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Overlord II - Road Map and Trophy Guide

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Posted 16 January 2012 - 03:32 PM

Posted Image

Author's note: This is a reformatted version of Beermoose's guide. 99% of the content is his or reproduced material from our sister site by him (with permission). At his request, I am putting on the finishing touches. All praise (or insults) should be appropriately directed. Now, that that is out of the way, enjoy the guide.


Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10.
Estimated time to Platinum: 40-50 hours.
Minimum number of play-throughs needed: 1 and 3/4.

For more insight on the “3/4”, see step 4 of the road map.
Trophy breakdown: 50 (37 Posted Image, 10 Posted Image, 2 Posted Image, 1 Posted Image).
  • Offline: 44 (32 Posted Image, 10 Posted Image, 2 Posted Image, 0 Posted Image).
  • Online: 6 (5 Posted Image, 0 Posted Image, 0 Posted Image, 1 Posted Image).
Number of missable trophies: 5.

They are: “Rock on”, “Ultimate Collector”, “The Dominator”, “The Destructor” and “Minion Captain”.
Glitched trophies: None.
Does difficulty affect trophies? No.
Do cheat codes disable trophies: Not applicable.
Special hardware required for platinum? Not applicable.

Road Map

Introduction: Overlord II takes a simple concept and turns it into an addictingly fun game; You are the overlord, they are your minions, go kill everyone. The game will have you playing for hours on end, so why not get some trophies in the process! Most of them will come from either destroying a town, collecting upgrades, or doing something for your mistresses or minions, but will take a while to get. You will need atleast 2 play-throughs and some online boosting but you shouldn't have too much trouble getting the trophies. Read on if you are ready for your newest platinum.

Step 1: Online Boosting. You might as well get the online out of the way quickly. Find a partner and then setup the matches this way:
  • Pirate Matches: You want to have once person collect one gold bag and then have the other quit. Switch off doing one and one until you've each done this ten times.
  • Domination Matches: You want to do the same thing as in the pirate matches, one person controls a zone, and the other quits. Once you've each done this ten times then you want to make a 30 minute match where each person can get 20 kills on each other. Keep your browns and greens on you to make this quick and go crazy killing the other, once the trophy pops up let the other guy get his kills, this shouldn't be too hard for both of you to get in one match.
Once you've got your Online trophies, move on to…

Step 2: Destruction Playthrough. Those who have played inFamous will recognize the karma pattern here; be all the way to one side. You should be purely destructive, destroy everything you see. You will want to play through the story as quickly as possible and as conservatively as possible. You should spend as little gems and money as you can, but you should buy the Evil Eye and some minion upgrades only. You should play up to the point in the Everlight Facility when you are rescuing the green hive as quickly as possible so that you can get all of the life force trophies, as you will need lots of life force soon. Hopefully, you have the evil eye helmet for this, it will significantly speed this up. You can explore thoroughly as you go along, or you can save your exploration for later. Whatever you choose, be sure to find all your minions before leaving Everlight Jungle and also be sure to NOT miss the one missable crystal located in the Wasteland Sanctuary Town. Once you've finished the main story and all the side quests following the destructive path, move on to Step 3.

Step 3: Cleaning up the Dead Bodies. At this point you should be done with your first play-through and you now have a whole world to explore. You should take this time to go collect all of your upgrades and mistress trophies. Start with the mistress trophies. You should make two saves and go and buy all upgrades for a mistress to start out with. Now, once you've made her "your special friend" reload your save and repeat for the other mistresses. Once you've done this, go and buy one of each item for every mistress in every room. This will net you the "Ladies Man" trophy and end your mistress troubles. Once you've done this go and harvest lifeforce if you haven't gotten all of those trophies. If you have, then it's time to go look for dark crystals. Look at the provided map and get them all. Once you have them all make three saves. You can't buy all upgrades with all your crystals, so you need to manipulate the saves so that you can buy them all. You should buy all the armor, at least three weapons, all the minion upgrades, and all other buildables. Once you've done this it's time for the last collecting spree; everything else. You will need to collect all health upgrades, all mana upgrades, all command upgrades, all catalysts, all tower shards, all dark crystals, and the harp. Move on after a quick coffee break.

Step 4: Domination Run. This time do only the domination side quests and the main story. However, you do not need to finish the game. You only need to progress to the point in the game in which you unlock the blue minions. Once you’ve reached this point, you will have all the necessary tools to be able to get your 100% domination rating. Thus, you only need to complete “3/4” of the game for this run. Provided you’ve done everything else outlined in step 3, you should get the platinum just after you get “The Dominator”.

