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Yakuza: Ishin [龍が如く 維新!] - Trophy Guide & Road Map

Trophy Guide Yakuza Ishin Roadmap

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Posted 11 June 2014 - 05:58 AM




龍が如く 維新! Road Map and Trophy Guide By Oni



  • Systems: PS3, PS4
  • Stacking: none
  • Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 5/10 (Personal Experience)
  • Approximate Time to :plat: 120+ Hours
  • Offline Trophies: 56 (1 :plat , 2 :gold ,6 :silver,47 :bronze)
  • Online Trophies: 0
  • Number of Playthroughs Needed: 2
  • Missable Trophies: 2 (ONLY if you choose to transfer your clear data to NG+)
  • Glitched Trophies: 0
  • Does Difficulty Affect Trophies: No


龍が如く 維新! Otherwise Known as Yakuza: Ishin! Is the newest spin-off game in the Yakuza series. Taking place in Japan during the moments of the Edo Period with supporters to the emperor and supporters of the Shogun clash.
A new edition that has been added to this game is a sub game called "Another Life"
In another life Kiryu (Ryoma) Will have a farm, grow veggies, cook food, sell crops and goods, and so much more.
If your familiar with all the other games in the Yakuza series then the following will not surprise you. As in this will be a long and I mean LONG road ahead of you to take care of everything for the Platinum. Most of your work will be doing all that is required to do in this game has to offer.
The biggest chunk of your time will be wasted trying to get the completion list 100%, and also to complete ANOTHER list called the List of Virtues. Basically a list of things to do like for example Eat somewhere 100 times or get into 500 fights. This list is way longer than you think. For the completion list you will need to do the fun things like.......

  • All Substories
  • All Another Life Activities
  • Beat All Mini Games
  • Eat Everything in Restaurants
  • Do ALL Heat Actions
  • Create ALL Weapons and Armor at the Blacksmith.
  • Master every lesson from all teachers.
  • Finish All Wanted Men Missions
  • Beat all the Battle Dungeon Levels
  • Beat Everyone in the Arena

NOTE: Very Very Important. You are not allowed to carry over the progress you have made on BOTH these lists when you carry over your clear data to a new game. Especially when you are starting your EX-Hard run. Be sure to COMPLETE THESE LISTS before loading clear data or you will miss the following trophies/


  • 夢、叶えし者
  • 精進神


This is the part of the guide where I would tell you that if you do not understand a lick of Japanese then this will bother you a bit. Lucky for you though there is very very handy sites that will help you along the way.


The fine people at KHHsubs has created a very good translated walkthrough guide to answer any questions you may have about the games story to know what each chapter is about and what and where to do and go. Also it will also assist you in helping you complete your lists and find out how to do stuff.




Also if you google translate this page you can also know more than what the other site might not clarify. For example WHAT you need to do for your Completion 100% list.








Step 1 - (Play through the game on any difficulty and work on your lists)


You can start your game on any difficulty it really doesn't matter cause all three difficulties will unlock Ex-Hard for you. Yakuza players may remember good ol Amon and here is no different cause you will fight him in this game also and he may be hard even with a buffed up character. Just set it to the top option for easy and enjoy the ride. This game has over 14 chapters in total. Try to complete all the substories and level up your character as much as possible. Try to find a style of fighting you will enjoy using alot. Fists, Wild Dance, Sword, or Pistols.


Also try to craft the best armor, gun, gauntlet and sword possible before beating the game. It will be a help in EX-Hard and fighting Amon at the end of substories.


Step 2 - (Premium Adventure Mode)


If you managed to reach here after breezing through your stories then make sure you clean up the rest of your substories, completion list, and virtue list here. Note that nothing you do here will carry over to your ex-hard mode playthrough. So if you want to level up Ryoma alot do it in your main game then that carries over to NG+


Step 3 - (Complete Ultimate Battle Mode)


From the main menu take on the Ultimate Battle Mode! You will have a set level and everything so complete all of the challenges that is given to you. Some may take a couple of times to get right. Use all the Knowledge you have gained using all 4 styles of combat that you have learned to make these challenges worth while to you.


Step 4 - (Complete EX-Hard Mode)


This should be the only trophy left that you have to get to get your Platinum. If you created the best gear you have possible in your other run then this will be easy for you.. With a unstoppable gun and tons of meds you can just breeze through the story mode and just totally ignore all substories and what not. Skipping cutscenes and all will take over 6 hours or so.




Trophy Guide


DEA.jpg龍が如く 維新! :plat



[Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin]

[Obtain all Trophies]


Obtain all other Trophies in this game and this Jem is yours.



