5. Max Bond Pts - Receive the maximum value of bond points on free days --> (4 pts) (good for Ties trophies)

Step 2 - Play through the game again on Nightmare mode:

On this playthough, you should focus on completing the subquests, obtaining the final M Quartz from the Headmaster and earning any other trophies that you may have missed from Step 1. After this step you will earn the trophies marked with asterisks from Step 1 (if you missed them) and the following:

:silver [M Quartz Collector]
:bronze [The Continuing Man of the World]

And finally...


Trophy Guide

1Sfd9b81.pngTHE LEGEND OF HEROES :plat

[I won all the trophies.]

Earned all other trophies to unlock this :plat.

2Sac585d.png甲零級学生 :gold

[Zero Grade Student]
[Reach the 1st class rank.]


Every time you complete a quest (main, sub or hidden,) you will be awarded with AP. You need to reach a total of 430/440 AP in order for the trophy to unlock at the evaluation screen at the end of final dungeon in Epilogue.

3S54231e.png獅子心英雄章 :silver

[Lion Heart Heroes Chapter]
[Receive the award “Lion Heart Heroes” from Headmaster.]


To receive this trophy, you must fill the majority of information in the Character and Battle Notes and finish most of the main and sub quests.

Afterwards, you need to talk with Makarov, Beatrix and Mary in the school building to receive three awards in chapter five. Once you have this, you can receive the Lion Heart Heroes award from the Headmaster's Office in the final chapter.

Lion Heart Heroes awards

Instructor Makarov (マカロフ教官)

Instructor Beatrix (ベアトリクス教官)

Instructor Mary (メアリー教官)

Headmaster Van Dyke (ヴァンダイク学院長)

4S5c35d4.pngクエストマスター :silver

[Quest Master]
[Achieve all of the quests.]


You need to finish all the main, sub and hidden quests in a single playthrough in order to unlock this trophy, as you cannot return to previous areas as the story progresses. You can check the list of quests for every chapter%2

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Posted 14 May 2015 - 09:36 PM

Thanks man this guide will help me finish this game 100 intends to make of Sen no Kiseki 2?


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