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Karaoke Revolution ~ Trophy Guide & Roadmap

Trophy Guide Karaoke Karaoke Revolution

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Posted 03 July 2013 - 12:29 PM



Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 8.5/10
Approximate Time To 100%: 30 hours if you are a Karaoke Veteran (can be a LOT more depending on skill)
Trophy Breakdown: 51 Total (38 :bronze, 10 :silver, 2 :gold, 1 :plat)

  • Offline: 47 (35 :bronze, 10 :silver, 2 :gold)
  • Online: 3 (3 :bronze)

Number of Playthroughs Needed: 1 (every gig is re-playable till you pass)
Missable Trophies: Maybe "Face the Music" (based on description, see that trophy for info)
Glitched Trophies: None.
Are There Any Unobtainable Trophies?: None.
Does Difficulty Affect Trophies?: "Lightning", "Face the Music" and "Hard Carbon" need be done on Expert.
Do Cheat Codes Disable Trophies?: No
Are Peripherals Required?: No
Online-Pass :psn: Required?: No


The game now includes music videos, supports two microphones (including SingStar mics), and has more character/venue customizations than previous releases. If you are looking for a quick platinum, this isn't the game for you; but then again neither does any other Karaoke title at this moment fit that category. If you enjoy Karaoke, this game is very good.

The N. America disc has 50 tracks included and you can go to a store in game and buy a few additional tracks ($1.99/ea) as well as tracks from American Idol 1 ($1.49/ea) and American Idol Encore 2 ($1.49/ea). Note that the AI tracks are cheaper and also COVER versions. Rumor has it that they decided to stop adding additional DLC tracks. In EU, the disc is now available with 75 tracks included and some in the store as well. Be aware that many of the DLC Tracks are covers (from American Idol).

NOTE: NO DLC Tracks are needed for the :plat, however maybe you will find a track that suits you better for "Hard Carbon".


  • This section lists various tips to be a good Karaoke singer in general, which is what you will need to become in order to get the :silver Hard Carbon and :plat trophy. Also some game specific tips of course.
  • Don't be bash-full, have fun. If someone is judging, it is their problem.
  • Try to sing while standing, with your feet shoulder distance (as if you have a mic stand).
  • You will score better sober, although it might not be as much fun.
  • Learning to inhale to the pit of your stomach (your naval area) will greatly increase your vocal depth. Most good singers, sing from the pit of their stomach.
  • Learn how to breath in the little gaps of the song. Breath and stay clam, always.
  • You will sing better on an empty stomach.
  • Drink lots of water and/or tea to keep your throat from drying out.
  • STOP SINGING if your voice begins to crack. There are nasty rumors that you can permanently damage your vocals if you persist. When your throat recovers, feel free to jump back in. Listen to your body, it is wise beyond words.
  • The game only senses your pitch, so you can hum the song (with enough vocal strength) and you will match the lyrics if you match the pitch. This will be the deciding factor in whether you make it thru career mode, and the hardest trophy "Hard Carbon"
  • In middle of 3/5 song set lists, the wireless controller will disconnect (often mid song), and the game will ask you to reconnect the controller and then hit start. You can change the PS3 controller settings in your XMB, under "Settings", "Power Save Settings", where the current options are limited to either a) turn off the controller after ten minutes or b) stay on until the battery dies...
  • For all trophies in this game, except "Face the Music", "Lightning" and "Hard Carbon" you can obtain the trophies on any difficulty, including easy. On Easy, even if your pitch is quite off, the game will pretend you matched up to the song. Each higher difficulty will require you to match the song's pitch closer. On Expert difficulty, you will have to be dead-on (not as dead-on as SingStar thou).
  • You will notice your pitch is often way off after a long lyric gap. To acclimate quicker/better, you can start humming/talking/singing before the actual lyrics to ease back in to the song.
  • The "Mystery" gigs are actually Random songs, and each time you visit that gig you will get another random song, so if you got a song you don't like, just do the gig again!
  • As a last resort, you can go to sound setting, turn off all sounds except for the artist singing at max vol. Now turn up your speakers/headset volume so it is high enough pitch and put your mic right at the sound source. There is a split second delay, but you should get over 60% on most songs in Easy difficulty.


Step one: Customize

Make a new character and venue from scratch. Then use the new character in the new venue to unlock "A New Voice" and "Stage Designer".

