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Operation Raccoon City Tips and Tricks

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City

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Posted 08 May 2012 - 06:03 AM

Below i will list of some tips and strategies I used and seem to work pretty well. First off We'll start with tips for beating the game
Need a trophy guide look no further:

Raccoon City Cleanser :gold
  • Sprinting: It can save you're life and time, After you learn the game and where enemies will spawn and where items are sprint as much as possible. mainly short distances, it can really cut down on you're total time by using this effectively. And if you're trying to speedrun or avoid someone or something, you can always sprint into then and hit the circle button right before contact. And you're avatar will do a shoulder charger and throw whoever you hit on their back, for a few seconds which could be just enough time to get past them or throw in that new clip to take them out as their trying to get back on their feet. Or if you're just trying to get to that next bit of cover closer to you're attackers, If so then while sprinting to it you're avatar will instantly get behind it as soon as in range. But remember there is a down side to running. you can't reload,shoot or pick up items.
  • Blind fire: This isn't as big a part of the game as it should be, like most games Operation Raccoon City has flaws, and one of them is the fact that most of the time while you're using blindfire you're avatar won't respond well and try and come out cover enough for you to get shot up by whoever you're fighting. If you need to use blindfire make sure you pull out a small and stable weapon such as the pistol or an SMG.
  • Dive: Another great Sprinting action, while running if you press the :cross button at any time you're avatar will dive toward whatever the cameras pointing at. Say you're running into Spec Ops fire and you need to move up for a better view or position, wait till they break to reload or see if you're going to attack back and charge head first at the cover in front of you. but this time tap :cross when you feel you're in range and dive to avoid any oncoming bullets. You will need to master this if you plan on getting that S+ Rank.
  • Conserve Ammo: There is alot of ammo in this game, lets be real but theres no where near enough to just mow across the board trying to hit one guy. learn ammo locations and plan accordingly. Try to hit target as much as possible and only in short burst their may be a time limit to missions if you're going for the S+ but you'll probably save more time shooting less then running around looking for ammo.
  • Aim Assist: Yeah this game has it just like most FPS. But you need to remember this only assists it doesn't track the enemy, it can and will come in handy on more then one occasion. For snapping to an enemy to pop off a few shots or just see where he is so you can move with out worry. Learn to use it and love it.
  • Teammates: You will always have three other people working with you ready to back you up as best they can. Now i'm not saying they'll always make the best choice for the situation, but they will try their best. You need to watch you're mates back just as they will you'res. If they get grabbed by a zombie then try to break that contact. they would do the same for you, the biggest thing about the teammates is their need to move up as much as possible, if they think they can make it to that next set of cover they sure as hell will try. And this is you're best chance to rack up some kills and learn everything about you're surroundings as possible. When you're guys move up, best bet whoever you're fighting will try and shoot them back down, which means they'll expose them selves to you and what ever weapon you happen to have on you. But remember you're playing Resident Evil the whole franchise is based on zombies, so you're mates will get infected every now and then its up to you to make the decision to kill and revive them or cure said infection. Of course the killing and reviving seems like the best chose but when ever someone dies they lose all items they have on them except the basic grenade and flashbang. so think before you act.
  • Mini Map: This will always be there and will save you're life more times then you can count. Depending on who you're playing as if an enemy even has the thought of attacking you the mini map will turn red showing that you're being targeted and need to either take them out or stay in cover depending on who its thats gunning for you. enemies will show up in different icons to help you distinguish between them. Here is a list of details to let you know whos coming to disturb the peace:
  • Hunter: it will show a little claw
  • Tyrant: A blank face of a man from the neck up
  • Nemesis:
  • Spec Ops: A red arrow pointing in which ever way their facing.
  • Zombie: Orange dots
  • Cerberus:A dog icon will pop up on the map
  • Licker: it will show a circle swirling into its self.
  • Melee: This is where shit gets real, if you're close enough and you want to take the chance to put someone down quick and hard for that matter. Run up to the enemy and press the :circle button while next to them to do a slash or a kick. If you're facing an everyday enemy and you want it to be over already hit any of the following combos to drop them in a dramatic scene of pure awesome:
  • :circle- :cross for a devastating brutal melee which will instantly kill any average foe and render you invincible while doing it.
