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Call Of Duty: World At War Map Pack 2 Trophy Guide

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Posted 11 May 2012 - 01:19 AM

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Difficulty: 5/10
Trophies: 3 :silver, 7 :bronze
Estimated Time : 3 to 6 hours
Glitched Trophies: None


Welcome to the third zombie map of World At War, Shi No Numa (translates into "swamp of death"). Instead of the usual Nazi zombies, this map has Japanese zombies instead.

I highly suggest playing this solo because of the trick I will explain below. See round 5 in the walkthrough section for more info.


Crawlers - The most important part of the game! You create a crawler when you throw a grenade near a zombie but it doesn't kill it but rather blows it's legs off. Try to throw the grenade a little away from the zombie. If a zombie is standing right next to the grenade, chances are it will kill it instead.

The reason a crawler is so important is if you can end a round with just a crawler, or better yet, multiple crawlers left, this gives you plenty of time to resupply on ammo, fix windows, buy new guns, etc. Be aware that crawlers will eventually die. Usually takes them 2-5 minutes to do so though.

Weapons Of Choice - Since your going to spend your whole playthrough running alot, I suggest having 2 lightweight machine guns on you. The Thompson is the perfect gun since you can buy ammo of the wall at the end of every round. The other could be maybe the Type 100 or something similar just in case but you shoudn't use anything but the Thompson. The heavy guns will slow you down and that could be the difference between life or death using the trick I'll explain below. As much as you want to get the Ray Gun or the Wunderwaffe, don't. You can't get headshots with these guns and you need headshots for the trophy "Deadhead".


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Posted 11 May 2012 - 02:17 AM

Walkthrough (solo)

*Note* There are 2 bonus pickups you need to keep an eye out for early on. Insta-Kill and the Nuke. The trophies "Weapon of Minor Destruction" :bronze and "Big Brawler" :bronze require these. They are tricky and the farther into the rounds you get, the harder it will be to get them so make it a point to get these out of the way as early as you can. See the trophy guide below for more info on these 2 trophies.

Rounds 1 and 2: Let the zombies come through the windows. Shoot the zombies 3-4 times and then stab them for maximum points. After every round fix every window. Even after your not getting points you need to do this at the end of every single round to work toward the trophy "Hammer Time".

Rounds 3 and 4: As soon as the zombies start to come through the window, open the door that says "warning" on it. Do not clear the debris. Go downstairs and buy the Thompson off the wall. Now stand next to the debris that you did not open when you were upstairs and face where the zombies are coming from. From here most of the zombies will come straight ahead of you. Every once in a while a couple will come from your left and right so be aware of your sides. No zombies will come from behind you. Once your near the last of the zombies, get a crawler then open the door behind you that says Comm Room above it. Be aware that 3 more zombies will appear once you open this door. Now open the door in the back of this area. Go through this door and to the right and look to your left. You'll see a phone on the table here. Go up to it and hold the :square button 3 times. Each time you hold the button you'll hear it dialing a number. After the third time it'll make a call, you'll hear a voice say something like "I know when your sleeping" and you'll get the trophy "Dead Air" :bronze .

Round 5: Here is the trick that makes all these trophies alot easier then usual. This trick really only works if your playing solo. It can work with multiple people but all of you have to stay very close to each other the whole time or it'll go bad very quickly.

The wide open area outside of the room with the phone in it is where you'll be spending every round. If you check out this area you'll notice there's a path that goes in a circle around the water.

What you need to do is once the zombies start to come, walk around this path in a counter clockwise motion. The reason you want to walk is the zombies will for the most part stay behind you. Even stopping for just a second every once in a while. If you start to run, they could change there direction and come at you from your front instead of behind you. Only run just for a second if a zombie appears in front of you so you can get him behind you. When you come to the part of the path that breaks of into the water do a fast jump to the right on to the lillypads on top of the water, that way the water doesn't slow you down. Every once in a while you'll need to shoot a zombie that appears in front of you but be quick about it because there's alot of them behind you. Alot of times you can just move a little to the right of the path while still walking to avoid them. You want to keep moving at a slow but steady pace.

