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Magic Orbz DLC: Winter & Jungle Trophy Guide

Trophy Guide Magic Orbz Magic Ballz

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Posted 03 July 2013 - 12:36 PM


Overview (for all DLC)
Estimated trophy difficulty: 5.0/10 (A bit harder than the base game, which is rated 4/10)
Winter Offline: 4 (3 :silver, 1 :bronze)
Jungle Offline: 4 (3 :silver, 1 :bronze)
Online: 0
Approximate time: 2-3 hours each (depends on your skill and luck of which random power-ups drop)
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
Missable trophies: None. (You can use chapter select.)
Glitched: None
Cheats: No cheats

Roadmap (for all DLC)
First off, yes, you need to own the base game in order to play the DLC. This roadmap will just get right down to the additional DLC's.

There are a whopping four trophies in each DLC. I suggest just trying to complete all the levels, going for the completion trophies. Then when you are done, start a new game on the other levels that have specific trophies. If you luck out and randomly unlock the level-specific trophies along the way, even better of course.

There you have it, the most comprehensive roadmap ever ~ now even including a third paragraph! :rolleyes

Trophy Guides


18.jpg[Winter] Let it snow! :bronze
Complete the "Winter" episode

As with all episodes so far, there are 24 levels you need to complete. After completing the final level, this unlocks. You can do this in multiple sessions, just select the highest level you have unlocked.

19.jpg[Winter] Penguins in Danger! :silver
Help the valiant penguins fight the nasty bears!

On [Winter] level 15, kill the terrifying bears before destroying any penguins. Use power-ups like torpedoes, cannons and guns to your advantage by aiming for those vicious polar bears ~ and don't look into their eyes, trust me. This is the easiest of this DLC. If a penguin dies, hit :start "Restart level" to try again.

20.jpg[Winter] Call for Help! :silver
Call for help by launching the fireworks! Don't let the witch notice you! Avoid hitting this elderly lady.

On [Winter] level 17, you will notice a witch who decided to be wicked and sneak into the wrong DLC. Break all the fireworks boxes to launch them before you hit the *itch. There are fireworks boxes above her as well, and you need to bust those before hitting her. This trophy will unlock as soon as you set off the fireworks, so don't hit on her until after the trophy unlocks. If you knock her up first, hit :start "Restart level" to try again.

21.jpg[Winter] I fly only first class :silver
And finally, send that old man in a red cap off on a big air trip

On [Winter] level 24, Santa is standing on top of a ton of boxes and his hat is touching the top of the screen. You need to knock him off the top box with the wind power-up. If Santa falls off with anything but wind, this will not unlock.

  • If the stack of boxes Santa is on gets hit and goes down a box, this will not unlock.
  • Avoid the earthquake/hammer power-up at all costs, as this will instantly destroy your chance at this trophy.
  • Also avoid iron ball power-up, or be carefull to aim away from Santa's boxes...
  • If Santa's hat is not touching the top of the screen, you need to hit :start "Restart level" to try again.
  • If you see a little wind/tornado powerup, grab it and wait for the trophy to unlock!
  • The power-ups are random, so you may luck out and get the wind power-up, otherwise just keep re-starting.


22.jpg[Jungle] Conquistador :bronze
Conquer the new continent's land.

As with all episodes so far, there are 24 levels you need to complete. After completing the final level, this unlocks. You can do this in multiple sessions, just select the highest level you have unlocked.

23.jpg[Jungle] Keen cannoneer :silver
The villagers have been attacked by tigers. Help them by shooting the tigers from the cannons without hitting any other objects (except for the fireworks).

On [Jungle] level 9, you have to hit the Right Cannon, then the Left Cannon, then the Right Cannon again and wait for the chain effects to all finish. You can hit other objects, as long as you don't destroy them.

  • To make it really easy, start a new game on [Jungle] Level 9
  • You dont want anything to move or break, don't catch any power-ups other than, say, magnet or heart/life.
  • Aim for the right cannon and don't catch the ball.
  • Wait for the chain effect to finish, then aim the next ball at the left cannon, again don't catch the ball.
  • Wait for the chain effect to finish again, then aim the next ball at the right cannon. Keep the ball in play this time while the chain effect plays out, being sure not to hit anything enough times to break (other than fireworks).

(Credit to Tparsons5150 for the solution of which cannons to hit in what order)

24.jpg[Jungle] Enchanted water :silver
Three enchanted waterfalls maintain the shaman's force. Destroy them to defeat the shaman.

On [Jungle] level 17 there are three waterfalls (when hit they will turn your ball into the crazy ball for a few seconds). After you hit a waterfall several times, it will eventually be destroyed. It is a pain, but keep at it. When you get shoot-able power-ups, try to clear a path for the ball to the upper left waterfall. When you break all the waterfalls, this trophy will pop. (NOTE: I had actually killed the shaman before the third waterfall, but the voodoo guy on the upper right was still alive and it still popped. Not sure why it unlocked this time, as my first time completing the level it didn't unlock, and I do not recall if I got the "Level Clear" power-up before destroying all of them.)

25.jpg[Jungle] The enemy is defeated :silver
Now the shaman is defenseless, but he's not that easy to beat! The thunderstorm will help you.

  • On [Jungle] level 24, you need to destroy the shaman.
  • SOME have said they get the trophy after killing the shaman with regular/iron/big balls, and it flat out does NOT work for others.
  • SOME have even gotten extremely lucky with two lightnings, and had the whole tribe+shaman get zapped with a thunderstorm :eek:
  • SOME have gotten the trophy without wiping out the tribe first.
  • What DOES work for everyone is wiping out the tribe, then using lightning to zap the shaman.
  • It does NOT matter if the waterfalls are destroyed or not, as this popped with one left for me
  • If the shaman dies and the trophy doesn't pop after a few seconds, hit :start: "Restart level" to try again.

(credit to rockordie56 for saying it is level 24)
(credit to claytonhorning for saying he got it without using lightning)
(credit to C-Train for saying that it is after the tribe that matters)

Closing Notes
Trophy Guide and Road Map are complete! Open to suggestions, feedback, comments, etc. Thank you for reading and I hope you have fun getting your 100%

These road maps and/or trophy guides remains the property of the author. Ps3imports.org is licensed to display this once here in the forum and one copy on the "front end" of the site under the guide tab. This license does not allow any additional copies to be posted on this site, nor in any other physical form, electronic media, or any other form. This may not be duplicated in any fashion without the expressed permission of the author.

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