Acknowledgments (from Beermoose): Thanks to Aaron Platt on X360A for allowing me to use his lists and maps. I did not make them and take no credit for making them, only providing them. Also a thanks to bryanco1 for helping me throughout the course of the game with information and advice.

Secret Trophies

Rock On: Posted Image Posted Image
Kill 15 or more enemies with a single Catapult boulder.

To use a catapult send five minions into the catapult, use the right stick to move around and then hold R2 for about three seconds to fire, up to five if you need more distance. You should get this in the prologue when you are first using the catapult. When you have to break down the barrier, hit the legion unit next to it. Bam, quick trophy. If you still don't have this by the end of the game you will get it when you are trying to get into empire city (almost) without fail. Be aware this is technically a missable trophy. So, just make sure you get this out of the way before you finish the level "Empire Hills".

Juno's Champion: Posted Image Posted Image
Rescue Juno from Everlight

This is story related and cannot be missed. You get this once you have killed/dominated the governess of Everlight.

Tyrant of Everlight: Posted Image Posted Image
Complete full Tyranny over Everlight through either Domination or Destruction.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

Corruptor of the Queen: Posted Image Posted Image
Corrupt Queen Fay to turn her into Dark Fay.

When you have seen the cutscene with Dark Fay let her walk into the portal without hurting her. You'll only want to let Dark Fay live if you're playing your domination run.

Ghost Bringer: Posted Image Posted Image
Kill Dark Fay to turn her into Ghost Fay. This is the alternate choice you can make when encoutering Dark Fay. Be sure to do this during your destruction run.

At the cutscene with Fay after she is Dark Fay, continue to drain her before she gets to the gate.

Mount Master: Posted Image Posted Image
Discover and use all Minion Mounts in the game.

This cannot be missed and will be unlocked when you use the salamanders to raise the bridge in the Wasteland Sanctuary Town.

Dark Fay's Special Friend Posted Image Posted Image
Buy gifts for Dark Fay and woo her into becoming your 'special' friend.

See "Kelda's Special Friend."

Ghost Fay's Special Friend: Posted Image Posted Image
Buy gifts for Ghost Fay and woo her into becoming your 'special' friend.

See "Kelda's Special Friend."

Juno's Special friend: Posted Image Posted Image
Buy gifts for Juno and woo her into becoming your 'special' friend.

See "Kelda's Special Friend."

Kelda's Special Friend: Posted Image Posted Image
Buy gifts for Kelda and woo her into becoming your 'special' friend.

When you have your second mistress you can buy the rest of the items for any mistress. Buy all of the items on a seperate save, watch the scene, and reload. This will cost your roughly around 3200 gold and can be done once you have Juno as a mistress.

Ladies Man: Posted Image Posted Image
Find a way for you and your three Mistresses to become 'special' friends.

For this trophy, buy the overlord banners and then one item for each mistress in each room. It's basically like the other Special Friend trophies, but combined into one with a twist. The good news is that it's still really easy. Will cost roughly 3200 gold. You should do this on a separate save to avoid loosing money.
Throne Items: Alcoves, statues, Throne
Private Items: Bed, rugs, candles.

Treasure Hunter Posted Image Posted Image
Obtain all the Tower Objects in the game.

See "Ultimate Collector."

Story Based Trophies

Mayhem Maker: Posted Image
Cause mayhem during the Prelude.

This will be your first trophy. You can not miss this and will get this after you set off the fireworks as a child.

Rescuer of Kelda: Posted Image
Rescue Kelda from Nordberg.

This is unlocked once you've taken over Nordberg. You can't miss this trophy.

Tyrant of Nordberg: Posted Image
Complete full Tyranny over Nordberg through either Domination or Destruction.

This is unlocked no matter what and is unlocked at the same time as "Rescuer of Kelda".

Red Rescuer: Posted Image
Find the Red Minions.

This is story related and cannot be missed. There were some videos posted on youtube, but they have since been removed.

Green Grabber: Posted Image
Find the Green Minions.

This is story related and cannot be missed. There were some youtube videos but they have since been removed.

Blue Bringer Posted Image
Find the Blue Minions.

This is story based and cannot be missed. There were some youtube videos, but they have since been removed.

Dark Emperor: Posted Image
Kill Solarius.

This is unlocked at the end of the game when you've killed Solarius. I did this with a horde of 30 and almost no browns. Take 5 blues, five browns, and 20 greens for the first area. Have the blues clean up the goo on the ground, make the browns stand on a guard marker killing zombies, and make the greens go crazy on the boss. You should lose little to no health this round.