Step two: Online

Invite a friend to a tournament match for "World, Shut Your Mouth". Have a friend invite you to play a head-to-head match in their custom arena for "Mic's at fifteen paces". Now follow the instruction for the "Musical Espionage" trophy (in the post below). Now return the favor by inviting your partner to a head-to-head match at your custom venue. If you only have one mic, you must also get "Didn't They Duet Well?" online.

Step three: Local Multi-player

From the Main Menu select "Sing", "Party Mode", create a new party with 4 players (or more), in "team" choose "Everyone Together", I also chose a 3 round match. After you SKIP the performances (one at a time), you will unlock "Host with the most", "Co-operative Commune" and "Nothing but a good time" without singing a single note.
If you haven't gotten "Challengers", sing the rest of the ten total head-to-head matches needed (both local MP and on-line matches add together)

Step four: Career Mode

I strongly suggest you run thru career mode in disc order. You will need to get decent during this run, which will have you sing some songs you don't like and perhaps even obtain 60% in it. If you get a bum song on a Mystery gig, just redo the gig for another random song. When you get to disc three, try doing some that are NOT ! Harsh in expert mode to see how you do. Each jump in difficulty is a shock, no doubt, but keep at it and you will feel OK in the new setting before you know it. When you are good, do the three that require expert difficulty: "Face the Music", "Hard Carbon" and "Lightning" trophies. Once you are done with those three, you can do the rest of the game in easy.

Step five: Cleanup

When you are done with career mode, chances are you sang most songs (whether you wanted to or not). To get the final tracks out of the way: From the main menu, select "Sing", "Custom Play", setup a 5 song medley with the tracks you don't care for (or if you can't sing en espanol, like me) with the Arena set to a custom venue with space cruiser in it to earn you the set pieces for that trophy at the same time (and you are also working your medley and performance counter).

To wrap up 90 platinums and 200 sensationals, sing your best song in short in easy difficulty and they will rack up fast!

To finish up the 300 performances, from the Main Menu select "Sing", "Party Mode", create a new party with only two players (smallest allowed), with teams set to "Everyone vs". Now start the party, hit :cross till you can hit :square Skip Performance. If you have a ten round party of skipped performances, your performance counter just increased by ten...

Trophy Guide

01.pngPlatinum :plat
Collect all the games Trophies

For all trophies in the game, except "Lightning", "Face the Music" and "Hard Carbon" you can obtain the trophy on Easy difficulty. NO DLC required.


024b.pngA New Voice :bronze
Perform as a new character created from scratch

  • From the main menu, select "Create", then "Edit Character", and "Create New Singer".
  • Customize if you'd like, then back out using :circle and be sure to select "Save&Exit".
  • From the main menu, select "Sing", "Custom Play" and sing any song with the new character.

026b.pngStage Designer :bronze
Perform in a venue created from scratch

  • From the main menu, select "Venue", then "Edit Venue", and "Create New Venue".
  • Customize if you'd like, then back out using :circle and be sure to select "Save&Exit".
  • From the main menu, select "Sing", "Custom Play" and sing any song in the new venue.

027b.pngBRAINS! :bronze
Create and sing in a venue with a Zombie center piece and backdrop

See Area 51.

017b.pngArea 51 :bronze
Unlock the Area 51 Venue Items and Perform in front of them

  • Once you complete 40 gigs in career mode, you will earn the zombie items.
  • Once you complete 55 gigs in career mode, you will earn the Area 51 items.
  • From the main menu, select "Venue", then "Edit Venue", choose new or edit.
  • In "Stage Props", choose "Backdrop" and pick the zombie/area51 item.
  • In "Stage Props", choose "Stage Center" and pick the zombie/area51 item.
  • Now sing a song in each custom venue.

Note: You also may unlock these while doing career mode, which uses random set pieces, even unlocked ones! I personally got the Area 51 trophy BEFORE unlocking the venue items (I had 53 gig wins).

049b.pngGround Control :bronze
Perform Space Oddity in Space

  • Once you complete 20 gigs in career mode, you will earn the Stage Prop "Space Cruiser Arena".
  • Create a New Venue with ONLY the Space Cruiser Arena (set all other “Stage Props” to “None”)
  • Sing songs in that Space venue to unlock more Space stage pieces. The Game will NOT tell you these Space stage pieces have unlocked, you need to look at your venue edit options manually after a few songs in this venue and see if you have them all yet.
  • Edit your Space venue to have only set pieces that begin with the word “Space”. You will need a Space piece for all these prop options: Arena, Backdrop, Stage Arch, Stage Floor, Band Podiums, Stage Left and Stage Right (you will NOT get a Space prop for Stage Center).
  • Go to Custom Play and sing Space Oddity (by David Bowie) in the Space venue you just created.

