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Sideway NY ~ Trophy Guide & Roadmap

Trophy Guide Sideway NY

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Posted 03 July 2013 - 01:20 PM



Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 4.2/10
Approximate Time To 100%: 5-10 hours
Trophy Breakdown (Offline): 10 Total (7 :bronze, 1 :silver, 2 :gold)
Number of Playthroughs Needed: 1.2+ (you will use level select to collect any you missed)
Missable Trophies: None, you can use level select.
Glitched Trophies: None
Are There Any Unobtainable Trophies?: None
Does Difficulty Affect Trophies?: No difficulty settings
Do Cheat Codes Disable Trophies?: No
Are Peripherals Required?: You need 2 controllers for the co-op trophy "Graffiti Partner".
Online-Pass Required?: No


This is a really interesting platformer. You play as a graffiti artist, platforming the walls of New York, that has the graffiti come to life! The enemy is also a graffiti artist that sprays monsters, that you must kill (or avoid); and you will use your graffiti to create platforms or other tricks (you will unlock tricks as you play). The coolest part is that the walls will rotate to your perspective (can be adjusted in many locations), and you need to platform from the proper perspective to progress in the level and/or collect a tag/power/etc.

If you like platformers, get this game!


Step 1: Complete the game

Play thru the game, focusing on completing the level. Don't worry so much about collecting items, however grab them if you can. Many items can't be collected on the first run, as it requires a power-up you will receive on another level. During this step, you will unlock Gone Sideway, It's kind of a..., Plinked Slip, Bombed & Bumped, and Freedom.

Step 2: Collectibles

You will now revisit each non-boss level you missed an item on. First collect all the powers/upgrades for Completionist. Then collect all the secret tags, to unlock Tag Collector.

Step 3: Clean Up

Now redo a level, meeting these specific requirements, if you haven't unlocked the trophy yet:

  • Complete a level with 2 local players, I suggest the first boss, for Graffiti Partner.
  • Complete a level without dying, I suggest the first level, for Unkillable.
  • Complete a level without killing anyone, can be either Jamaica level, for Pacifist.


Story Related

01b.pngGone Sideway :bronze
Complete the first mission

Story related. Simply complete the first level (Alleys 1) and this will unlock.

02b.pngIt's kind of a... :bronze
Defeat Big Deal

Story related. After completing the first four levels, you will encounter the first boss. Defeat the boss, and this trophy will unlock.

03b.pngPlinked Slink :bronze
Defeat Slink

Story related. After completing another four levels, you will encounter this boss. Defeat the boss, and this trophy will unlock.

04b.pngBombed & Bumped :bronze
Defeat Bomber & Lump

Story related. After completing another two levels, you will encounter this boss. Defeat the boss, and this trophy will unlock.

05g.pngFreedom :gold
Complete the game

Story related. After the Lump boss, you will have one more level (Times Square), followed by two boss fights. Defeat the final boss, and this trophy will unlock.

If you are having a very difficult time with these boss fights, you can always spend some time getting upgrades first. When you collect all the upgrades, you will have seven bars for both health and paint.


06s.pngCompletionist :silver
Unlock all the paint powers and upgrades

See Tag Collector for general information.

There is no proper list/videos for the powers/upgrades. I am not about to replay the entire game to make a list, but if you are reading this before you play, PLEASE make a list (written or video) and let me know; you will get credit for it of course.

The hardest one to locate is on Chinatown 2, and here is a tip from Ge0force: It is under a movable box near a thorn. There is also a one many people miss towards the beginning of South 2.

07g.pngTag Collector :gold
Collect all the Tags in the game

Each non-boss level has 5 Secret Tags and up to 3 Unlocks (Powers and Upgrades). You can see how many you collected for each on the level select map; just move over that level and wait a moment for the status window to show. While playing any level, you can also hit :select to see how many you have/need. You can quit after you get them, or restart the level freely, as it saves either way (despite the game stating all progress will be lost).

You can keep replaying each level till you collected all the booty. Some of these will not be possible to reach till you have a certain power, which may be on another level. It is strongly advised to collect all the upgrades first, then go for the secret tags. Many levels have a cloud-? Graffiti that triggers a clock and a bunch of score tags - collecting all these score tags before the clock timer ends will allow you to snatch a secret tag (if you haven't collected it yet). Once you collect a secret tag or power up, it will no longer appear on the level.

Each level also has hundreds of score tags, which you (thankfully) will NOT need for this trophy! Just collect the 55 secret tags (5 secret tags on each of the 11 non-boss levels), and this trophy will unlock.

Thanks to FrankNStein for these great videos:

Combat Specific

08b.pngGraffiti Partner :bronze
Complete a level in co-op

You will need a second controller, as this game is offline only. I used a move motion controller, which worked fine. The move navigation controller will not work, as you need a :start button on the 2nd controller. Just hit :start on the second controller, complete the level (I did the first boss, without touching the second controller) and it will pop a moment later.

09b.pngUnkillable :bronze
Complete a non-boss level without dying

I found the first stage (Alleys 1) to be easiest. If you die, just hit :start and restart the level. You can't click restart from checkpoint while going for this, as that will count as a death...

010b.pngPacifist :bronze
Complete level without killing anyone

This is a pain to do. I strongly suggest you do this after you have all the powers unlocked, or at least the Glide skill. Whenever you are falling in an area, glide down by holding :cross, making sure you don't land on an enemies head.

If you kill anyone, just hit :start and restart the level. If the stage automatically kills anyone (such as the monster that falls on spikes in Alley 1), or requires you kill anyone to progress (such as in Alley 2), then you won't earn the trophy :(. I did this on the third stage (Jamaica 1).

I found Jamaica 2 is a much easier level for Pacifist. The only tricky section is the introduction of the laser lock-on guy. But you can jump over him if you time it right. And if you die at that part, the checkpoint is right there (dying doesn't affect the trophy).

Closing Notes

Thanks to FrankNStein for all the solid videos!

Trophy Guide and Roadmap are now complete! Open to suggestions, feedback, comments, etc. Thank you for reading and I hope you have fun getting your 100%

This trophy guide and roadmap remains the property of the author. Ps3imports.org is licensed to display this once here in the forum and one copy on the "front end" of the site under the guide tab. This license does not allow any additional copies to be posted on this site, nor in any other form (physical, electronic, or other). This may not be duplicated in any fashion without the expressed permission of the author.

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