Secret Trophies


4E9.jpg土佐に見参! :bronze :secret



[Welcome to Tosa!]

[Visit Tosa for the first time]


Story related trophy - Can't be missed. Just after starting the prologue you will obtain this trophy.


65C.jpgストーリークリア・壱 :bronze :secret



[Story Clear 1]

[Clear Chapter 2]


Story related trophy - Can't be missed. Right at the end of chapter 2 this pops


506.jpgストーリークリア・弐 :bronze :secret



[Story Clear 2]

[Clear Chapter 4]


Story related trophy - Can't be missed. Right at the end of chapter 4 this pops.


AFD.jpgストーリークリア・参 :bronze :secret



[Story Clear 3]

[Clear Chapter 6]


Story related trophy - Can't be missed. Right at the end of chapter 6 this pops.


28E.jpgストーリークリア・四 :silver :secret



[Story Clear 4]

[Clear Chapter 8]


Story related trophy - Can't be missed. Right at the end of chapter 8 this pops.


86A.jpgストーリークリア・伍 :bronze :secret



[Story Clear 5]

[Clear Chapter 10]


Story related trophy - Can't be missed. Right at the end of chapter 10 this pops.


D6C.jpgストーリークリア・六 :bronze :secret



[Story Clear 6]

[Clear Chapter 12]


Story related trophy - Can't be missed. Right at the end of chapter 12 this pops.


CD6.jpg感謝-スタッフ一同- :silver :secret



[Thanks from the Staff]

[Complete the game]


This will be awarded just after the credits on whatever difficulty you have picked first.


B81.jpg本編、極めし者 :gold :secret



[Story Master]

[Complete the game on the Hardest Difficulty]


To make your time playing on the Hardest Difficulty a much more enjoyable time I would suggest getting your hands on the Golden Gun that you can buy for 100,000 points in the Gambling Den located in Rakugai. Abusing the save/load while inside the gambling den can help you get them points quickly. (Sorry but no cheat items here folks) When you obtained that gun take it to the Blacksmith and increase its attack and use Synthesis to place the following symbols into your gun (Save before attempting) You will need to make other guns to find symbols to get to Synthesis.




The first symbol will allow your gun to shoot 2 bullets at a time and the other symbol will make your gun shoot rapidly. Your pistol will become a machine gun!


Get the best armor possible and again use the Blacksmith to raise defense and raise its status and place these symbols on it if possible.




The first symbol is sword defense lowers sword damage to you, and the second symbol is gun for gun defense against you. Finally the last one reduces the overall damage you receive.


Your gauntlet should also receive the same work but this time just throw this symbol in it.



It will increase your damage 50%


Your Headgear should be the best around and if you want place this symbols on it




First symbol increases your heat gauge quicker and the other lets your gain experience better.


With all this set you should be able to stampede your way through the story mode.


57D.jpg究極、極めし者 :silver :secret



[Ultimate Master]

[Complete all of the Ultimate Battles]

Just after clearing the game this option unlocks and Just like all the other Yakuza games theres a string of challenges that you must clear to earn this trophy. Some challenges requires you to know much about your styles of fighting and some will take some attempts to clear.


0A3.jpg絶技職人 :bronze :secret



[Special Ability Master]

[Defeat 100 people with special abilities outside Ultimate Battle Mode]


This can be easily obtainable when you learn the Zetsugi move from the Sword teacher Ginryu

Once in battle you can hold down :r2 with a high heat gauge and let go when charged and it will attack a enemy, hold the left stick anywhere and keep bashing the :square button to attack another target (as long as you have the heat). Do this inside the training place with the scarecrows. Since they get defeated quickly keep using it there and bring heat raising meds to farm it out.



Gameplay Trophies


5AF.jpg夢、半ば :bronze



[Half way to achieving a dream]

[Obtain 50% on your completion list]


See the following trophy.....


C6D.jpg夢、叶えし者 :gold




[Dream Granter]

[Obtain 100% on your Completion List]


A staple of all Yakuza games.. The completion list is a long list of mini achieves that you can try to complete for rewards. For each section of the list completed you can visit Bob the clown at the Inn to collect a nice reward from them. The one that might give trouble to some is completing the Blacksmiths list. Which will require you to get all weapons,armor and synthesis all symbols.


I recommend using the recommended sites to help you with this. What I listed above is whats needed.


