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Red Dead Redemption - Redeemed Guide

Trophy Guide Red Dead Redemption

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Posted 05 September 2012 - 10:00 AM


bronze.pngRedeemed.png 100 gs.png

Road Map

A trophy/achievement so big it needs its own guide... Looking across the web in combination with playing the game I never felt that I found adequate info in one place with some of the easier tips and tricks I discovered while actually playing the game. Looking at other trophy guides I noticed that people would list what you need to do, but never the spots that are there in the game which help make this easier to do. That's what I am aiming to do with this post so I hope you find it helpful.

The first piece of advice is to mix a lot of this into your single player story play through. The reasons for this is there are certain missions (most at the end of the game) that make a few of these tasks very easy and if you don't complete some of the tasks by the time you get to these missions, you will have missed out on a good opportunity to make Redeemed less painful. The things to add into your story play through are the ambient challenges and outfit completion. Both of these items include multiple types of tasks that can easily be integrated into your story play through.

The last thing I want to mention prior to getting into the guide are two very useful tools that are out there to track your progress. The Rockstar Social Club is a site made by the developer which tracks stats in this game (and GTA, etc.). One you sign up for an account you can link your PS3 or 360 and the site will track everything you do in RDR. There is a special 100% checklist that will show which items you have completed. You can compare that completion list with this spreadsheet (thanks to the Red Dead Wiki for that) which is something you can fill in manually to track every you do as well. Either one of these tools are useful to track progress which I would say is needed as there is a lot of stuff you need to do to get this game to 100%.

Main Story Missions - 57%

There are 57 main missions in the game. Each mission counts for 1% of game completion. For a list of missions, see this link.

Stranger Missions - 9%

There are 19 stranger missions but only 18 count for this T/A. The one stranger mission that does not count is "I Know You". For a list of all stranger missions click here. This section really doesn't need anything added to help you out. All of the stranger missions are very easy to complete. If you fail one it will reappear in your game once a few game days pass.

Rare Weapons - 2.5%

Another very easy portion of the 100% completion. All you need to do is buy each rare weapon listed below (each worth 0.5%). As mentioned in my guide it's very useful to be high honor and high fame as it will make all of these weapons cheaper. You will easily get enough money to purchase these on your way to completing Redeemed.
  • LeMat Revolver - Located in Escalera after the story mission "The Gates of El Presidio"
  • Mauser Pistol - Located at the Blackwater gunsmith
  • Evans Repeater - Also in Blackwater
  • Carcano Rifle - Also in Blackwater
  • Semi-auto Shotgun - Escalera gunsmith
Jobs - 2.5%

There are 5 total jobs with 2 horsebreaking jobs and 3 night watch jobs. The job locations are below and each counts for 0.5%.

Horsebreaking is very easy. Your job is to lasso the horse and then jump on its back. At that point the horse will try and buck you off. All you need to do is remain centered by using the left stick. The camera can be somewhat of a pain here as it will flip from side to side and at times it is slightly disorienting. With a little practice this mini game gets very easy. The two locations for horsebreaking are Ridgewood Farm and Chuparosa.

Night watch has you playing a security guard for a few of the bigger towns in the game. When a night watch job starts you simply follow a dog around until he starts barking and running at something. Most of the time you are breaking up a fight or stopping a robbery. You can either kill or hogtie the criminal. Hogtieing them gets you more money and increases your honor. The 3 night watch jobs are located in Blackwater, McFarlane Ranch and Chuparosa.

Gang Hideouts - 3.5%

These are the gang hideouts that relate to 3 of the games trophies so you will be doing these no matter what. There is an 8th gang hideout for PS3 users but it is not required for 100% completion of the trophies that relate specifically to the hideouts. All the hideouts play very similarly. Stay in cover, shoot the bad guys and you win. Each hideout is worth 0.5%. The hideouts that need to be cleared are:
  • Pike's Basin
  • Twin Rocks
  • Tumbleweed
  • Gaptooth Breach
  • Tesoro Azul
  • Nosalida
  • Fort Mercer
94 Map Locations Discovered - 6%

This one seems to get people hung up and there is a good reason why. Rockstar's Social Club checklist seems to be very buggy in recognizing what locations you have and have not discovered. I got the trophy for discovering all locations but the Social Club said I was missing 8 of them. I freaked out for a while but realized that counter in my game was correct and the Social Club wasn't, for whatever reason.

