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Controls, Special Shots and Tips

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Posted 16 January 2013 - 10:10 AM

I am doing a trophy guide but here are some tips to help you out with the game.



Control What it does

Up Down Moves the camera up and down
Left and Right Changes the shot direction
Select Views the Scorecard
Start Views overhead view of the hole and shot line
X Begin Shot/Select Power/Select Accuracy
O & Triangle Move camera back and forth
Square Swap shot mode from normal to power (or full with 1WD)
L1 & R1 Club Select
R2 Change views (See Tips section for more info on this)
L2 Change to drop

When you take a shot there are three points that happen. The first one you
do by starting the shot with the X button. Then the meter starts to fill up
and you start your back swing. At this point you want to hit the X button
at the furthest point in the back swing with the X button. When you do this,
your swing will start to come forward. Hit the X button again at the point of
impact to receive perfect accuracy.


There are special shots you can do in the game that will help you succeed.
Below are the special controls you can use, how to perform them, and what
they do when they are done correctly.


To spin the ball, press a direction button at the moment of impact.
To do top spin, press the up directional button.
To do back spin, press the down directional button.
to do side spin, press the left or right directional button.


You do not have to press the button at impact, you can hold it down.
You can hold it down and once you hit your power, you can hold down the
opposite button. I should have wrote that before because this is a
really easy method.

Credit to JonnyZ for bringing that to my attention


Top spin has a low trajectory with less wind effect and skips off the
Back spin has high trajectory with more wind effect and generally stops
when it hits the ground.
Side spin curves either to the left or right and is useful when trying to
avoid obstacles.

Press the up button when setting power and the down button at impact.
If you get a perfect impact, the ball will burn with blue flames and spin
backwards on the green or fairway.


Homing ball does not always work. Sometimes when it tries to home in on
the hole it will lip the cup and leave you with a putt. Although it is
rare for it not to work it is possible that it will not go in even though
you did everything correct.

CREDIT to GorgeousDre


Press the down button when setting power and the up button at impact.
If you get a perfect impact, you will hit a low flying top spin shot.
This shot can also skip across water.


Press the right or left button when setting power and the opposite at
impact to hit a ball with super side spin. This ball will have an even
bigger curve.


This is not describ0ed in the game, but it works on the same premise.
You can obtain BOTH super side spin and super top/back spin by pressing
diagonal one way and then the opposite way. Just like the above shots,
you will need perfect impact to perform it.


Instead of hitting the X button at impact. If you press the O button at
impact, this will reduce your power by 1-2%. If you press the Triangle
button at impact, this will increase your power by 1-2%. This is very
useful when you are trying to correct a power mistake on your swing. Also,
if you hit Triangle and your power is set at 100%, it will never go over


If a ball is hit with Super Back Spin and it strikes the pin, it will home
in one pin until it gets in the hole. You receive 10pts for a pin hit and
an additional points for each time it hits after that. The first hit is
10, then 20, then 30 and so on. Just as an FYI, this does not seem to work
at a short distance ( I think anything not used in approach mode or 1WD).


If a ball is hit with Super Top Spin and it strikes the pin, it will rise up
the pin and fall down into the hole.


If a ball is hit with Super Side Spin and it strike the pin, it will spiral
around the pin and go into the hole. Very hard to pull off but very cool
to watch.

Okay so this isn't really a special shot, but if you land in the rough,
a flyer warning could be on the screen. You will know because the
percentages of how far your ball will travel will be highlighted yellow.
There is a chance that when you hit the ball it will carry to about
115-120% of the club's potential maximum distance. If you get a flyer
warning, check around to the club higher or lower to see if the warning
turns off and use that club instead. PERFECT IMPACT CANCELS OUT FLYER WARNINGS

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Posted 16 January 2013 - 10:11 AM

I am having real trouble learning how to deal with slope and wondered
if you could give me any help or tips on how to deal with it?

Yeah no problem, its actually a good question. Actually slope is probably
the most overlooked part of the game because people will look at the yardage
to the pin and the lie but not the slope. In the easiest term, the slope
refers to how the ball is sitting. On a flat surface there is no slope. But
the slope can face left and right which will angle the ball when it is hit
( I am sure you must have noticed this when you have played). You will need
to compensate by aiming more to the left and right depending on the degree
of the ball tilt. You learn through practice how much to compensate. Now
the other tilt is up and down. This tilt effects the trajectory ofthe ball.
If you are sitting on an uphill slope. The ball will have more loft in the
air which in turn makes the wind have more of an effecton the ball. The
opposite holds true if the ball is on a downhill slope. The ball will have
less loft in the air which makes the wind have less of an effect on the ball.
One of the biggest obstacles to learn how to overcome is compensating heavy
wind, in a bad lie, while on a slope. This happens quite a bit and learning
how to handle all of these elements all together is the key to becoming a
great player. But like I said before, you will not be perfect overnight,
it will take practice. Just so you know too. Sometimes you will be on a
left handed slope and the wind will be blowing to the right. If that is
the case, sometimes you can hit the ball normally because the slope will
cause the ball togo to the left, but the wind will push it back right.
Just remember to look at everything.

What is the most important stat, is it power?

Yes I would say power is pretty important in the game. Obviously it can
give you an advantage of reaching somewhere that others cannot. Power is not
anywhere near as important as control. Control is the most important stat in
the game. If your control stat is not good, the ball can land 6 feet to the
right of where you were aiming even though you had perfect impact. Control
is the only stat that can affect your game that you have no control over,
no pun intended. Try to at least make sure you have an A in control. When
you have high control, you will notice shots going more to the location you
aimed at.

I will add tips for putting when I get home

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