Note: If your boosting partner for "Musical Espionage" uses his custom venue of the complete Space set, you will NOT see the set properly on your end. So, you need to do this properly.


035b.pngMic's at fifteen paces :bronze
Play a Head-to-Head match on-line

Just play any on-line Head-to-Head match, you can even lose and get this.

037b.pngWorld, Shut Your Mouth :bronze
Play a Tournament Online

Simply play a tournament match on-line, you can even lose and get this.

036b.pngMusical Espionage :bronze
Perform in a venue created by another On-Line player – check your Venue Presets!

First you need to play a head-to-head match on-line with a host who has their custom venue selected. Right after this match, from the main menu select "Venue", then "Edit Venue", "New Venue", go to “Presets” and pick “Head to Head”, then save&exit the venue. Sing any song on this new venue to unlock the trophy.

Local Multi-player

012b.pngHost with the most :bronze
Sing your first song in Party Mode

See Nothing but a good time.

013b.pngCo-operative Commune :bronze
Complete a Party list with all players on a single team

See Nothing but a good time.

014b.pngNothing but a good time :bronze
Complete a Party list with 4+ players

From the Main Menu select "Sing", "Party Mode", create a new party with 4 players (or more), in "team" choose "Everyone Together", I also chose a 3 round match. After you SKIP the performances (one at a time), you will unlock "Host with the most", "Co-operative Commune" and "Nothing but a good time" without singing a single note.

029b.pngChallengers :bronze
Play ten Head-to-Head rounds

The game counts both offline and on-line rounds for this trophy. If you only have one mic, you will need to do it on-line. If you have two Mic's, you can do it offline. From the Main Menu select "Sing", "Duets", "Head To Head" for offline play.

028b.pngDidn't They Duet Well? :bronze
Get a Sensational score rating on a Duet

The game counts both offline and on-line duets for this trophy. If you only have one mic, you will need to do it on-line. If you have two Mic's, you can do it offline. From the Main Menu select "Sing", "Duets", "Duet" for offline play.

Career Mode

02b.pngExpanding Horizons :bronze
Unlock second career Disc

See World Tour.

03b.pngGreat Things Ahead :bronze
Unlock third career Disc

See World Tour.

04b.pngDebut Album :bronze
Complete every gig on the first disc

See World Tour.

05b.pngSpecial Edition :bronze
Complete every gig on the second disc

See World Tour.

06b.pngGreatest Hits :bronze
Complete every gig on the third disc

See World Tour.

07s.pngWorld Tour :silver
Complete all three disc's

First, for anyone without the game, it is not three physical disc's, the game is one blu-ray. In career you need to complete three record "disc's" of gigs. As you complete a gig, it will fill/color in, and reveal more of the record/disc/gigs. If you want to reveal the entire disc quick, you can do gigs directly in a straight line to the outer rim, then circle the outer rim (which causes most portions to fill in beside the gig you complete, and any toward the center as well) leaving you with most (if not all) of the disc revealed. Of course thou, the outer rim has the hardest gigs on that disc.

  • Disc 1 has 30 gigs, of which a few require silver (60%) and a few have medium risk.
  • Disc 2 unlocks with around 25 gigs complete. Disc 2 has 65 gigs, of which around half have medium risk, some medleys, some 3 song sets and even one 5 full song set, a few golds (80%) and mystery (random) tracks.
  • Disc 3 unlocks with 35 gigs completed. Disc 3 has 35 gigs, of which 5 are Harsh risk, a few mystery (random) tracks and several golds (80%).
  • For information about what risky gigs are about, see "Face the Music".

051b.pngOut of the Flames :bronze
Unlock every venue item in Career Mode

To get this, complete 90 (out of 130) gigs in career mode. From the Main Menu, select "Options", "Extras", "Statistics" to see your unlock count on the bottom.

08b.pngBig Noise at Home :bronze
Earned the Career rating (Lounge Act)

See Lifetime Achievement.

09b.pngStar Quality :bronze
Earn the Career rating (National Celebrity)

See Lifetime Achievement.

025b.pngPhenomenal :bronze
Earn the Career rating (Phenomenon)

See Lifetime Achievement.