Once your positive every zombie is behind you and they have stopped spawning (do a couple more laps around the path to be absolutely sure), you can turn around and start taking there heads off. The best place to turn around and do this is after you exit the tiny hut. From here they will all be bunched up together very tight so headshots will be very easy. As soon as they start to get close to you continue around the path until you get back to this same spot and continue the process.

Be sure to get a crawler every round. The best time to throw your grenade is when there all bunched up in the middle of the area in the water. You don't want to get a crawler that's on your path because he could block you while going around in the circle. If you get him in the water he'll stay in that general area the whole time. Since all the zombies are bunched up together, chances are you'll get at least 5 crawlers which is even better. Kill the fast crawlers and only keep alive the slow ones.

Once you kill the last zombie and have only the crawlers alive go fix every window that you can on the whole map and buy ammo for your Thompson if you need it. Do not open up any doors to other areas yet.

Round 6 (maybe Dog round): Chances are this will be the Dog round. There will be only 5 dogs so it shouldn't be a problem. I've never found a great area for the Dogs. I like the small area behind where the mystery box first appears but it's small so you could get killed while trying to reload. Once you have Quick Reload and Jugger-Nog this is the best place. Best bet this round is to just run around while turning and shooting the Dogs.

It's important to note that at the end of every Dog round you'll get a Max Ammo.

Round 7: At the end of this round it is very important you have multiple crawlers and you haven't spent money on anything except Thompson ammo. You should have at least $12,000 on you but probably alot more. You'll need $11,000 for the trophy "It's a Trap!" :bronze. Do this trophy now. See the trophy guide below one exactly how to do so.

If you have at least $2,500 left over buy Jugger-Nog.

Round 8-10: Continue doing the trick above and at the end of one of these rounds while fixing windows, you should earn the trophy "Hammer Time" :bronze. Also at the end of round 8 buy Speed Cola. By round 10 you should be able to purchase Double Tap and Quick Revive and you'll get the trophy "Perk-a-Holic" :bronze .

Round 11-on: Once again, continue to do the trick above. In the next couple rounds you'll earn the trophy "Fertilizer Man" :bronze for killing 200 zombies and a couple rounds after that, you'll earn "Deadhead" :silver for killing 150 zombies with headshots. At the end of round 15, if you haven't been downed by the zombies, you'll get the trophy "Soul Survivor" :silver . The very last trophy you'll earn is "Big Baller" :silver . You need 75,000 points for this and it takes a while. You should earn it a little before round 20.




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Posted 23 May 2012 - 08:27 PM

Trophy Guide

*NOTE* The trophies below are in order of when you should unlock them using my walkthrough above except for the first 2. They are random.

Posted Image Weapon of Minor Destruction :bronze
Kill no more than one zombie with a nuke. (Map Pack 2 only)

This trophy is random so be aware. You need to kill only the very last zombie of a round with the bonus pickup, The Nuke. The earlier in the game, the better since once it gets into the later rounds, it's hard to tell how many zombies are left. So once it appears, quickly kill every zombie except the last one then grab The Nuke and you'll get the trophy.

This is one of the reasons I always say let the zombies come through the windows. You could get this trophy as early as round 1 or 2.

Posted Image Big Brawler :bronze
Get 10 consecutive zombie melee kills before Insta-Kill expires. (Map Pack 2 only)

This is the other random trophy. Once the Insta-Kill bonus pickup appears, you need to grab it and quickly melee 10 zombies before Insta-Kill runs out. You'll have around 10-15 seconds to do this.

You'll have the best chance at this in the early rounds since the zombies are all walking extremely slow and aren't a threat. If you go for this in the later rounds, be careful. There will be plenty of zombies to kill, but if you get to aggresive, you'll get surrounded by them very quickly and even with Jugger-Nog, you'll be killed within seconds.

Posted Image Dead Air :bronze
Must have been a wrong number.

This secret trophy is in the "Comm Room". Open the door to this area, kill the 3 zombies that appear and open the door in the back of the area. Once you go through this door, make a right then look to your left and you'll see a phone on a table. Go up to the phone and hold the :square button 3 times. Each time you hold the button you'll hear it dialing a number. After the third time it'll make a call, you'll hear a voice say something like "I know when your sleeping" and you'll get the trophy.