As I mentioned in my trophy guide, the easiest way to uncover all locations is via maps you can purchase at all the general stores in the game. Once the maps are purchased you can hit select.png / back.png, find the map in your inventory and then click cross.png / a.png to "use" the map adding all of it's locations on your in game map that you access via the pause menu. You can also travel to all locations but since the Social Club is hit and miss with what locations you actually have and have not discovered, it's much easier to use the maps.

All Map Locations (via Red Dead Wiki):

9 Outfits Obtained - 4.5%

Here is where you need to start paying attention to things because there are several outfits that need to have 5 or 6 tasks completed to get them unlocked. For the most part they are easy but there were 2 specific tasks that I did not enjoy and want to point those out in hopes that you don't go through what I want through. Each outfit gives you 0.5% completion.

Bandito Outfit
  • Search Sidewinder Gulch - This is one of the harder clothing pieces to search for because Sidewinder Gulch is basically a carved out rock. The best thing to do is zoom in on your map from the pause menu right over Sidewinder Gulch. Look for an area with 3 black boxes. Those are tents and the scrap is in on of those tents. Set your maker here and you should be fine.
  • Finish a night watch job in Chuparosa.
  • Win a game of Liar's Dice at Casa Madrugada. This is also where I got the No Dice trophy. See that under the main trophy guide or look below at the mini game section.
  • Capture a Bandito bounty alive. Make sure the poster says Bandito and not Criminal as only the Bandito will get you the scrap. See bounties for more info.
  • Defend Mexican residents from Bandito attacks. See similar task under the Bollard Twins Outfit.
  • Buy the last scrap from the General Store in Chuparosa.
Bollard Twins Outfit
  • Search Thieves' Landing - Ther is a box in the warehouse that you visited during a mission with Irish called "On Shaky Ground". Go into the main part of the warehouse in town (right by the stagecoach) and you will find it in a chest.
  • Complete a night watch job at McFarlane Ranch.
  • Win at Horseshoe's in McFarlanes ranch (see mini games).
  • Claim a Bollard Twin gang member bounty alive (see both Clemency Pays from the main trophy guide and the Bounty guide below).
  • Defend residents of Hennigan's Stead from the Bollard Twins Gang. These are the random events where you help people. If you go to the Pause menu and then to the Outfit section, you can click on this requirement and have it "Track". This will lead you right to where you need to go to complete the task. Make sure you have all other tasks for this outfit complete as that is the only way you are allowed to track.
  • Purchase scrap from Thieves Landing.
Elegant Suit
This is purchased from Thieves' Landing for $75 from the tailor. The tailor is only open during the day. This allows you to cheat at Poker.

Poncho Outfit
This is given to you after you purchase any one of the 5 safehouses (Blue houses on the map) in New Paridso.

Rancher Outfit
This is given to you through the story. You get it after the "Outlaw's Return" mission.

Reyes' Rebels Outfit
  • Search Sepulcro cemetery - This one is kind of hard to spot because there are lots of coffins and foliage that are distracting. The Red Dead Wiki has a nice picture to help out.
  • Finish the "Poppycock" Stranger Mission.
  • Complete a horsebreaking job in Chuparosa.
  • Finish "Love is the Opiate" Stranger Mission.
  • The last scrap is purchased at the general store in Escalera
  • Win a game of Five Finger Fillet at Torquemada. Oh my dear Lord did this piss me off. I have seen so many guides say "Just remember the button combos, it's so easy and they are always the same". Yeah, right.... Anyhow, thanks to the Red Dead Wiki again for saving my ass and getting this done for me. What I did when I entered the little settlement was to run at the two people standing behind the guy at the table. This pushes them away and they walk away, meaning you only have to play one guy. Once you sit at the table, bet $25 and win the two rounds. The Wiki says that there is a special button combo when you eliminate the other 2 players but I did not find that to be the case. For me the button combos were:

