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Borderlands - Review


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Posted 28 July 2011 - 01:38 AM

What can I say about Borderlands. As you guys have heard me say many times, this and Bioshock are easily my favorite PS3 games so far. How come?

Well, obviously I like the 1st person shooter with a unique twist. The main twist with Borderlands is the look. Instead of trying to be so realistic, it has a cartoon-comic book style look which is just beautiful! The look at first turned me off to trying the game. Again, as I've said before, boy was that stupid!

You can play the story mode with up to 4 of your friends which makes for a long (which is good), very fun experience. The game is based on a XP type scale that levels you up. The higher level you get, the stronger and better guns you unlock and are able to obtain.

Speaking of guns, according to Gearbox (makers of the game), there are around 17 million variations of weapons! And after playing through the game twice now, once through the multi-region version and once through the stackable Japanese version, I agree. I still come across weapons I've never seen. Not to mention I still have yet to come across the infamous Pearlescent weapons.

Then there's the story. There is one, but it's very weak. There are very few cut-scenes. But, do I care? Hell no! This game is all about the gameplay and it's as good as it gets. The bosses are tough but very funny, as well as the enemies. There are midget-shotgunners that when they shoot there shotgun, it knocks them back on there ass. Very funny! There are also the Claptraps who are on your side, that are so cute (yes i said cute). You'll be quoting the things they say long after you play the game.

I dare anyone to play this game and say they didn't like it. Pretty much impossible in my opinion. Is it a quick platinum, no. Is it an easy platinum, yes. You just need to put in the time and believe me, it's time you won't regret.

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