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You Dont Know Jack Trophy Guide

Trophy Guide Road Map USA exclusive You Dont Know Jack

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Posted 26 July 2011 - 08:00 AM

+ Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10
+ Offline: 46 (1 :plat 3 :gold 11 :silver 27 :bronze )
+ Online: 4 (1 :silver 3 :bronze )
+ Approximate time: 15-20 Hours
+ Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
+ Does Difficulty affect achievements: N/A
+ Missable trophies: None
+ Glitched trophies: None
+ Cheats: None
Answers : http://www.box.net/shared/cty7e7p724


Introduction to the game:

You don’t know Jack is a wacky quiz game that you can play with up to four players in offline or online battle. It features prizes through out the game which are often funny and amusing. The game consists of 2 rounds in each episode of question answering which includes a dis or dat and a wrong answer of the game, along with round 3 being a Jack attack. There are 73 episodes in total along which additional DLC

Step 1:

Ok so to get started play through episode 1-25 using two controllers so that you can get your “50 screws trophy” along with a lot of the others like “unicorn” and “$1,000,000aire” whilst playing through the first 25 on two controllers you want to be aiming to get the answers right apart from the featured wrong answer of the game, you need to make sure you get all of these wrong answers. Also at the end of the first episode you play make sure to listen to all the commercials play to get the “over consumer trophy”

Step 2:

So you should now have your screws along with your unicorn and $1,000,000aire trophies along with various misc trophies. (If you have not got $1,000,000aire cont to reply some episodes until it pops, both your players scores count towards the total money)
Now you can switch to 1 player, and play through episodes 25-37 and along the way we are going to need to try and loose $1,000,000 during a single Jack Attack for the “slack attack” trophy. Keep pressing the x button to keep loosing money, this trophy can be a pain but stick with it, this will pop after a few tries. If spamming the X button doesn’t work (because the correct answers appear too quickly), take your time with it and hit X a few times when you know the current answer is wrong, wait a moment to see the next answer and repeat.. Leaving X alone when you see the correct answer on the screen.

It is important that you keep getting the wrong answer of the game in each quiz. You should also pick up the “Gaulet of Fire” trophy which is in episode 31 question 7.

Also you should go for the trophies playing on 4th of July and Socail outcast, by playing on a saturaday night ( after 8pm single player) and playing on the 4th july, so changing time and date on your ps3 will get you these

Step 3:

In this step there are 2 routes you can take and which ever one you choose to take first do the other after.

Route 1: Now is a good time to check you trophies and make sure you have all of them apart from the online and completing episodes 1-73 and back taxes. If you are missing any replay some chapters and pick those missing ones up. Now we need to play through without getting a trophy for 5 hours to pick up the “Consolation Prize” trophy making sure as you go to get all the wrong answers of the game. Once that has popped cont playing to the end to pick up the “back taxes” trophy

Route 2: Playing online, it’s best to do this in a boost party of 4 and you do need someone that is a “unicorn” please see the trophy section for the ones that are needed

Step 4:

To replay one episode getting all the answers correct so missing out the wrong answer of the game and that’s it!

Trophy Section:

Birth_Certificate.jpgBirth Certificate :bronze
Create a Contestant

Create a new user and Bing!

Its_Just_More_of_This.jpgIts Just More of This :bronze
Finish an episode

Play an entire episode including jack attack and it will pop up after that.

Vidiot_Savant.jpgVidiot Savant :silver
Get every question right in an episode.
The best way is to play this at the very end of all the steps by yourself

Beast_Master.jpgBeast Master :bronze
Get 10 animal questions correct.

This will come by just playing through

Film_In_Your_Brain.jpgFilm In Your Brain :bronze
Get 10 movie questions correct.

This will come by just playing through

Phatty.jpgPhatty :bronze
Get 10 food questions correct.

This will come by just playing through

Living_in_the_Past.jpgLiving in the Past :bronze
Get 10 history questions correct.

This will come by just playing through

100_000aire.jpg100,000aire! :bronze
Earn $100,000 lifetime

See 1,000,000 aire!

500_000aire.jpg500,000aire! :silver
This will come by just playing through

See 1,000,000 aire!

1_000_000aire.jpg1,000,000aire! :gold
Earn $1,000,000 lifetime points

Note: Do not get the slack attack trophy first!
This trophy is a combination of all the players you have created so make sure you are answering the questions correctly for both players

DisOrDat_Participation_Award.jpgDisOrDat Participation Award :bronze
Complete DisOrDat in 30 seconds.

In the dis or dat rounds you need to complete within 30 seconds

DisOrDat_Destroyer.jpgDisOrDat Destroyer :bronze
Answer all 7 DisOrDat items correctly

Answer all the dis or dat correctly within 30 seconds (see answer sheet for help)

DisOrDash.jpgDisOrDash :silver
Ace a DisOrDat in under 10 seconds.

Again if you use the answer sheet you will have no problems

Jack_Attack_Dog.jpgJack Attack Dog :silver
Get all 7 Jack Attack questions correct in a multiplayer game without messing up

You have to do this on two controllers and make sure that one of you gets all of the jack attack answers right.

Taking_it_from_Behind.jpgTaking it from Behind :silver
Come in from behind to win during the Jack Attack

The best way is with two controllers, Start a game, when the Jack attack starts the player that is in front keeps pressing x button to loose point and you should loose enough for the other player to win

Back_Taxes.jpgBack Taxes :silver
Win all prizes in Episodes 1-73

Each episode has a wrong answer of the game in which you win a prize make sure you get all of these for this to Bing. See the answer sheet, you can also check by look at the episode selection if it has a present symbol next to the episode you have got the wrong answer

Button_Banger.jpgButton Banger :bronze
Get a multiple choice question right in the first 2 seconds

You will get this by playing through step one and looking at the answer sheet before hand

Smelt_the_Roses.jpgSmelt the Roses :bronze
Get a multiple choice question right in the last 1 second.