After he moves away, use your blues to clean up the goo again and switch your greens for reds. Put the blues at a safe distance so that they can safely heal and have your browns go and kill the empire soldiers on the high ledge. Now sweep your reds back to the same place you killed the empire dudes at and put them on a guard marker. Use your browns to clean up zombies and your reds will get the higher pustules that your greens couldn't get.

Now the final area. You want to have 10 browns here and 7 greens 7 reds and 6 blues. Have four blues on a guard marker back in the road and two on the edges to heal and clean goo. Now have your greens and reds go crazy on the guy while your browns kill the enemies he craps out. Do this until his head thing hits the ground and you can kill him with your axe. This will shoot out Solarious. Now just drain away and after you repeat this one more time you get your trophy.

Online Trophies

Snatcher: Posted Image
Win one Pirate Plunder map.

See "Adversary."

Pillager: Posted Image
Win ten Pirate Plunder maps.

See "Adversary."

Conqueror: Posted Image
Win one Dominate map.

See "Adversary."

The Big D: Posted Image
Win ten Dominate maps.

See "Adversary."

Adversary: Posted Image
Kill an opposing Overlord 20 times in one versus match.

You're going to want to boost these since there are very few people actually playing and connection errors galore. Check the roadmap for details on how to set up your matches and please use the appropriate boosting thread for looking for partners. Overall these online trophies will take a total of 1 hour.

100% Clear Posted Image
Unlock all Trophies available in Overlord II.

Just do as the trophy description says and get all the other trophies. I've listed this under the online trophies because you will need to get the them (as well as all the others) to get this one.

Collectible and Upgrade Trophies

Crystal Collector: Posted Image
Collect 50% of all Dark Crystals.

See "Ultimate Collector."

Ultimate Collector: Posted Image
Collect 100% of all Dark Crystals.

See this thread for locations: Collectibles Guide with maps.

Scrooge: Posted Image
Collect 50,000 gold.

This is not cumulative, this is unlocked when you have 50,000 gold at once. You should be conservative with your money and farm this later in the game. You want to go between the Empire Harbor gate and the Everlight Temple gate. Between these to you'll get 1500 gold per trip and will take an hour to farm this.

Master Builder: Posted Image
Build 50% of the Tower buildables.

See "Tyrant of the Tower."

Tyrant of the Tower:Posted Image
Build 100% of the Tower buildables.

This trophy involves minion upgrades. You need 16 Crystals and 40,000 gold. You may want to hold off on most until later so that you can get Scrooge easier but it's up to you. You should use save manipulation to get this easier. The upgrades really don't do too much to really improve your minions so take this into account before you go and spend all your gold and crystals.

Forged Armament Trophies

Armed and Dangerous: Posted Image
Forge one weapon.

See "Weapon Nut."

Blue Steel Look: Posted Image
Forged the Elemental helmet and armor.

This is unlocked after you have the green minions. You will need 50 Brown, red and Green minions, 11500 gold, 45 gems and 1 dark crystal. The helmet is worth keeping but the armor is not so you should use the same trick as you use for Weapons Nut. See the maps for the location of the Dark Crystals. Again, make the Evil Eye as quickly as possible.

Weapons Nut: Posted Image
Forge three weapons.

Before you can forge weapons you need the Nordberg Forge Stone. Once you get this stone, make a save and collect 125 Brown minions, 6250 Gold and 15 Gems, or alternatively, 25 browns, 50 reds, 4250 Gold and 25 gems. Then forge three weapons which you can afford and reload. You really only need one weapon that you'll use and you'll be good so make sure you make a few saves before you do this so you don't get screwed over by autosave.

Kitted Out: Posted Image
Forge the Infernal helmet and armor.

You'll need 175 Browns, 100 reds, 100 greens, 75 Blues, 16,000 gold, 90 gems and 5 dark crystals. This can only be unlocked after you have all the needed materials and all of the forge stones. As pricey as they are, I would wait and get them after you have the Scrooge trophy if you are planning on keeping them. The armor is worth it but the helmet doesn't do much unless you are going for the Perfect Horde Trophy. I would use save manipulation to get these.

Domination/Destruction Trophies

Town Razer: Posted Image
Destroy one Town.

See "Walking Apocalypse."

Slaver: Posted Image
Enslave one Town.

See "New World Order."

The Dominator: Posted Image
Achieve a 100% Domination Tyranny rating.

See "The Destructor" for a list of all choices. Make sure you do all choices that involve Domination if you want this trophy. Also, when dominating people it is easier if you have a higher domination rating and a non upgraded evil presence spell.

Walking Apocalypse: Posted Image
Destroy both Nordberg and Everlight.