010s.pngLifetime Achievement :silver
Earn the Career rating (Legend)

  • Lounge Act: unlocked when I got over 5 million career points (around 20 gigs in)
  • Star Quality: unlocked when I got over 40 million career points (was 35 gigs in; same time as unlocking 3rd disc)
  • Star Quality: unlocked when I got over 100 million career points (was 74 gigs in)
  • Lifetime Achievement: unlocked when I got over 140 million career points (was 94 gigs in)

There are 130 gigs total across all three disc's. Assuming it is points to unlock Career ratings, if you are done with all Career gigs, and still don't have this, look at your early gigs in Disc 1 and see what you can now sing with a much higher score. You can also keep redoing the "Mystery" gigs till you get a Random song you can rock on.

See "Live and Screaming" for scoring information.

011b.pngFace the Music :bronze
Pass a High Risk gig without ever entering Boot state on Expert Full song.

Essentially what happens is if you are off tune for segments of the song on a risky gig, the crowd gets angry and the camera begins to get blurry. If you are off tune for several segments of the song, eventually you are booted. If you sing a segment fairly well, you will "recover" back to a happy crowd.

On Disc 3, there are exactly five gigs that are listed as the highest risk: Harsh. One is a short track, three require full songs, and one requires a full 3-song-set-list. You will need to do this on one of the three FULL song !Harsh gigs.

Well, by this time you should be decent at singing. First exit the career mode, and sing whatever full length track you are best at in non-career mode on Expert difficulty (or you can practice on other gigs that aren't !Harsh risk). When you can get gold (80%) on expert, you should go for this trophy.

If you are not sure if you will be able to pull it off, you can do this to make sure you can try again: Quit the game, copy the KR save file, load the game back up, and do the gig for the trophy. If you fail (which wouldn't happen if you can get gold), then just quit the game and restore the save file back into your profile and try again.

When you complete this, it is the perfect time to perfect the short track you are best at and get "Hard Carbon".


015b.pngMinor Sensation :bronze
Earn 100 Sensational Score Prizes

See Complete Sensation.

016s.pngComplete Sensation :silver
Earn 200 Sensational Score Prizes

Sensational Score Prizes are awarded for maximizing the SCORE on the track. To get the maximum score, you should start singing exactly on queue, and obviously match the pitch often. Most of the time you get 80% (gold) or above, you will get this (thou it is not always true, it is a good rule of thumb).

From the Main Menu select "Options", "Extras", "Statistics" to see your progress. If you finish career and all other trophies and don't have this yet, keep singing your best % song on Easy difficulty in short mode.

033b.pngIdentity Crisis :bronze
Perform a 5 song set of all different genres

From the Main Menu select "Sing", "Custom Play", any character/avatar, "Set List", "5 Song". See Eclectic Dreams for details on different genres. You can score 0 points and still unlock the trophy!

031b.pngEclectic Dreams :bronze
Perform a 5 song Medley of all different genres and score a Platinum rating

Pick five songs from distinct genres and get over 90% to obtain platinum. You will have to play some 5 song medley's in Career, so you can do this at the same time if you'd like. Or you can go to "Sing", "Custom Play", any character/avatar, "Medley", "5 Song" to do it manually.

Look on the right side under the album cover to see the genre the song is in. I suggest going into your high scores and looking at your highest % (NOT SCORE) for the hardest difficulty you are comfortable with.

  • For example, I found these on my scoreboard (ignoring any ratings that had Short):
  • 94% Man on the Moon (Rock)
  • 87% Love Hurts (Another Rock Song - not used)
  • 87% The Logical Song (Classics)
  • 87% Beautiful (R&B)
  • 85% Wicked Game (Ballad)
  • 83% I kissed a girl (Pop)
  • Noticing my top two % wise both are Rock songs, I crossed off the lower % one. You need 90% avg for this trophy, the above five tracks are 87% avg. on Medium, but when I did this medley on Easy the very first (and only) time I got 97% Easy.

032b.pngVocal Stamina :bronze
Perform a 5 song Set for the first time

See Live and Screaming.

034b.pngLive and Screaming :bronze
Score at least 5 million points in a single Set

In order to obtain this trophy, you need to sing a 5 song set with an average of 1 million points per song. You earn more points for harder difficulty levels, and the score is a combination of the vocals you are on cue with, you get bonuses for singing power phrases (the vocal cue bars are normally blue aside from the few orange power phrases), multipliers (which increases as you hit notes), star boost (by hitting the notes for a long period without missing any), hitting notes on cue (if you start to sing at the tiny white portion that begin the vocal cue) and perhaps other things.

040b.pngSeven Figure Superstar :bronze
Score over a million points on a single song

See Live and Screaming to understand points. You will certainly get this while running thru career mode.

