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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Review

Review Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

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Posted 09 February 2014 - 08:03 AM

Story:  You play as two brothers on a quest to save their father from some illness.  I can't tell you what illness the father has...as I didn't understand the speech of the characters.  You control the brothers across the land to reach this tree...and recover some healing waters.  Along the way...you have to solve certain puzzles to reach your destination.


Gameplay:  Third person style puzzle solving gameplay....and a little platforming thrown into the mix.  Most, if not all, of the puzzles were ones I had seen before in games like Tomb Raider, Uncharted, and Darksiders.  The goat riding platforming portion of the game was actually quite entertaining.  The only portion of the game resembling combat was the wolf sequence...and that part you just waved the torch at them and they scattered.

You control both brothers at the same time with the thumb sticks.  Big brother is controlled by the left thumb stick, and little brother by the right thumb stick.  To make them hang onto ledges, and hand cranks...you have to hold the L2 and R2 respectively.  Depending on which brother you are trying to control.  The L2 and R2 are basically the "action" buttons of the brothers.  It did get a little confusing at times...but I managed to muddle through it. 


Graphics/Sound:  Graphics were well done considering this game was done by 505 games.  Shadows were consistant with lighting, and the textures looked good.  I couldn't see any fault with the graphics at all....and with this new tv, I could see quite a lot.  Sure wish I had this tv when I played Risen 2.  Graphics looked clean and crisp.

Sound was well done.  Everything meshed really well.  The Ice scraping against the boat sounded exactly like I thought it would.  The whale sounds...as far as I can tell....sounded exactly like whales.


Overview:  I have to say...I was pleasantly surprised by this game.  I don't normally get emotionally involved with games....I guess I get used to dying all the time in games like Dead Space, deaths don't affect me much anymore....except for this one.  This game hits pretty hard in some spots.  Only a few areas gave me some trouble...the killer tree roots for instance had me stumped for a minute or two.  Thought about making a trophy guide...but I can't really decide if it needs one.


So to rate it.


Story:  I give it a 7 story wise.  I did enjoy the story...at least what I could figure out about it.  Since I didn't understand most of what they said.


Gameplay:  I give it a 6.  There wasn't anything I couldn't figure out...and it was a nice challenge trying to work both brothers at the same time.  Also...if your hanging from a ledge and you release L2 or R2...you will fall and have to start from your last little checkpoint.  Most of the little checkpoints are right where you were when you fell...so you don't go back very far, if at all.


Graphics and Sound:  I have to give it a 7.  Graphics were nice to look at and the sound synced well.


Overall...I think I have to give this one a 7.  Nice easy game to play and nice quick trophies to pick up.  I think it took me about 3-4 hours beginning to end...even with the more then one "deaths".  As I am writing this...the game is still free for plus members....free 4 hour game with 12 easy trophies.  Must "buy" in my little opinion.






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