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Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time - Trophy Guide and Road Map

Trophy Guide Road Map Ratchet & Clank

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Posted 05 September 2012 - 10:05 AM


  • Total number of Trophies: 37
  • Breakdown: 25 bronze.png, 5 silver.png, 6 gold.png, 1 platinum.png)
  • Online Trophies: None
  • Time to Platinum: 25 - 30 hours
  • Number of playthroughs: 2 (One on Hard and the other in Challenge Mode)
  • Missable Trophies: None
  • Overall Difficulty: 2Star.png
  • Do Cheats Disable Trophies: No cheats available
  • Glitched Trophies: None
  • Does Difficulty Affect Trophies: Yes
Road Map

Welcome to the world of Ratchet and Clank Future. Anyone familiar with Sony's consoles should know Ratchet and Clank well by now. The games are fun, funny and colorful. This edition of their Future series is more of the usual for the Lombax and Robot but that doesn't mean it isn't a blast to play. Overall the game is pretty easy, even on higher difficulties, making this one of the more enjoyable platinums you will obtain.

Step 1: Beat the game on hard
This is the first thing you want to do as it's going to get all of the story trophies out of the way and probably some others as well. I know that people say "Oh this game was easy on hard" and you play it wondering if you are playing the same game. With this one I can promise that hard really isn't all that hard. There were maybe 2 or 3 spots that I had to play a few times but I never once got to the point of frustration. Playing hard will net you all of the trophies for beating the game on Casual, Medium and Hard.

Step 2: Clean up time
After beating the game the world is still open for you to travel around and get anything you might have missed. You will also have a map to all the gold bolts and you can fly by each planet to see what else you need to collect. Basically you are going to want to get every other trophy except for beating the game on Challenge mode. This means that there are collectibles you will be after. You will be going for all Zoni, Constructo Plans and as I mentioned earlier, Gold Bolts.

Step 3: Beat the game's Challenge Mode (GET ALL OTHER TROPHIES FIRST)
I was expecting this to be harder than hard was, but it wasn't bad at all. It's just another playthrough of the game and you can change the difficulty to easy if you would like, it doesn't really matter. I think the "challenge" is that there are more enemies than before. Since you will be carrying over all your weapons from your previous playthrough this mode shouldn't be to difficult. Once you have this playthrough done you should have another new shiny platinum.png.

secret.png Story Related Trophies secret.png
All story related trophies are hidden so please click the spoiler to see them. There is no need for guidance on these trophies as they are all unmissable and none are very difficult. The two you will probably want to check out is the very last gold.png under the story mode and the very last bronze.png. Both of those have some detail to them.


All Other Trophies

My Blaster Runs Really, Really Hot
Score 10,000 points on My Blaster Runs Hot
Difficulty: 3Star.pngHalfStar.png
I think that most people who play this will agree, this is the hardest trophy in the game. My Blaster Runs hot is a game within the game at the arcades of the same ship you compete in the various tournaments. The game is a take on old school shooters from the NES days (and maybe I am being polite, the Atari probably could've handled it). You play as Captain Quark and your goal is to make it through waves of bad guys while saving some aliens. This trophy is much easier with 2 people but it's certainly not impossible by your self. I spent a good hour and a half just on this and I eventually got it. If you are going for it by yourself just keep trying, you will get it. Here is a video for a little help:

Q-Force Cadet
Complete the game on Casual
Difficulty: 1Star.png
See Q-Force Champion below.

Bronze Champion
Win the Bronze Tournament
Difficulty: 1Star.png
See Raritanium Champion below.

Silver Champion
Win the Silver Tournament
Difficulty: 1Star.png
See Raritanium Champion below.

Gold Champion
Win the Gold Tournament
Difficulty: 1Star.png
See Raritanium Champion below.

Raritanium Champion
Win the Raritanium Tournament
Difficulty: 2Star.png
Each round of the tournaments found at the Agorian Arena has 5 rounds that increase in difficulty. What's nice is that if you pass the first 4 rounds and fail at the last round you can come back and do that last round only. None of these are particularly hard as long as you have some nice weapons and full ammo. It's probably easiest to tackle these trophies when you get further in the game because that's when you have the better weapons and they will be at a higher level. The last round is always the toughest so here is what you can expect to see in each of the tournaments.
  • Bronze - The 5th round brings a War Grok. Pretty easy to fight just double jump to avoid it's one attack.
  • Silver - Here you will face a Hydra Tank in the 5th round. You should have seen these guys elsewhere in the game. Just pummel it with you favorite weapon and make sure to tear of it's shield when prompted.
  • Gold - The 5th round here brings a Hydra Tank & War Grok at the same time. Your best bet is to focus on one at a time. The tank is very slow so it won't get to you very fast if you go to another side of the arena to deal with the Grok.
  • Raritanium - (it's not even real, I picked a random color) Now you get to endless hordes of enemies. Well, not endless, 20 rounds to be exact. Conserve ammo the first 5 or 6 rounds and then go crazy on fools. Keep strafing and shooting. The last round is the War Grok and Hydra tank again. If you want you can get the RYNO-V prior to this fight making it a little easier. NOTE: After the 4th round of this tourney you get the map to all the collectibles.
Fastoon Warrior
Upgrade one weapon to level 5
Difficulty: 1Star.png
This is very easy to get and it will happen fairly early in the game if you focus on one weapon. Upgrading weapons occurs the more you use a weapon. So pick a favorite and use the hell out of it. I'd suggesting finding your favorite weapon out of the first ten or so you use and just keep using that until it's level 5. I have 3 or 4 favorite weapons that I had to level 5 by the time I beat the game so this shouldn't be difficult at all.