Round 1 - cross.pngcircle.pngcross.pnglock.gifcross.pngsquare.pngcross.pngcircle.pngcross.pngtriangle.pngcross.png

Round 2 - cross.pngcircle.pngcross.pngtriangle.pngcross.pngcross.pngsquare.pngcross.pngcircle.pngcross.pngtriangle.pngcross.pngcircle.pngcross.pngtriangle.pngcross.pngsquare.pngcross.pngcircle.pngcross.pngtriangle.pngcross.pngcircle.pngtriangle.pngcross.pngsquare.pngcross.pngcircle.pngcross.pngtriangle.pngcross.png

Click Here for 360 Buttons or if the button combo differs from what I have.

Treasure Hunter Outfit
  • Search Silent Stead - In a broken down house north west of the intersection. It's in a treasure case like the rest of the clothing scraps you will find.
  • Complete the "California" stranger mission. Very easy but you have to meet him 3 times and then take a letter somewhere for this to complete. It will take a few game days.
  • Make a profit in Blackjack at Rathskeller Fork. You only need to make one more dollar than you put in. What I did was bet the lowest amount and won the first hand. Quit the game and requirement was completed. See mini game section for more info below.
  • Capture a Treasure Hunter bounty alive. See bounty section below.
  • Gaptooth Breach Gang Hideout - This needs to be completed for other items as well so you'll get to it eventually.
  • Purchase scrap for $250 at Thieves Landing.
US Army Outfit
  • Search Aurora Basin - Go into the cabin, which is located in the Tall Trees area near a lake/pond and open the container you find. This will add to your inventory for this outfit.
  • Win at Arm Wrestling in the Pacific Union Railroad Camp - Man did I find this annoying. The good news is that winning here also completes the mini game of arm wrestling which helps get you 0.5% completion towards your 100%. See the mini game section for tips.
  • Eliminate everyone in Blackwater at a Poker Table - See the mini game section for tips and tricks
  • Complete the "Lights, Camera, Action" stranger mission, see above for list of stranger missions
  • Complete one night watch job in Blackwater - See Job section for what this entails
  • Purchase scrap from Thieves Landing tailor
US Marshall Outfit
Very simple but can not be done until the last story mission is done. Once that happens all you need to do is clear all US gang hideouts in 24 in-game hours. Again, Solomon's Folly does not count. The hideouts that must be completed are:
  • Pike's Basin
  • Twin Rocks
  • Tumbleweed
  • Gaptooth Breach
  • Fort Mercer
This outfit means you have to do some serious bad stuff to have the law come after you.

13 Safehouses Obtained - 2%

Similar to GTA games there are certain houses you can purchase (some are also gifts) throughout the game map. There are 13 residences in RDR. Most are purchased, some are given for completing story missions or finding a new location. There are at least 2 "rental properties" that cost less than $10 to rent and save once. Those do not count. There is also a Stranger Mission involving the Pleasance House which is northwest of Cholla Springs, that house does not impact this trophy. The safehouses are:

New Austin
  • MacFarlane's Ranch (gift)
  • Armadillo
  • Rathskeller Fork
  • Thieves' Landing
Nuevo Paraiso
  • Irish's Shack (gift)
  • Escalera
  • Chuparosa
  • Casa Madrugada
  • El Matadero
West Elizabeth
  • Blackwater (gift)
  • Manzanita Post
  • John's Room - Beecher's Hope (gift)
  • Jack's Room - Beecher's Hope (gift)
6 Mini Games - 3%

Just like any good open world title, there are a few mini games that you can take part in. A couple of them are fun but they are nothing more than minor distractions. If you know noting about Blackjack or Poker, don't worry, there is a way to make these games easier for you tin win and then move on. I know so little about Poker it's not even funny, but I was able to beat a few people to help me get this trophy. Here are the games you need to win at least once, some games are required to open scraps for the outfits listed above.