041s.pngHalfway to Paradise :silver
Get 50 million points cumulative on all game modes

See The Road is Long.

042g.pngThe Road is Long :gold
Get 100 million points cumulative across all game modes

I got this after 70 (out of 130) career gigs. If you are somehow done with career and all the other trophies, look at your top point scores, and sing those tracks a few more times.

050b.pngThe Platinum 5 :bronze
Earn a platinum skill rating for a 5 song Jackson Medley

From the Main Menu select "Sing", "Custom Play", any character/avatar, "Medley", "5 Song". There are four songs by Jackson 5 and one song by Michael Jackson. Select these five songs and get over 90% avg to obtain platinum rating and unlock this trophy. This can thankfully be done on easy.

030b.pngRapid Fire :bronze
Perform ten Medleys

From the Main Menu select "Options", "Extras", "Statistics" to see your progress.
You will have to perform several medley's while doing Career Mode, and to obtain the Eclectic Dreams and The Platinum 5 trophies. If that was not enough to unlock this, or you are impatient, then sing a few medley's in Quick/Custom Play.

045b.pngRecord Collector :bronze
Sing every song on the disc at least once

You will likely do this while running thru career mode. If not, just play medley's including any track that doesn't have a Play Count yet (you can score 0 points and it is still considered finished).

038s.pngSpartan :silver
Complete 300 performances

This includes performances from all game types. If you are done with career and all the other trophies, and still don't have this: From the Main Menu select "Sing", "Party Mode", create a new party with only two players (smallest allowed), with teams set to "Everyone vs". Now start the party, hit :cross: till you can hit :square: Skip Performance. If you have a ten round party of skipped performances, your performance counter just increased by ten...

043b.pngDouble Album :bronze
Earn 45 'Platinum' Skill Prizes

See Hall of Fame.

044g.pngHall of Fame :gold
Earn 90 'Platinum' Skill Prizes

You need 90% matched pitch to get the Platinum Skill Prize, and you need to do that 90 times total. If you haven't obtained enough platinums skill prizes between career mode, Eclectic Dreams, The Platinum 5 and all your attempts at Hard Carbon, you will need to get a few more now.

From the Main Menu select "Options", "Extras", "High Scores" to see the highest scores. Look to see what song you have been scoring the highest % on (NOT SCORE). You should be able to keep singing that one song over and over, and you can even do it on Easy difficulty in 'short' mode.

From the Main Menu select "Options", "Extras", "Statistics" to see your current progress. NOTE: Singing a full 5 song set will only count as ONE skill prize, not five.

039s.pngStar Booster :silver
Activate Star Boost 100 times

From the Main Menu select "Options", "Extras", "Statistics" to see your progress. Also, see Bigtime Booster for more info.

020b.pngGalaxy Class :bronze
Activate Star Boost 4 times in a single song

See Bigtime Booster.

021b.pngBigtime Booster :bronze
Earn 6x Multiplier from a single Star Boost

You earn a Star Boost by getting the notes/pitch dead-on for a long period without missing any.
Do this continuously for a bit to get a 6x multiplier from a single star boost. Once you are around a third to halfway thru career you will certainly have this.

022b.pngMultiplier Mayhem :bronze
Achieve a 20x multiplier

See Multiplier Madness

023s.pngMultiplier Madness :silver
Earn a 30x Multiplier

You earn a multiplier by getting the notes/pitch right. Once you are around a third thru career you will certainly have this.

018b.pngBig Streaker :bronze
Sing a 10 phrase 'Excellent' streak

See Hard Carbon.

019s.pngLightning :silver
Sing a 10 phrase 'Excellent' streak on Expert

See Hard Carbon.

046b.pngWent Platinum :bronze
Finish a song with over 90% accuracy

See Hard Carbon.

047s.pngPerfection :silver
Finish a song with 100% accuracy

See Hard Carbon.

048s.pngHard Carbon :silver
Earn a Perfect rating on Expert

Without a doubt this is the hardest trophy in the game. I strongly suggest you run thru career mode first, and follow the guide for "Face the Music" trophy first to get your feet wet.