For a Rainy Day
Collect 10,000 bolts
Difficulty: 1Star.png
See Thrifty under the gold.png trophies section.

Greed is Good
Collect 50,000 bolts
Difficulty: 1Star.png
See Thrifty under the gold.png trophies section.

Q-Force Hero
Complete the game on Medium

Difficulty: 1Star.png
See Q-Force Champion below.

Zoni Collector
Rescue all Zoni
Difficulty: 2Star.png
This is one of the post-game trophies you will be getting before going on to the challenge mode. Unfortunately there aren't any good guides out there to follow but you won't really be needing one. After you beat the 4th round of the Raritanium Tournament you get a map with all the locations of the Zoni in the main levels of the game. After collecting those you also need to make sure you have collected the Zoni from each side planet. You can easily check what you are missing from the side planets by going to a galaxy and looking at the map. The map will tell you what collectibles you need to get. Once you find all Zoni you are able to go to the Insomniac Museum and face your final boss.

Bolt Collector
Collect all gold bolts
Difficulty: 3Star.png
Just like all other collectibles you can find these on the map you win after beating the 4th round of the Raritanium tourney. There is also a decent text guide at the Ratchet & Clank Wiki. There are 40 total. I will say this is one of the rare games I didn't need help finding collectibles with. Once you get the item map things get pretty easy.

I will say that one Gold Bolt in particular just drove me nuts. 3 of the gold bolts are located in the Great Clock and you will need to pass Clank's time puzzles to get them. The first two are a nice challenege, the last one makes you want to throw stuff. You have to run it perfectly to get it, but thanks to YouTube most of the work is done for you. Watch this video for help.

The Gunsmith
Collect all Constructo modifications
Difficulty: 2Star.png
Constructo mods are items that allow you to change the ammo or firepower of certain weapons. Just like the Zoni and Gold Bolts you will get a map pointing these out to you. Some are in the main areas of the game while others are on side planets. There are only a dozen or so and you will find at least half by playing the game which means the last few should be pretty easy to get.

The Samaritan
Complete all space missions
Difficulty: 1Star.png
Space missions are found in each galaxy. You will come across ships that are emitting yellow light circles and need help. The missions are very easy usually you just have to pull them somewhere or go to a planet to pick something up. if you look at your map they show up as Yellow Triangles. Also don't forget that you have to talk to the Vullards on each galaxy's space depot. The depots are square shaped on your map. If you did all of the yellow triangle missions and are still missing the trophy then the Vullard missions are what you're missing.

Retirement Fund
Collect 250,000 bolts
Difficulty: 1Star.png
See Thrifty under the gold.png trophies section.

Preferred Customer
Purchase all GrummelNet Weapons
Difficulty: 1Star.png
This is 1 of 2 very easy golds in this game. Bolts are currency and they are everywhere. Smash boxes and kill enemies and your gold bolt collection keeps going up and up. I suggest buying the first 10 or so weapons as I found them to be the must useful. Pick a favorite and use that to upgrade to level 5 for the bronze trophy associated with that. After that just buy the new weapons as they become available and you will get this prior to beating the game.

Collect 1,000,000 bolts
Difficulty: 1Star.pngtime.png
Here is number two of the easy golds, this one just takes some time. Like I said under the last trophy, bolts are everywhere. You would have to try to avoid them and you'd probably still get a ton of them. Just smash everything in sight and you will get this either prior to beating the game or post-game when you are traveling and looking for collectibles.

Q-Force Champion
Complete the game on Hard
Difficulty: 2Star.png
Like I said in my road map, I promise you that hard really isn't very hard in this game. As long as collect any bolts you come across, upgrade your weapons and stay stocked on ammo you will get through this without much trouble. My main advice for people is to keep moving when you are in a firefight. Never stand in one spot and just keep firing.

Glutton for Punishment
Complete a Challenge Mode playthrough
Difficulty: 2Star.png
GET ALL OTHER TROPHIES FIRST! After getting this trophy (which should be you last, clean up everything else before you do this) I was scratching my head on what exactly was so challenging about this. You are able to change the difficulty to Casual and it's really a breeze to get through. If you prefer something a little harder you also now have Hardcore difficulty available. This is just a straight playthrough and that's it. Once you are done you should be able to add another platinum to your collection.


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