Arm Wresting

NOTE: Winning this game is required for the US Army Outfit. You must win at the Pacific Union Railroad stop.

This is a button mashing game and you, apparently, have to be very good at mashing buttons very quickly. I loathe button mashing mini games because how fast one can press a button means little to me.... Now that my rant is over lets get into what you need to do. This is all done using the cross.png / a.png button. Hold the button down to hold your position. Watch your opponents face for strain (watch the mouth mostly) and slam on the button once your opponents face changes until your strength meter is gone. When the strength meter is done for go back to holding the button as this should keep your position. Just keep doing this over and over again until you are able to slam your opponents hand down.

Now here's what I did for arm wrestling, as cheap as it is. I have a Hori Fight Stick that happens to have turbo on it. I hooked that up and held down my cross.png button while turning turbo on when my opponents face was strained. Then turn turbo off to hold my position. It worked like a charm. I know not everyone has access to a turbo controller, but if you do, freaking use it.


NOTE: Must win at Rathskeller Fork for Treasure Hunter outfit scrap

Blackjack is a classic game of cards that goes to 21. It's one of the few games I understood so I was able to play it and win easily. There isn't enough time or space here to get into everything that Blackjack is, so I am going to provide a link. This will provide basic strategy and rules to the game. All you have to do is bet $1 to win $1 and as soon as you do that opt to quit out. That will open a clothing scrap and count as completion for this mini game.

Five Finger Fillet

NOTE: See above under Reyes' Rebels Outfit for info


Actually pretty easy to win if you just place a low bet. The lower the bets, the easier the mini game. See What About Hand Grenades? under the main guide for more info on how to tie this to a trophy.

Liar's Dice

NOTE: Game must be won at Casa Madrugada for clothing scrap.

This was a game that I had never played before but it's very easy to learn through the tutorial that is provided in the game. See No Dice under the main trophy guide or look at Wikipedia for some rules and tips.


NOTE: Need to win in Blackwater and Armadillo for clothing scraps.

This was one game I wasn't looking forward to because I know nothing about poker. The rules for poker are standard Texas Hold 'Em which means a lot of noting to me. The number one tip for people who don't know anything about poker is to wait for the table to only have on person at it. The person count at the tables seems to be really random, but you can also get rid of people easily.

To get rid of people, make sure you wear your Elegant Suit (see above) as it allows you to cheat at poker. When hands are being dealt opt to cheat and then get caught. Win the shootout and you are down one opponent. Do this until there is one person left at the table and then try to beat that last person legitimately.

My most common move was to go all in or bid a lot to bluff the opponent out of the game. That works pretty well for the most part, but you have to get lucky and get a good hand once in a while as well. In most of these games two pairs were a really good hand so always go all in when you have that. Otherwise it's really just a game of chance that you'll win eventually. Just try to bluff your way to the win if you don't know poker.

20 Bounties - 2%

Bounty hunting is very, very easy in this game as long as you know how the system works. The first thing to note is that you need 1 Bollard Twin, 1 Bandito and 1 Treasure Hunter bounty alive. These all count towards clothing scraps and once you are done with getting those 3 people alive you can chose to kill or capture the remaining bounties with no issue. If you did go through and kill all bounties by mistake, don't worry as the bounties will keep appearing even after you complete the required number for this trophy.

Bounties are placed at various locations on the map. You need to complete 8 bounty targets in New Austin (picked up in Armadillo, Rathskeller Fork or MacFarlane's Ranch), 8 bounties in Nuevo Paraidso (picked up at Escalera, Chuparosa or El Presidio) and then 4 bounties in the West Elizabeth area (picked up in Blackwater and Manzanita Post). Bounties always post in the morning (8am roughly) and they post in whatever city you happen to be in for the respective areas. I actually did this task last so I know when I was done. What I would do is go to Armadillo in the morning, go to the bounty sign and tear it down. Go capture the bounty by fast traveling to it, turn bounty in, the go and sleep for 18 (save 3 times) hours and the next bounty would get posted the next morning. Once I finished this 8 times in Armadillo, I went to Chuparosa and did the same and then last off in Blackwater.

