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Tiger Woods 13 Review

Review Tiger Woods 13

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Posted 23 April 2012 - 03:43 PM

Game: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13
System: Ps3
Publisher: EA Sports
*note: As of writing this review I’ve played TW13 for about 60 hours and I’m at 88% trophy completion.

EA’s back with its annual release of Tiger Woods 13, the largest golf franchise in gaming today. Some, including myself, may be surprised to see that EA is still using the Tiger name to represent their game but I just don’t think it’d be a golf game without Tiger on the cover. As one would expect from an EA game, there really aren’t a whole lot of changes between this years and last. They advertise on the cover that TW13 features the Masters tournament but that was included in last year’s iteration. The main addition to this year’s game are the Tiger challenges, similar to the Madden Moments from the Madden franchise, in which you get to relive and recreate the most exciting moments in the life of Tiger Woods, from his toddler years through retirement. Although the additions are somewhat minor, the game is still worth grabbing if you’re an avid golf fan.

In Tiger Woods 13, you can opt to use either the standard ps3 controller or the ps move. I used the dualshock while playing as I don’t have the setup for the ps move. Opposed to using a timing bar like you would in Hot Shots Golf or MLB: The Show, TW13 uses the left analog stick to swing. How well you hit the ball will depend on both the tempo and accuracy of your swing. Swing too quickly, and you run the risk of hitting an inaccurate shot. Follow through left or right, and you’re most certainly going to hit an inaccurate shot. That being said, you can play the whole game on amateur difficulty apart from one trophy that takes maybe 15 mins and amateur difficulty is very forgiving. With the plethora of help such as caddie assist which tells you where to aim, the putt assist which shows you the line of your putt, and the fact that on amateur difficulty your competition rarely hits better than -3, it’s very easy to win. All in all, the gameplay is relatively simplistic and incredibly easy to pick up on.
Final Score: 8/10

Graphics fall short in TW13. The faces of all the golfers, particularly the younger versions of Tiger, look terrible and “blotchy”. When the ball is flying over the trees or next to them, the tree branches and leaves look paper thin and often disappear. And as with most sports games, the spectators are rendering terribly. It’s a shame because many of these golf courses have magnificent views and the menus/scoreboards look crisp but it seems that EA got lazy. There are holes with lush forest and mountains behind them but they only serve to show what could have been, had EA taken the time and effort to enhance their scenery.
Final Score: 5/10

Replay Value:

As far as replay value goes, Tiger Woods has got ton of it. It managed to keep my interest for a good 50 hours. These last dozen or so hours have been somewhat repetitive, but then again, most sports games are like that unless you’re a fan. The online country clubs and the 36 courses to master provide a lot of entertainment value if you decide to buy for keeps. I’d advise against that as EA is sure to release another game next year, but if you’re an avid golf fan, this game will most certainly keep you entertained until next year. If you’re going for platinum however, I’d advise buying it due to the time required for platinum and selling it when you’re done but be quick, EA sports games drop in value fast. Heck, I paid $40 for mine 4 days after release.
Final Score: 9/10


Now the part of the review that you guys actually care about. The trophies in Tiger Woods 13 are fairly easy albeit time consuming. There are maybe 2-3 challenges where you may hit a snag, but they’re absolutely not going to keep you from platinum. The bulk of your time will be spent trying to master the 16 course given to you by default and working your way through the career mode to win 7 green jackets. You only need to play 6 seasons assuming you win the Masters as an amateur but if you get unlucky and act stupid like I did by playing on pro and in gale force winds, you may be looking at 7 seasons. One of the trophies is to win the Masters as an amateur so I suggest playing on amateur for the whole game, apart from a trophy where you have to make 10 perfect swings on pro difficulty which can be done in challenges. Mastering a course will take at least 6 rounds however if you play the challenges, you can get some of the mastery objectives which include FIR, GIR, pars, birdies, eagles, etc. None of the mastery challenges are difficult but the most time consuming objective is to get 100 pars or better on each course and you need to master 16 courses. So say each round takes 30 mins to complete (including loading times) and it takes 6 rounds to master a course, that’s 3 hours to master each course. You need to master 16 courses and 16x3= 48 hours to master all the courses. This is assuming you always get par or better on each hole and can complete the other objectives while you’re working your way towards the 100 pars or better. Then you tack on probably 12-15 hours to for the challenges and maybe 2-3 hours for the online and you’ve got about around 62-66 hours for platinum. I’d give the game a 4/10 for difficulty overall but the trophy list is fairly creative and does a good job of not making the platinum seem like a chore (apart from maybe the last dozen hours but I’d advise spacing the platinum out over a month or so). The platinum will likely be rare (my prediction is around 8%) because although it is easy, I don’t think many people will be willing to put in the time.
Trophies: 9/10

The Good:

- Save function in game so you can quit mid round and not lose your progress
- Can make tournaments 1 round instead of 4
- Ability to sim forward while your ball in is the air significantly speeds up rounds
- Gameplay is easy to pick up on
- Trophies aren’t very difficult
- Challenges are fun and a nice change of pace from the career mode
- Country clubs are competitive and will provide replay value to any diehard fans who may want to continue playing after platinum

The Bad:
- Fairly similar to last year’s iteration
- Will take at least 60 hours to platinum, likely closer to 70 hours
- Frequent and relatively long load times in game and while simulating are a pain
- Graphics are far less than impressive
- Often feel alone on the course. You never see the caddies and in many challenges and early career events, there are no commentators, music or spectators. Can make the game feel dull at times

My final score for Tiger Woods 13 is 8/10.

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Posted 23 April 2012 - 04:46 PM

Awesome review matty, stickied :)

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