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Orochi Guide Info

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Posted 27 July 2011 - 12:29 PM

Feel free to add ANY info to this thread X)
This game can be very difficult without good translation. Luckily it seems like some better translations have appeared since I have platted it. I mainly used my ps2 games (Warriors Orochi 1-2 ) to translate when I played. Since I had played the previous games I 100% knew what to do since Orochi Z is just the 2 ps2 versions of Warriors Orochi on 1 disc.
Basicly any good guides for the Ps2 Warriors Orochi will be extremely handy and any menus you can find on Youtube (theres more videos for the ps2 ones).
Links I found useful
This one is extremely useful
Ps2 Warriors Orochi Walkthrough
Another walkthrough
Some Translations
Youtube menus

I Used the "Allmighty" Weapon for all my charcaters I used in chaos mode. This weapon makes all your attacks super fast and all normal attacks do element damage (which is insane) so even when riding on horse your swipes do massive element damages (you just can not use musuo or the effect goes away )
Almighty weapon recipe
Flame x2, Ice x2, Bolt, x2, Slay x2, Flash x2, Brave x2, Might x2, and Absorb x2. Plus the necessary treasures..Jeweled Branch, Bowl of Buddha, Fire Rat's Skin ,Swallow's Shell .
I hear there is some sorta glitch to make a character not take damage . I never did this so not sure if it works...
weapon glitch

heres some pics of the menus in english since they are same layout as the ps2 games
Menu pic 1

Menu pic 2

Menu pic3

Some useful info
-Having 2x controllers can really help speed stuff up. As long as the 3 charcaters are diffrent on each player. (each player can use 3 charcaters at a time) All exp weapons ect is kept for all. If you use same ones the highest earned exp keeps it it does not stack. You can easily park a 2nd player in a safe area and they will recive weapons at end of match if you find any.
-I tried to get caviler upgraded first as a abilty (play characters who unlock this) because once you max it you unlock the Red hair horse and Matsukasi horse which have max speed . This will help travel time on maps. Sun Wukong ( the guy with a monkey tail) is the fastest walker he can out a run a horse so he is def another option to uping your speed on a map.
- Don't attempt the vs arena till after you have unlocked all characters. The final Orochi you unlock is by far the best for it. I was never able to finish nor are most people without him. So this will cut down on wasted attempts.
- This level is confusing and you would have no idea you have to literally HIT a drum to progress there is no other level like this..

Chapter 6-X: Battle of Osaka Bay -- Keiji Maeda (WU6)
OBJECTIVE: Make sure all that of your ally's generals stay alive and reach Keiji's base in the time limit ( when it says 10:00)
Just keep running back and forth hitting the drum and killing the enemy generals that spawn. Once you have killed the last ones Keji will open his base.

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