The best way to keep track is to count off how many you have done but if you lose count go to the pause menu and general stats. Check this after every bounty and once your overall completion percentage stops going up by 0.1% then you are done with that area and you can move onto the next.

4 Ambient Challenges - 8%

I saved the most loaded task for last. The ambient challenges have 10 ranks for 4 different categories. The challenges include picking flowers, hunting, sharpshooting and treasure hunting. For the most part they are easy to complete but there are a handful that can be done in a few missions very, very easily. The way the completion percentage breaks down is 1% for each challenge 1-5 and 6-10, bringing the total percentage of these challenges to 8%. Now let’s get to each challenge.

Treasure Hunting:

Best done with video guides so thanks to mpeterso01 for doing a nice job. You randomly get the first treasure hunter map early in the game. You need to find 9 treasures from there. The map for the next location is always with the treasure you most recently found.

Treasure #1:


Treasure #2:

Treasure #3:

Treasure #4:

Treasure #5:

Treasure #6:

Treasure #7:

Treasure #8:

Treasure #9:


Survivalist is just a fancy way of saying flower picker. This might sound like a real dull task but I thought it was OK and it never takes much time as long as you only pick what you need to at one time. You can't simply stock up on flowers and have it count for this challenge, you need to pick on;y the flowers for the current level you are on. The game Journal tells you exactly where to look for the flowers and I'll help out a little by telling you what they look like.

To make this task easier on your self you can purchase Survival Maps at general stores. When in the area that the game tells you the flowers are located go to your inventory with select.png / back.png, pick the survivalist map and use it with cross.png / a.png. This will temporarily show where all the flowers are located in the area and you can run to each and pick them with triangle.png / y.png. Once you have enough of each flower your rank goes up, the game saves and you know what you need to look for next.