  • :circle- :triangle will use you're ability while at the same time either blinding any enemy near you or increasing the chance of the target dropping an item.
Remember if you're target isn't average Spec Ops or a zombie those combos won't work unless you work at them for a bit. say you're fighting someone online.
EX. :circle- :circle- :circle- :circle- :circle- :circle- :circle then finally :cross or :triangle.The most i'v ever had to do is melee about ten times but it changes depending on how much Health they have before you start knifing the hell out of them. be careful but remember "Fortune Favors the Bold"
  • Samurai Edge: Quite possibly the best gun in the game. its great at dealing damage and throwing Spec Ops in a blood Frenzy. Meaning you get to sit back and watch as zombies swarm the target with no chance of survival.I recommend saving up the 25,000 XP for this as soon as possible.Its great at all ranges whether their across a catwalk or right next to you.
  • Blood Frenzy: This happens when you shoot a living opponent with weapons that focus on ripping through anything in its way, such as the MOB special. A blood frenzy is great for clearing out large groups of Spec Ops. with minimal effort or risk on you're part. just get one bleeding and watch the zombies rush them. Which will also give you a chance to either run past the target or assist the zombies in the kill to hurry the mission along.
  • Quick Draw: If you feel confident in you're sidearm. Which if you're using the Samurai Edge you should be, then you can just hold down the :l2 button and walk towards you're objective to still cut back on you're completion time and aim with the :r3 and you're avatar will shoot anything in its path. If you feel he/she isn't doing it fast enough then you can tap :r1 and fire faster but at the cost of accuracy and in the end ammo.
  • Zombie Shields: If you run up to a zombie and want some form of cover while still moving press and hold :circle and you're avatar will garb them, and boom insta-cover. Its great for advancing while at the same time protecting you're self from basic fire.And once you feel they've run their use press :circle to execute them on the spot or press :cross to kick them towards any advancing enemies for a nice distraction. Also remember that this works to an extent of any living enemies, You can't use them as shields but you if you press and hold :circle you put them in a pose preparing them for execution, meaning if you press :circle while in this state you can club them with pistol, or you can press :r1 and shoot them in the face and be done with it. either way its cool but i wouldn't really recommend it on you're S+ run since you'll have to expose you're self to get to them.
  • Abilities: Each Character has their own special ability that they focus on, it wouldn't be a bad idea to learn what those are find the one thats best for you and the situation. There are two types of abilities. Active and Passive. Active is a one time usage before it hits a recharge time, which varies depending on the skill. then theres Passive which is always active. they can be any thing from upgraded mini map to being able to hold more then one healing item at time.
Here is a list of abilities i'd recommend using:
  • Lupo=Super Soldier-Which gives her the ability of a protective film to rush through areas and be invincible for the next 10 hits, it also increases bullet damage.
  • Vector=Active Camo-Which turns him invisible for 30 seconds to either revive teammates or sneak up behind the enemy, or again to just run past everyone to the next checkpoint.
  • Spectre=Biotermal vision-It lets you see weakpoints on enemies to increase you're chances of making them bleed it also shows how much health they have based on color. its great if you want to melee someone online but don't know how if you'll be able to just rush in for the kill.
  • Bertha=Anti infection gun- If you're out of anti infection spray just shoot a mate with this and they'll be good for another bite or two.
  • Four Eyes has two great skills
  • Induce Infection-Convert any average zombie into a Crimson head and an ally for a set amount of time but remember that crimson head will just be a stronger enemy compared to a regular zombie so only use this if really needed.
  • Program infected-Convert a BOW from a foe to a friend for a set amount of time, this move is great in all situations. But the power doesnt last as long on tougher BOWs such as nemesis or a tyrant.
  • Lupo:
  • Body Armor-Decreases bullet damage by 10% per level
  • Quick reload-Instant reloads
  • Vector:
  • Stealth Run-reduces sounds from footsteps and increase sprint speed
  • Detection Avoidance-Only works online, you won't show up on enemy mini map unless firing
  • Spectre:
  • Proximity Detection-Increases the range for enemy detection to show up on the mini map
  • Item Detection-Shows where items are located on the mini map, level 3 is a must for S+ run
  • Bertha:
  • Field Medic-Heal more from green herbs
  • First Aid Proficiency-Allows the avatar to carry one more first aid spray per level
  • Four Eyes:
  • Antiviral Proficiency-Allows the avatar to carry one more Anitviral spray per level
  • Biometric vison-Allows Four Eyes to see weak points on the infected and see how much health they have left based on color
  • Healing items:These are rare and few in between, don't use one unless you're going to die or one of you're teammates or you'reself are infected. they can be pretty hard to come by. Just be careful with them but if you're going to die then by all means let loose, since if you die you'll respawn at the nearest checkpoint without them. So why not.