Make sure you answer the question correctly in the last .99 seconds

My_First_Time.jpgMy First Time :bronze
Screw someone for the first time

Enscrewsiast.jpgEnscrewsiast :bronze
Screw 50 times

You must be playing in a 2 player game so whilst following step 1 . After a question is asked, press the R2 button and select the opponent you wish to screw. Do this 50 times, in one episode you can get 2 screws by using your other player so it should only take 25 episodes

Virtual_Virgin.jpgVirtual Virgin :silver
Answer correctly after being screwed 5 times

So when you have been screwed answer correctly, really you want to be answering correctly until you have you millionaire trophy any way

The_Games_Half_Full.jpgThe Game's Half Full :bronze
Play Episodes 1-36

See Perfect Attendance

The_Games_Half_Empty.jpgThe Game's Half Empty :bronze
Play Episodes 1-37

See Perfect Attendance

Perfect_Attendance.jpgPerfect Attendance :bronze
Play Episodes 1-73

You can see which ones you have played as they will have a tick beside them

Slack_Attack.jpgSlack Attack :bronze
Get -$1 million on a Jack Attack.

Note: Make sure you have the millionaire trophy first
Get this trophy is during a Jack attack round keep pressing the x button over and over to loose money your aiming at press x about 250 times

This trophy is easier if you have a turbo controller

Social_Outcast.jpgSocial Outcast :bronze
Finish 5 single player games on Friday or Saturday nights.

You can do this on a Friday or Saturday night or change the date on your ps3 and the time to be after 8:00pm then start and play 5 single player games
Its Best to do this during step 2

Turncoat.jpgTurncoat :bronze
Play on July 4th instead of celebrating America

You can change the date on your ps3 for this

Quick_Draw_McDumbass.jpgQuick-Draw McDumbass :bronze
Choose the wrong answer within the first 3 seconds 10 times.

This should come with just playing the game. Answer 10 questions wrong within the first 3 seconds. Try for this after you have your Millionaire trophy

Consolation_Trophy.jpgConsolation Trophy :silver
Play 5 hours without getting a single trophy.

Follow step three in the roadmap for this trophy.

Genius_for_a_Day.jpgGenius for a Day :silver
Score at least $30,000 above your average.

Easiest way to get this is to create a new player play one episode and get everything wrong and do horrible in the Jack Attack round (just keep pressing x to keep losing money) so their score is as low as possible. Then, play another episode and answer everything as correct as you possibly can. Doing it this way, you should easily get a score of at least $30,000

Overconsumer.jpgOverconsumer :bronze
Listen to all commercials after one episode

Once you have finished a episode wait until all the commercials

Mouth_Breather.jpgMouth-Breather :bronze
Achieve the third highest rating

See Unicorn

One_Teat_Short_of_An_Udder.jpgOne Teat Short of An Udder :silver
Achieve the second highest rating.

See Unicorn

Unicorn.jpgUnicorn :gold
Achieve the highest gamer rating.

This should just happen as you are playing both your contestants count so just keep answering and getting them right and this should bing

Discovered_Gauntlet_of_Fire.jpgDiscovered Gauntlet of Fire :bronze
Find the very important gauntlet of fire

You will get this during Episode 31. On question 7!

Great_Crowd.jpgGreat Crowd :bronze
Laugh At An Easy Joke

Answering question 4 in episode 8.

Online Trophies

Menage_a_Quatre.jpgMenage-a-Quatre :bronze
Play a 4-player game online

Start or join an online game and make sure that there are 4 players in the game. All players must finish the whole episode for this to bing

Always_a_Bridesmaid.jpgAlways a Bridesmaid :bronze
Come in second place 5 times in online games

The aim is to come in second place for 5 games

Lose_to_a_Loser.jpgLose to a Loser :bronze
Lose an online game to someone with a rating at or below Dullard.

So you need to find someone with that rating and loose to them. You need to play at least 1 game to qualify for a ranking.

Beat_a_Winner.jpgBeat a Winner :silver
Beat someone with a rating of Unicorn in an online game

Again you need to have someone that is a unicorn and win

We_Knew_You_Could_Do_It.jpgWe Knew You Could Do It :plat
Collect all trophies

*This is my first trophy and roadmap guide so I hope its ok


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Posted 04 August 2011 - 11:41 PM

Just so I don't forget, I'm posting RD's tip from the other site...


Set your clock to 9:00PM July 4th, 2015. In the year 2015, July 4th falls on a saturday so you can do both trophies at once and you do not have to change your clock twice.
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Posted 06 August 2011 - 12:29 AM

Okay, a few tips I discovered along the way...

1.) For "Slack Attack" (lose -$1 Million in Jack Attack):
  • Please note that you can use :l2 & :r2 as well as :cross to rack up wrong answers during the Jack Attack round. By pressing all 3 rapidly at once, this should help anyone get this easier & faster, assuming they don't have a turbo controller.
  • To keep your money/rank but still get this trophy, you can just quit to the XMB the instant you get the trophy. I lost over $3.4 million (turbo controller) during the Jack Attack round and just quit out via XMB as soon as the trophy popped. I brought the game back up and I still had over $1 million (but I did have to replay that particular episode).
2.) I got "Genius For A Day" in my very first round of play. Just follow the answer guide and don't get any wrong and you'll easily surpass $30,000... :)
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Posted 11 August 2011 - 06:18 PM

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Posted 10 December 2011 - 12:57 AM

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