34F.jpg徳をつんだ男 :bronze



[Man with Dharma]

[Have a cumulative total of 10,000 Dharma points]


See 徳の神


E56.jpgさらに徳をつんだ男 :bronze



[Man with even More Dharma]

[Have a cumulative total of 50,000 Dharma points]


See 徳の神


BD5.jpg本当に徳をつんだ男 :bronze



[Man with really lots of Dharma]

[Have a cumulative total of 100,000 Dharma points]


See 徳の神


EB0.jpg徳の神 :silver



[Dharma God]

[Have a cumulative total of 300,000 Dharma points]


As you are working on your Virtue list you will be rewarded with Dharma points that you can get to spend at the shrine to buy upgrades for your self, your home or even buy items and more.


These points will come naturally to you so theres no real need to grind points out... if you DO need more Dharma points after spending it, try selling things. The more money you get for selling it the more Dharma points you will get. (Plus it will raise your fame a Virtue list requirement) 


735.jpg精進した男 :bronze



[Virtue Man]

[Complete 5 things in the Virtue List]


See 精進神


58F.jpgさらに精進した男 :bronze



[Man with more Virtue]

[Complete 20 things on the Virtue List]


See 精進神


6A4.jpg本当に精進した男 :bronze



[Man with really lots of Virtue]

[Complete 50 things on the Virtue List]


See 精進神


28E.jpg精進神 :silver



[Virtue God]

[Complete everything on the Virtue List]


This trophy is the other half of what will take your time. The Virtue list is a reward system that gives out Dharma points for doing "Deeds" Deeds can be anything from running around the map to eating and eating food, planting veggies and selling things... fishing to battling. This list will take a while to complete, but its not hard. Just a grind.


7D1.jpgはじめてのお友達 :bronze



[My First Friend]

[Make a friend with a person or animal for the first time]


You will get this soon as you start doing Substories for the first time. Friends are everywhere.


6AB.jpg人類皆兄弟 :bronze



[A friend to all]

[Become friends with every person and animal available.]


Again as you are completing Substories you will encounter more friends. Just make sure you fill out the friends gauge with each of them to complete their friendship.


850.jpg巷で噂のお兄さん :bronze



[Mr. Talk of the town]

[Reach the highest fame rank in every area]


As you make friends, shop or eat anywhere and also complete items on the Virtue list your fame will rise in a certain area. The max level of fame in any area is level 10. There is 5 areas in Kyoto to gain fame at. As mentioned before you can raise fame in some areas quickly by selling items at a pawn shop. Especially Platinum Plates. This may be the last things to do on your Virtue list.


612.jpg京の飯屋は俺に聞け :bronze



[Ask me about Restaurants]

[Eat at every single restaurant in Kyoto]


Kyoto is huge, but finding restaurants to eat at is not hard at all since your going to be going for your completion list you will eventually eat everywhere. In case you do need to know where to go then go ahead and check your map and every single orange painted building is a restaurant.

Eat up Ryoma!


504.jpgサブストーリー10 :bronze



[10 Substories]

[Complete 10 Substories]


See サブストーリー制覇!


48E.jpgサブストーリー40 :bronze



[40 Substories]

[Complete 40 Substories].


See サブストーリー制覇!


BAA.jpgサブストーリー制覇! :bronze



[Substory Domination!]

[Complete all Substories]


There is a total of 67 Substories that you can do. All of this is starting from Chapter 2 and onward. The final substory will award you this trophy, but it does not mean your done. You will get a chance to fight Amon (A yakuza series regular) when all substories are complete. Theres no trophy for fighting Amon, but you can fight him only after completing all 67 substories and all 40 battle dungeon missions. When that's complete you can re-do the last battle dungeon mission to encounter him. Then if you beat him you will have to meet him again at a shrine at night.


It's important to beat him cause of his sword that will drop. You will need that for your completion list cause you can forge a better sword from it after killing 100 people with it. Amon is hard and will kick your butt, so come prepared with good gear and lots of meds.


BE4.jpg学べるものは学んどけ :bronze



[Learning what can be learned]

[Complete at least 1 training session with each Master]


In Kyoto there are four masters in each of the four styles of fighting you know.

The Fist, The Sword,The Gun, and Both gun and sword combo. You will encounter these teachers as you explore around. Just take one lesson from them and pop comes your trophy.


F28.jpg成長は数珠繋ぎ :bronze



[Growth to be Strong]

[Acquire 10 abilities by spending your Skill Points on the grid]


You gain sphere points to place on your grid two ways. One by leveling up which will award you a White sphere that you can place in any of your 4 fighting style grids. The other is a level up by using that fighting style in battle which is a colored sphere that can only go to the colored fighting style you leveled up. Place these orbs to gain 10 abilities for your trophy.


E51.jpgお前はまだまだ伸びる :bronze



[Still need work to do]

[Reached level 50]


See next trophy.


