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Journey ~ Collectibles Guide

Trophy Guide Journey Collectible Guide

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Posted 03 July 2013 - 12:07 PM


This is a spoiler tag free zone of the game and can be used to discuss collectibles and game information freely. Continue reading at your own discretion but be warned this thread contains MAJOR spoilers.

In Conclusion:

  • Spoiler Tag Free Zone
  • Contains Major Spoilers
  • Collectible Discussion for this game ONLY

I strongly encourage you to complete the game once and explore before reading this thread. This is your final warning to have fun first!


Header Image By Clarkes


This guide will help you obtain all 21 symbols, all 10 glyph's, and all the chapter specific trophies at the same time. All of these can be collected at the same time (but you may need an additional run for the Adventure trophy on Sunken City separately because it may be confusing to do at the same time).

As you acquire symbols, your scarf will extend. The further it extends, the more times you can jump using :cross. You can actually do several jumps in a row to gain a lot of height if you have a long scarf. Each time you jump, the energy of the scarf will fade, thou it will retain the same length. You can refill the energy of the scarf by touching any rug-like creatures in the game, some lit up items, and by touching a companion (online only).

To find out which chapters you have missed symbols or glyph's you missed, simply refer to the Portal chapter.


Portal Checklist

  • Symbols: 3
  • Glyph's: 1
  • After you complete the game, you can use chapter select at anytime, by pressing :start followed by :select. Doing so will take you back to this chapter.

At the start, it's hard to miss Symbol 1:

Then cut a hard right to the Glyph:

Come close to the 4 stones to activate them and the Glyph:

Exit from the tunnel into the clearing to find Symbol 2:

Hidden on the left of the large center beam is Symbol 3:

After you complete the game, you can use chapter select by pressing :start then :select.

Here is the layout of this chapter's central point:

To check for missing glyph's: Walk up to each chapter's building.
Notice the picture frames on the wall, one or two frames depending on the amount of glyph's that chapter has.
If the glyph is filled in, you collected it. If it's a blank frame, you need to jump into that portal and collect it.
There is also one glyph each on the Portal and Bridge chapters that do not have any visual display.

To check for missing symbol's: go to the Collected Symbols location on this image above.
Lit up stones display collected symbols, while faded stones have not been collected.

This picture is with 19/21 collected, indicating the final 2 are in Sunken City:
(be sure to stand on the same side in order to have the same perspective)

Once you collected all the symbols, return to the same building as Collected Symbols for a new costume!
You can switch between the white and red costumes freely by visiting this location.
White robes have the scarf energy automatically restored after brief moment of not using it.

Here are both costumes, side by side:


Bridge Checklist

  • Symbols: 3
  • Glyph's: 1
  • Threshold :bronze

Go northwest (up and left) to grab symbol 1:

Activate bridge section 3&4, continue to symbol 2:

Walk under the bridge to find symbol 3 and the glyph:

Here is a better view of the hidden glyph:

Take this side back to the front of the bridge, building section 2 on the way.
Jump onto the very top of the rug without activating the entire piece:
If you find it hard to jump all the way up, come back later with a long scarf.
Continue to the end of the bridge and the Threshold trophy will unlock.


Desert Checklist

  • Symbols: 4
  • Glyph's: 2
  • Mirage :bronze
  • Explore :bronze

    This chapter is confusing to navigate. Use the mountain as a reference for North.
    I am going to do this in the way I feel is fastest & simplest to navigate.

    Please use this map as a guide during your visit:

    From when you start on this chapter, walk directly N to cloth 1:

    Make a sharp right and go E to Cloth 2 & Symbol 1:

    Now go NW and continue this direction, following the rocks:

    Continue NW to the flower for Mirage:

    Continue NW to Glyph 1:

    SW to Cloth 3:

    W to Cloth 4 and Glyph 2:

    NE over ridge to Cloth 5 and Symbol 2:

    NE to ruins. As you approach, a shooting star will come down for Symbol 3:

    NW (more W than N) to tower, climb it halfway to find Cloth 6 stuck:

    At the top of the tower, before using the circle, look for the hidden Symbol 4:

    After the meditation circle, you will free the final set of Cloth Creatures:

    Explore trophy unlocks here if you got all of them.
    If you'd like, you can backtrack before jumping on the carpet...