The way I did this, because I am a glutton for punishment is I would just zigzag through areas on my horse until the little icon popped up that a flower was near. Then I got off my horse and picked it. This takes longer but it works. If you want it to go faster, stick with the maps.
  • Rank 1 - Collect 6 Wild Feverfew, found in Hennigan's Stead and Cholla Springs. They look low to the ground and they are blue.
  • Rank 2 - Collect 6 Desert Sages, found in and around Gaptooth Ridge. These look very similar to your next flower, the Red Sages except these are purple. Hard to find at night.
  • Rank 3 - Collect 4 Red Sages, found in and around Rio Bravo. Very similar to the Desert Sage except red. Also harder to find at night.
  • Rank 4 - Collect 8 Prickly Pears, found in and around Punta Orgullo. Easiest to spot in the game I think. They are on a low lying cactus with bright orangeish/redish flowers. They really pop out during the day.
  • Rank 5 - Collect 7 Woolly Blue Curls, found in and around Perdido. These also pop out in the Mexican desert. They are about waist high to Marston and bright blue.
  • Rank 6 - Collect 8 Butterfly Weeds, found in and around Diez Coronas and Perdido. Not as bright as the last 2 ranks but they aren't too hard to spot either. They are also redish.
  • Rank 7 - Collect 10 Hummingbird Sages, found in and around Tall Trees after Mexican portion of game is complete. These are really in the middle part of the map for West Elizabeth. If you do to far north into the Tall trees area you will not find them. They are low to the ground but the flower is blue and pops out from the rest of the foliage around it.
  • Rank 8 - Collect 12 Prairie Poppies, found in and around Great Plains. 12 might sound like a lot but these are supers easy to find in the center and southern parts of the Great Plains. They are low lying and pop just because most of the plains grass looks dead, these pop out because they are darker green.
  • Rank 9 - Collect 15 Golden Currants, found in and around Great Plains northern area. Probably the easiest flowers to spot as they are big dark green bushes and they are as tall as Marston.
  • Rank 10 - Collect 10 Violet Snowdrops, found in and around Tall Trees northern area. Lots of bears around here, so be careful. You also have to collect 2 more of each plant you already collected. Kind of tedious but the locations are right here for you to guide yourself. You can also go into the Pause menu, go to the Journal, click on this task and use the triangle.png / y.png button to find out what you have 2 of and what you don't.
  • Rank 1 - Kill 5 flying birds. Very easy to do. Use casual aim (under settings in the pause menu) and look up. Find any birds that are hovering around and use l2.png / lt.png to lock on and fire. A repeater works great and Dead Eye can be used if needed.
  • Rank 2 - Kill 5 Rabbits. These guys are kind of annoying because they are very small and very quick. They are found near McFarlane's Ranch and the Worthington Ranch. Dead Eye is great here (use the l3.png / ls.png) because it slows everything down.
  • Rank 3 - Kill 3 coyotes without getting hurt first. Very easy to do. You'll find these guys all over the place in and around Armadillo/McFarlane's Ranch. As soon as you see one just enter Dead Eye and kill it. Really not hard at all.
  • Rank 4 - Kill 5 flying birds from a moving train. This isn't all that difficult either. Just jump onto a train at a train stop or track it down and jump on it from a horse. From there, stand on top of a car or in the very front car on top of the coal and look up. Whenever you see a bird, enter Dead Eye and mark it with r1.png / rb.png. Then fire. Do this 4 more times and you're done.
  • Rank 5 - Kill any 2 different types of wild animals during one Dead Eye. For this one you just need to very opportunistic. There are plenty of times that 2 different kind of animals show up in the same area. Sometimes you'll get skunks and rabbits together. I saw a lot of bears and beavers in the Tall Trees. Also in the Tall Trees are boars and elk. So wait until you have 2 that are close to one another, enter dead eye, aim for their heads and shoot.
  • Rank 6 - Shoot the hats off 2 people’s heads. This does not have to be in one Dead Eye meter. The best thing to do is go after people with big hats. In Mexico you have the opportunity with lots of sombreros and in Blackwater there were plenty of nicely dressed people in the saloon with tall hats. Just enter Dead Eye and aim for the very tippy top of the persons hat. Shoot and hope it works.
  • Rank 7 - Kill 3 bears with one shot each. There was a great poster who went on quite a rant about how he could not shoot 3 bears with one shot, it was too hard. Lulz ensued. You are trying to kill 1 bear at a time with one shot. It's recommended that you either buy the Buffalo Rifle or earn it at Master Hunter level 5 (see below). Once you get that weapon, use it for this challenge. Enter Dead Eye and aim right between the eyes of the bear. Mark one shot and it will work easily. Do this twice more and you are done.
  • Rank 8 - Shoot the hats of 2 people’s heads and disarm 2 people. Do the same thing you did for the hats above. For disarming people all you need to do is aim at their hand or weapon. Once you place a mark in either spot and shoot, it should disarm the person.
  • Rank 9 - Very easy to do during a mission called Pestilence which is late in the game.
    It's very difficult to do this without that mission. You best bet is to hope for 6 Wolves to attack at once, which never happened to me. The most wolves I ever counted together were 5.
  • Rank 10 - Disarm 6 different enemies without reloading. Arm your Evans Repeater as it has 22 rounds in the gun at once. Go to a lower key area to do this because once you start shooting at people you get the law after you. Casa Magurada works very well. Just try and take one person at a time and aim at their weapon or hand in Dead Eye. Don't kill the person because they will pick up their weapon again and you can disarm them again. The key here is to not waste bullets and you will be fine. This does NOT have to be done in one Dead Eye. You just can't reload your weapon.
Master Hunter:

My favorite challenge of them all, hunting. For the most part there isn't anything terribly difficult in here except for killing a bear with a Knife. I have a great tip for that so hopefully none of this is a challenge for you.
  • Rank 1 - Collect 5 Coyote Pelts. This can be done as part of the sharpshooting challenge above which requires you to kill 3 coyotes before they attack you. They are nocturnal animals and are found in and around McFarlane's Rank/Armadillo. Make sure you skin them once they are dead by going up to the carcass and pressing triangle.png / y.png.
  • Rank 2 - Collect 5 Deer Pelts. Deer are almost everywhere in the game but you will easily be able to get this early in the game. I suggest Hennigan's Stead and Dead Eye is useful as they are quick. Some guides appear to be very confused telling you not to shoot deer with antlers. That's absolutely false. I've even seen some guides say that a deer is a female while bucks (with antlers) are males. I don't have a face palm emote, otherwise I'd use it. Doe are females (no antlers) and Bucks are male (with antlers). Both count here.
  • Rank 3 - Collect 5 Wolf Pelts and kill 5 wolves with your melee knife. Easier than it sounds. Wolves seemed to be the most common animal in the game only because they attack all the time. You can easily shoot a wolf with a weaker gun once and then finish them off with a knife. Do that 5 times with skinning them and you are all done.
  • Rank 4 - Collect 5 Boar Tusks and 3 Armadillo carapaces. Boar tusks are collected when you skin a boar and Armadillo carapaces are just a fancy term for their skin or shell. Armadillos are all over Mexico while boars are easily found near the Pacific Union Railroad or the lower portion of the Tall Trees.
  • Rank 5 - Collect 2 Cougar Pelts and kill 2 cougars with your melee knife. Also easier than it sounds. Usually cougars are alone and can be taken care of with a knife because once they are injured they usually stop attacking and you just need to catch up to it. The skins don't have to be from the 2 you killed with a knife, but if it works out that way that's fine as well.
  • Rank 6 – 5 Raccoon Pelts, 5 Skunk Pelts, and 5 Fox Pelts. This one is annoying only because Skunks show up all over the place, there isn't one good area to go. I found a lot of skunks in the tall trees while hunting bear. Foxes were all over the great planes as were raccoons. You can also check the Fort Mercer area for Skunks but it's kind of a crap-shoot. With a little patience you'll get it done.
  • Rank 7 - Collect 5 Elk Meat and 5 Bighorn Skins. Only available when you open Blackwater (after Mexico is completed). Both of these guys are easy to find in the Tall Trees. Elk look like big deer with very big antlers and the Bighorn's are rams. Elk tend to be in the southern portion of the Tall Trees while Bighorn tend to be in the northern part.
  • Rank 8 - Collect 1 Bear Pelt and kill 1 bear with your melee knife. There is a great place to do this during "At Home With Dutch" which is in the later 3rd of the game.
  • Rank 9 - Search Ojo Del Diablo for "Khan" the legendary jaguar and collect his pelt. See rank 10.
  • Rank 10 - Search Aurora Basin for "Lobo" the legendary wolf, Stillwater Creek for "Gordo" the legendary Boar, and Nekoti Rock for "Brumas" the legendary Bear and collect their pelts. This isn't harder than any other hunting, just go to the areas listed. The game will tell you when the animals show up, you just need to kill and skin them.

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Posted 05 September 2012 - 10:08 AM

I need to clean up emotes on this and get rid of the X-Box talk. I wrote this when YGC thought they were going to do 360 and PS3 guides.

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Posted 05 September 2012 - 11:29 AM

This is awesome Bobbby. I noticed a "lock" emote in the middle of the sequence for Five Finger Fillet as well. Not sure what that's supposed to be.

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Posted 05 September 2012 - 11:48 AM

Uh, weird, it said I posted but my post is not there.

That's part of the clean up I have to do on this. I want to do some minor editing to all the guides I posted, but I wanted to copy and paste what I had started on YGC when I originally did these.

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:bronze Trade List :plat

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