You need to get the 100% accuracy award while singing on the hardest difficulty setting, Expert. Every nanosecond with the bar yellow, orange or red, reduces your %. You will need to have the bar green for 99.6% (or more) of the track's bars to round off to 100%

Pay VERY close attention to the bar on the bottom quarter of the game screen. As bars scroll from right to left, you need to match the pitch precisely, so that each and every bar has a green arrow for the entire song. The way the arrow works is:
> = Perfect pitch, this is what you need
> = Close, you need to marginally shift the pitch to be precise.
> = Off, you need to adjust your pitch somewhat.
> = Way off, you will need to adjust your pitch dramatically.
> = No lyrics, doesn't matter; feel free to test your pitch during the gaps.
If the arrow is anything but green, it will also show the way you need to adjust; if the arrow is below the bar tilted up then you are singing low and need to sing at a higher pitch, while if the arrow is above the bar tilted south then you are singing at a higher pitch and should reduce your pitch to match the note.

Each track is obviously very different, and while you have certain songs you prefer, they might not be the best choice for this particular trophy. For this trophy, the better ones have mostly straight pitch/bars. To make sure this is understood, "Just Dance" has the pitch jumping up and down consistently, while "I Melt With You" has most of the song in a straight pitch with only a few tricky parts. While I never sang "I Melt With You" before this game, I strongly suggest it for this trophy. The pattern for this song is rather quick to catch, finding where to shift your pitch slightly up or down for a single word. The trickiest part is matching the bar for the word "Melt" (which you hit twice during the short version of the song). It is still tough as nails, but simpler than any other track for us. (Also note that if you are playing the EU disc, there might be an easier track we don't have.) It takes VETERAN singers over 50 tries to hit 100%, and if you currently aren't able to match the pitch exactly, you will need to bring up your singing skills to expert levels.

Keep practicing the track you are best at in Short mode till you get this. While repeating over and over you will begin to pick up the pattern where you tend to be off, fix that and you will see the difference and it's getting better all the time.

NOTE: When you complete this, you will also for sure unlock all the trophies referencing this. You will also unlock a bunch of other trophies, in addition to racking up many platinum and sensational scores.

Using this file will allow you to obtain the following trophies in one swoop:
Hard Carbon :silver Earn a Perfect rating on Expert
Perfection :silver Finish a song with 100% accuracy
Went Platinum :bronze Finish a song with over 90% accuracy
Lightning :silver Sing a 10 phrase 'Excellent' streak on Expert
Big Streaker :bronze Sing a 10 phrase 'Excellent' streak
...and perhaps a few others too! It can also be used to rack up some Platinum Ratings (90% or over), rack up Sensational Score Prizes, to pass short gigs that allow this track, etc.

First of all, this file was recorded by ME (TigerLust) personally, doing my imitation of a native american shaman, and is being shared for PERSONAL USE ONLY. As such, this file is owned by me and 100% legal for me to share with you. This file may NOT be sold in any matter whatsoever. This file (or a direct link to the file, or a copied file upload, etc) may not be posted on any site other than PS3imports.org ~ you CAN however LINK to this POST freely, without prior consent.

Click here to download the 18.5 MB .WAV file

For best results, use headphone from your computer/iPod/etc (even cheap headphones concentrate all the music to one spot) and put your microphone directly in front of your headphone. You might also get better results by removing the "ear sponge" you have over the headphones and if you are using SingStar mics (or any with removable top) twist off the top of the mic.

In order to make the WAV & KR game timing sync:

  • For KR: Pick "I Melt With You" in Short Expert. While the track is loading, hit :ps: to bring up the XMB. [i](If you do this in the early part of loading, it will actually bring you out of XMB, just hit the :ps: button again a few seconds later if this happens.) If you have XMB up when the track is done loading, it will be on the pause screen at the start of the track.
  • For Computer/iPod/etc: Load up the song, and be at the start of the track.
  • Now hit :start/un-pause on both at the same time. You may find you get as low as 88% one time because the timing is nanoseconds off between each other. Just repeat till you get them synced up properly and you should get 100% within around ten tries...

Lastly, adjust all the sounds to find the right volume for the game. For example:

  • iTunes on your computer
  • your computer master volume
  • the master volume of the receiver your computer is connected to
  • if you have headphone with it's own volume, adjust that
  • etc.

Closing Notes

Thanks to JBP1973 for information on "Ground Control".

Trophy Guide and Road Map are complete! Open to suggestions, feedback, comments, etc. Thank you for reading and I hope you have fun getting your :plat

These road maps and/or trophy guides remains the property of the author. Ps3imports.org is licensed to display this once here in the forum and one copy on the "front end" of the site under the guide tab. This license does not allow any additional copies to be posted on this site, nor in any other physical form, electronic media, or any other form. This may not be duplicated in any fashion without the expressed permission of the author.

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