A60.jpg己の限界を超えて :silver



[Beyond your Limits]

[Reach Maximum Level]


Ryoma (Kiryu) Can reach a maximum level of 99 in this game and its a grind after level 60 or so. Best way to grind out xp is completing substories and doing the later missions in the Battle Dungeon. The final missions gives out a ton of xp per completion. Although suggested if your going to do that then create the best golden gun suggested before.


CBF.jpg闘技場は俺の庭 :bronze



[The Arena is my home]

[Get 10 wins total at the Arena]


In Mukurogai there is a Area that you can go into and fight for money and materials for the Blacksmith. Just pick the first set of guys to fight and win 10 matches. Recommended that you buff up your character to prevent getting beaten easy.. Use the Armor Breaker gun you receive from Bob the Clown as a dlc gift if you have to. Good gun.


217.jpg我、天啓を得たり :bronze



[I Got a Revelation]

[Learned all of the Revelations]


As you are training with your masters in your various fighting styles, you will receive books that you can learn a very useful Heat Action move from. Only by doing the requirements will you have the " :triangle'' Prompt come up and you will learn your Revelation. Most of the requirements is to use what you learned from them in a random battle. Like using constant block moves or constant counters. Each book is different. Refer to KHH site under abilities for more info.


C10.jpg弘法、筆にこだわる :bronze



[Worker Obsessing over Tools]

[Synthesize 100 pieces of armor/weapons]


This will come naturally as you are trying to complete the "Blacksmith" portion of your Completion list.


E17.jpgダンジョン初心者 :bronze



[Dungeon Beginner]

[Complete 3 Battle Dungeon Missions]


Once Ryoma joins a certain group he will be able to partake into this in Chapter 5. The battle dungeon is a total of 40 missions but you can only do the first few at most. You will be assisted by 3 cards that you can equip your self (Sorta your teammates) to help you with their abilities like Healing or raising attack and defense. Just complete the first 3 easy missions for this trophy.


FB2.jpg野盗の洞窟 :bronze



[Bandits Cave]

[Complete all the missions in the Bandits Cave]


There's a total of 10 missions that can be done here with a boss at the 10th mission. Not as hard but always bring meds with you before doing the last mission.


63E.jpg義賊の廃鉱 :bronze



[Thieves Mine]

[Complete all the missions in the Thieves Mine]


There's a total of 10 missions that can be done here with a boss at the 10th mission. Slightly harder than the Bandits Cave. Enemies here wont be quick to kill and will block attacks. I recommend a gun so you can shoot and stay away with range and dodge.


0D4.jpg豊臣家残党 :bronze



[Remnants of House Toyotomi]

[Complete all the missions in the Remnants of House Toyotomi]


There's a total of 20 missions that can be done here with a final boss on the 20th mission. These missions are hard and GREAT gear and support cards are needed here. Ninjas and more can kill you quickly.. Near the final missions you can fight 3, 4, or even 5 bosses in a row!!!!


The Golden Gun I suggested in the Ex-Hard trophy is a great weapon to have. Meds are a must and every inventory slot should have one. Distance will save you cause sword fighting at this point is not worth it.. Dodge and shoot!


084.jpg少年よ、隊士を抱け :bronze



[Join the Regiment!]

[Enlist 100 total men to your crew]


Just after the introduction of the Battle Dungeon in Chapter 5 of the story they will introduce a different kind of random encounters in the streets of Kyoto. These men who fight you will be wearing colored masks. Once you beat them in a random battle they will ask if they can join your unit. Just say yes to them and gather 100 guys.


355.jpg天狗狩り :bronze



[Tengu Hunting]

[Complete the 2nd mission in Wanted Man]


As your doing your completion list you will have to have to do a series of missions in Mukurogai that involves you being a vigilante bringing in criminals. Just complete the second mission and this trophy is yours.


869.jpg農家見習い :bronze



[Farming Apprentice]

[Grow 10 kinds of vegetables]


In Chapter 4 you will open up a new game mode called "Another Life" Once you visit your supposed home you can start growing vegetables. Just plant any kind of vegetable and hopefully you can pluck 10 from the ground.


0E3.jpg日替わり献立 :bronze



[Daily Menu]

[Cook 7 meals]


Only possible in "Another Life" after growing a good bunch of veggies you can start to create meals with them. Just go inside your house and cook the first item at your stove 7 times and out pops your trophy.