Posted Image It's a Trap! :bronze
Kill at least one zombie with three different traps in a single round. (Map Pack 2 only)

This trophy was very difficult for me until I figured out a great and easy strategy that works perfectly. It's important to note that the Flogger in the middle of the map does not count towards this trophy. It has to be the traps that shoot electricity from the floor to the ceiling. Also you'll need $11,000 so don't try this until you have at least that much on you.

I used to go for this trophy in the middle of rounds or at the end of rounds and it would always fail because there would be either to many zombies or not enough. So try this instead:

If you have been following my walkthrough above, around at the end of round 7, you haven't opened any of the 3 areas around the map and you should have at least $11,000. Make sure you have multiple crawlers that you've created in the Comm Room area. If you have just 1 crawler he could die off, end the round and ruin your whole plan.

The trick to this is once you open the doors to the new areas, Fishing Hut, Doctors Quarters and the Storage Hut, 3 more zombies will appear. In each of these areas in the back room there is a trap you can use. So as soon as you open up one of these 3 areas, run quickly to the back room, open it up. Turn the trap on and at least one of these three zombies will run into it. The only area that is tricky is the Storage Hut. This area is almost completely filled with water. Don't go straight once you open the door but take the path to the right instead. Remember, you only need to kill 1 zombie with each of these traps, not all 3 that appear once you open the doors so if a zombie gets in your way, take it out. Just make sure to leave at least 1 alive for each trap.

Posted Image Hammer Time :bronze
Repair 200 window boards in a single game. (Map Pack 2 only)

At the end of every single round, get at least 1 crawler and fix every single window. Even when you stop earning points, continue to fix every window because it still counts toward the 200 you need for the trophy. If your playing solo, you should have this before round 10.

However, if you want this trophy right away, do this. During round 1 kill five zombies through the windows as quick as you can. You'll only have one zombie left. Crouch to the side of the window he is breaking into and fix the window as he breaks it. Since your off to the side he won't be able to hit you but you can continue to fix the window over and over again until the trophy pops. This will take a very long time and unless this is the only trophy you want to earn, I highly don't recommend doing this since you'll get it while going for the other trophies.

Posted Image Perk-a-Holic :bronze
Have all four perks simultaneously active in a game of Nazi Zombies. (Map Pack 2 only)

You need to purchase and have all 4 perks on you at the same time. The perks are Jugger-Nog, Speed Cola, Quick Revive and Double Tap. These perks are inside vending machines that appear in all four different sections of the map. There random on where they show up. It'll cost you around $10,000 to buy them all. Jugger-Nog and Speed Cola are highly recommended while Quick Revive (if playing solo) and Double Tap are not.

Posted Image Fertilizer Man :bronze
Kill 200 zombies in a single game. (Map Pack 2 only)

There is no strategy for this. Just follow my walkthrough above and you'll have this around rounds 11-13.

Posted Image Deadhead :silver
Get 150 zombie headshots in a single game. (Map Pack 2 only)

Same as the trophy above, just follow my walkthrough. While doing the trick around the Comm Room area, the best place to get headshots is after you exit out of the small hut. When you turn around here and start unloading on the zombies, they will be bunched up together making headshots very easy and very quick. Just don't get to greedy because they'll reach you quicker then you expect. Take your time and repeat the trick and continue to take heads off.

Posted Image Soul Survivor :silver
Reach round 15 in Nazi Zombies without getting revived. (Map Pack 2 only)

Self explanatory. Even if your playing with other players, go down and your revived by another player, you won't get the trophy. You cannot go down at all until round 15 for the trophy. Easy if your using the trick above.

Posted Image Big Baller :silver
Earn 75,000 points in a single Nazi Zombies game. (Map Pack 2 only)

This trophy will take you the longest. It's not very hard but you just need to survive. I suggest playing solo for this because of the trick above. Playing with other players does mean more zombies for more points but unless all your teammates let you get all the kills, in the long run, it will be less kills and less points.

If playing solo, you should have this trophy shortly before round 20.
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Posted 24 May 2012 - 12:18 AM

Guide is finished. Hope it helps.
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Posted 24 May 2012 - 08:04 AM

Looks good Mini, great job :)

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