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Tomb Raider: Underworld - Review

Review Tomb Raider Tomb Raider: Underworld

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Posted 26 July 2011 - 08:29 PM

Tomb Raider Underworld is Lara Croft looking for her mother in Avalon. This was the Japanese version of the game...but other then the titles of the trophies, there was no difference from the American version.

The graphics are very nice...I don't think Lara has looked better then she does here. The controls can be a bit difficult at times..but nothing that will frustrate anyone, other then the camera angles that is. The camera doesn't always go where you need it to go. Lara will still jump out into space killing herself if you aren't properly lined up with a jump.

There aren't a lot of fights in this game....this is mostly a puzzle solving game. The puzzles can be fun and Lara certainly looks great running around in that wet suit. The treasures and relics can be difficult to find at times...and if Lara dies before getting to a checkpoint, you will need to pick them up again. Fortunately you can go back through the chapters to get the ones you missed.

There is an "adrenaline mode" for the gunfights. This is basically a "bullet time" mode that a lot of other games use....time slows down and everything is in slow motion. During this "adrenaline" mode...you can do headshots killing whatever it is in one-shot. Lara will take 2 steps up whatever you are fighting and do a back-flip. During the back-flip....a grey circle will appear where the head is, and a smaller red circle will appear somewhere on the screen. You need to get this smaller red circle into the grey circle before Lara completes her flip. When you do...hit R2 to fire Lara's gun instantly killing whatever you are fighting. It is really useful in the later part of the game when you run into the zombie-things. The zombie-things will regenerate unless you smash them once they are on the ground....or use the adrenaline headshot to destroy them in one shot.

The trophies will stack with the American version, and if you are on this site with us....you probably already knew that.

One thing I really noticed this time....and not sure if it was in the American version or not, since it has been so long since I played it the first time. It has been said to glitch on the collecting of the treasures....sometimes it gives you credit and sometimes it doesn't. This time...I noticed that if Lara dies, or you load a saved game...you may have to recollect the treasures again. It won't save and give you credit unless you get to a game-save point. You can tell you are by a treasure, when you hear a little chime. You will hear a different chime when you hit a game-save point.

Overall...if you love Tomb Raider, you will love this one. I personally hadn't played a TR game before Underworld....so I wasn't a fan of the game....at first.




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