    Sunken City

    Sunken City Checklist
    • Symbols: 3
    • Glyph's: 2
    • Adventure :bronze
    For the Adventure trophy, you need to pass inside 15 gates. There are over 20 gates you can pass through in a run, so don't worry if you miss a few. Get a feel for the level, and you can just try it again using chapter select.

    Take the left side through some gates:

    Go around the giant pillar in the center for some more gates:

    Quickly weave back behind the center pillar, inside the ruins for Symbol 1:

    Continue to the left for one more gate.

    As you get into the next area, you can actually jump very high!

    Quickly press UP and :cross jump a few times to get Symbol 2:
    If you miss it, you can also get up here after activating all cloths.

    Before you continue through the gate, look on the left for Glyph 1:

    Get the gates in front, then cut hard to the gates on the right:

    After passing thru a few more gates, jump all the way up for Symbol 3:
    (there are other routes to get to this symbol as well)

    There will be another batch of gates you can pass through:

    That's the end of the gates, Adventure will unlock if you puled it off.

    At the bottom of the fall, go to the left of the circle for Glyph 2:


    Underground Checklist
    • Symbols: 4
    • Glyph's: 1
    • Trials :bronze

    Go inside this slanted tunnel for Symbol 1:

    While climbing, enter this tunnel on the right for Symbol 2:

    In the next room, climb all the way up to the top jellyfish for Symbol 3:

    Just after the first guardian appears, make a sharp left for the Glyph:

    Continue on the left path to sneak past the guardians easily!

    Just past this archway, turn around to find symbol 4:

    At the end of the level, it is very hard to avoid being noticed (it is possible thou). By holding UP on your Left-stick, you will surf down fast to escape and earn the Trials trophy!

    The Temple

    The Temple Checklist
    • Symbols: 4
    • Glyph's: 1 (On this chapter, there are some story related glyph's that are required to progress. There is also one hidden glyph that needs to be activated for this trophy.)
    • Ancestors :bronze

    After activating story-glyph 1, climb the center beam for symbol 1:

    After story-glyph 2, then climb till you go through the center beam.

    When you see lots of jellyfish, on your right, inside the grating is symbol 2:

    After Story-glyph 3, go in the hole this giant flying carpet come out of, for a Glyph:

    Look behind the first drape on your left for Symbol 3:

    After story-glyph 4, go directly across to center beam for Symbol 4:

    After story-glyph 5, you have flooded the temple, and sea life flOws!
    Instead of using the meditation circle, go back down to explore...

    Go towards the bottom of the center beam, two flights up for Ancestors:

    Or go to the same place you grabbed Symbol 3 & the Glyph:
    There may be other creatures as well, feel free to look around. ;)

    If you hug the center beam with all the lit up energy, it will constantly fill up your scarf energy, so you can keep jumping as high as you want. Use this to get up to the proper platform easily, and after obtaining the trophy and exploring, use this method to get back to the top in order to complete the stage.


    Snow Checklist
    • Symbols: 0
    • Glyph's: 2
    • It is worth noting that this is the latest you can start with a partner to earn the Companion trophy.
    As you climb the snow covered mountain, you will notice this cave on your left.

    Enter the cave, light then lantern, and jump above it for Glyph 1:

    Cross the bridge and stay to the left to easily pass the guardians.

    When you enter a cave, look to the left for Glyph 2:


    Sky Checklist
    • Symbols: 0
    • Glyph's: 0
    • Note that this is the only chapter you can't access directly from Chapter Select. You will need to first complete Snow if you want to replay this.
    Don't expect any pictures for this map. :P

    Closing Notes

    Thanks to EscherMedia for all the videos.

    Collectible Guide is now complete. Open to suggestions, feedback, comments, etc. Thank you for reading and I hope you have fun getting your 100%!

    These guides remains the property of the author. Ps3imports.org is licensed to display this once here in the forum and one copy on the "front end" of the site under the guide tab. This license does not allow any additional copies to be posted on this site, nor in any other form (physical, electronic, or other). This may not be duplicated in any fashion without the expressed permission of the author.

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