8AC.jpgぼろ儲け入門 :bronze



[How to make easy money]

[Make 10 sales from customer orders]


Also only possible in "Another Life" Inside your home in the back corner in the cupboard there you will see a list. This list will show a bunch of customers and what items they want. The top row is mostly vegetables, the middle things are fish orders and the bottom stuff is usually food or items. Just grow a bunch of vegetables and sell them off to customers. Buy Manure to speed up growing.


Also buying upgrades to your another life home from the shinto priest will help you too.


E78.jpg駆け出し釣り人 :bronze



[Fledgling angler]
[Catch any 10 fish]


Near the Inn that you will be staying at most of the game is a small river that you can fish from. Good thing is that you don't need any bait to fish. Just catch any ten fish for a quick bronze.


5B2.jpg穏やかな我が家 :bronze



[My Peaceful Home]

[View One Calming Event in Another Life]


As you get along with Haruka in Another Life by cooking for her and sending her off to sell things to customers her gauge goes up. Once it goes up a level go back to your house and exit the house and head back to the other part of the game to view the scene.


986.jpg借金返済! :bronze



[Debt Repayment!]

[Fully pay back Haruka's Debt]


In Chapter 4 you will encounter a shinto priest with a girl along the way. This event will teach you about and also teach you about "Another Life" mode. Turns out this girl name is Haruka and she has a debt of 100 Ryo... yes 100 Ryo. thats about 100,000 monies. Anyway as you grow veggies and sell off things for profit a mailman will reach your house and give you a letter. This letter will tell you to make a payment of 20 ryo in the shinto priest location in Fushimi. After 4 more letters arrive you will fully repay her debt.


43A.jpg俺色に染まれ :bronze



[Make it my Color]

[Change the Wallpaper at your Home in Another Life]


This can only be done after buying your home upgrades from the shinto priest in fushimi for space upgrade. When that is done return home and visit the small drawer that is next to the cupboard in the back where the customer list is. Click on the small drawer and select the second option to change wallpapers. Pick anyone and the trophy is yours.


A75.jpg遊びを知りつくした男 :bronze



[The man who played everything]

[Play every minigame and playspot]


Theres a handful mini games out there. The following must be done for the trophy.

Woodcutting, Udon Seller, Fishing, Karaoke bar, Mahjong, Japanese Fan Dancing, Shogi, Every game in the Gambling den, and Chicken Racing.


B6A.jpg俺は博打うち :bronze



[Pro Gambler]

[Play every game in the Gambling Den]


The following must be played once for this trophy. Poker, Cee-lo, Koi-Koi, Ochio-Kabu,Odds and Evens. They are all in that building.


EB8.jpg働いて気づくお金の尊さ :bronze



[Money through hard work]

[Earn 10 Ryo by selling Udon]


One of the mini games requires you to sell Udon to customers in Fushimi. After obtaining friendship with the udon seller there will be a event where he isnt doing well and if Ryoma can take over and sell some udon. After the game you can restart this game at any time by selecting the second option with the Udon seller. Earning 10 Ryo can take a bit unless your really good at memory games.


C2C.jpg歌える男 :bronze



[I can Sing]

[Sing all the songs at the Karaoke bar]


Located in Fushimi near the double doors leading away from the town is a Karaoke bar. Theres a total of 4 songs that you can sing that is not hard at all to sing.


E80.jpg踊れる男 :bronze



[I can dance]

[Dance all of the songs at the Japanese Dance hall]


Along with Karaoke there is a place in Rakunai that is a Japanese dance hall. There's three songs in total to complete. Playing this game is like any rhythm game. Play the songs on easy so you can just use the d-pad to play.


102.jpg鶏に金と夢をのせて :bronze



[Putting my dreams on Chicken]

[Gamble on 5 chicken races]


In rakugai there is a area where they hold chicken races. Once inside you must buy chips to bet on the chickens with. Doing so will take you inside to the chicken races. The first option will allow you to go ahead and bet on a chicken. The first option again will let you bet on ONE chicken to win. Just play 5 times and trophy is for you.


FE9.jpg天に昇る龍が如く :bronze



[Ascend to the Heavens]

[Clear all 3 Courtesan mini games for the first time]


When you reach Gion later in the game there is a location where you can spend some time with a Courtesan. The First time you meet her you will get to experience all 3 of her mini games all at the same time.


The First game is a drinking game where you must balance a on going meter from either getting full or letting get to low.


The Second game is a rock, scissors and paper game. Simple enough cause this will be on easy mode. Just select your choice just before the timer runs out.


The last game is a meditation type of game where you turn yourself into a shooter. You shoot away words while trying to shoot at the floating heart up above. If any of the words hit you then the game is over, but again its on easy mode so it wont be hard to clear.

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