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Posted 08 May 2012 - 06:16 AM

First i'll get into the speedy boosting methods:At most you'll need 5 people to boost this game, Some even less please see the respective trophy its method and to help find a boosting partner:http://ps3imports.or...-res-evil-game/
Please follow this method in order or you could end up playing more games then needed or taking longer then you should.

XXX Amount of kills: Below i will list the steps for the following trophies.
  • On a Roll :bronze
  • Skill... Or Luck? :silver
  • Up Close and Personal :bronze
  • Like A Bee :silver
You will need at least 2 people for any of these trophies.
  • Either call/invite all booster to a chat on PSN
  • Play a game of Team Attack
  • Chose different teams
  • Have one person Brutal melee the other 10 tens in a row
  • Either finish the game or back out, since you both won't be able to get all four for both people in one game
  • Repeat step 4 for the second player
Sample Grab:Below i will list the best way to boost the following Biohazard trophies.
  • Now thats G. :bronze
  • No Sample for You :silver
You will need at least 2 people for these trophies.
  • Call/invite all boosters to a chat on PSN
  • chose the game mode "Biohazard"
  • Chose different teams
  • Pick up the Sample and return it 3 times in one game
  • let fellow boosters do the same
  • Then pick up the sample and let you're fellow booster kill you then pick up the sample.
  • Then keep switching kills
This will take more then one game and doing this will let you work towards the 98 games and "By Trail of Dead"
Remember to pick up the sample as soon as the other guy drops it or it will move to a different location, and only take longer.

Fallen Idols:Please see the steps for this trophy below.

You will need at least 5 boosters for this trophy.
  • Call/invite all boosters to a chat on PSN
  • Pick Hero's game mode
  • Have 4 people chose one team and you chose the other.
  • FInd and kill all 4 of them
  • Repeat steps 2-3 for the other 4 people
By now you should be pretty close to "By trail of Dead"

Two in One:During this step you will earn the following trophies
  • Sampler :bronze
  • Supreme Survivor's :silver
You will need at least 5 boosters for this trophy.
  • Call/invite all boosters to a chat on PSN
  • Find the game mode "Survivor"
  • Have 4 people be on one team and you on the other
  • just let them all climb on the helicopter when theirs only 3 minutes left
  • Switch places with someone on the other team
  • Repeat step 4 for the trophy
98 games:During this step you will get the following trophies
  • By Trail of Dead :bronze
  • You love to hate my 98 :silver
You will need at least 2 people to boost this trophy.
  • Play the game mode Hero's again
  • Join different teams
  • Kill the other player
  • repeat steps 1-3 till trophy pops but take turns killing each other
This will also get you a nice bit XP for buying the weapons or abilities.

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