To fully destroy a town, destroy all houses, kill all people, and make sure that you don't enslave anyone. For Nordberg, you need all of the minions to get to all areas of the city. For Everlight, you need to wait for the Elven Rebellion Sidequest to open up. Make sure that you kill everyone and if you need to, gate out and then return if you can't find someone. This will reset any houses with people still in them as sometimes a person will get stuck in the house and can't get out or die. In Nordberg, make sure you hit the house at the top of the hill on the way you came in from as a child, there are only two people up there and is the house that most people miss.

New World Order: Posted Image
Enslave both Nordberg and Everlight.

Make sure that you don't burn down houses or kill anyone. This is done easiest later in the game when your Domination rating is higher and your evil presence spell is not upgraded. Check the above trophy for town access requirements. You should save before you do this since you have to dominate everyone.

The Destructor: Posted Image
Achieve a 100% Destruction Tyranny rating.

These trophies will come very late in the game after you have gotten through the Wasteland and the last side quest is opened up. You need to make sure that before you attempt any of these to do only one path and to make saves in case you mess up to save yourself the pain of more playthoughs.

Kill/Dominate Borius in Nordberg

Light the final tar pit in Norhaven/Dominate 10 people. Only use browns if you want to be safe.

Destroy/Dominate the Elven Commune (sidequest)

Kill/Dominate the Governess of Everlight.

Kill/Dominate Senator Drearius and his wife in the Empire Heartlands.

Kill/Dominate the Yeti in the Arena

Kill/Dominate everyone in Nordberg/Everlight.

Kill Dark Queen Fay or let he live as your mistress. You have the choice after the cutscene with Fay.

A word of caution from pretend_hero:

Originally Posted by pretend_hero
When you're going through the story trying to get 100% domination/destruction and complete the section where you have to kill/dominate Senator Drearius and his wife, don't go back to that section of the game even if you missed something. The cutscene just before reaching them will play again and while you'll be able to kill/dominate them again and advance despite the chair no longer being there, it will move your progress bar back and won't count those actions again.
Kill/Chase away the Elven rebellion. Save before you start this as this can break your entire run. At the end of the rebellion you see a giant platform with 10 or so elves on it. Use the reds to blow it up for Destruction or Greens with spiders to scare them away for domination. As the rebels and citizens are both hostile, be very careful when killing enemies, you don't want to accidentally kill and elf and not get the trophy due to one person.

Miscellaneous Trophies

Industrious Magic: Posted Image
Achieve 50 kills by overcharging your Evil Presence Spell.

To use this spell be within range of an enemy/villager, lock on to them and hold SQUARE. You get the spell after you open the gate by Nordberg and can not be missed. An easy place to get this is on your Destruction run. When you are killing Nordberg citizens you will get this very quickly and should be able to get this without difficulty. If you still haven't gotten this later in the game you can kill the gnomes at Everlight Facility with this spell.

Big Chopper: Posted Image
Achieve 50 melee kills.

To use the melee function swing your weapon at an enemy with X. This does not count if your minions do this for you. You will get this trophy very early in the game, most likely when you've killed all of the baby seals in the Hunting Grounds. If you don't have this later in the game you can kill the gnomes at Everlight Facility.

Seal Slayer: Posted Image
Kill 100 baby seals.

You can farm this easily early in the game. Once you've gotten the gate to Nordberg Hunting Grounds go back to it and go through the area killing all the seals. If you kill all of them in the area then you should need three or four go throughs for the trophy.

Minion Captain: Posted Image
Rescue all the Minion crew from the spider webs.

You'll find seven of them before you enter the second area. The rest are found after you've started using the greens, see the maps for locations.

Gnome Grinder: Posted Image
Kill 1000 Gnomes.

This trophy may seem like it takes a while to get but is relatively easy. Once you've finished getting the green hive and have cleared out Everlight Facility, go back to the gate and pull out as many minions as you can hold. Go into the facility as the Overlord and take a left once you're in. You want to release the switch that opens the gate to the Gnome prison and simply wait and kill them all. You will use this location to get the life orbs as well, and as such you should be wearing the "Evil Eye" helmet as it will double your life force.

Minion Harvester: Posted Image
Gather 10 Lifeforce orbs.

See "Minion Lover."

Minion Gatherer: Posted Image
Gather 250 Lifeforce orbs.

See "Minion Lover."

Minion Hoarder: Posted Image
Gather 1000 Lifeforce orbs.

See "Minion Lover."

Minion Lover: Posted Image
Gather 5000 Lifeforce orbs.

You should farm this at the same location you kill the gnomes at and should use the Evil Eye Helmet for best and fastest results. You will get plenty of red crystals as well.

Perfect Horde: Posted Image
Fully upgrade all 50 Minions in your Horde.

Before you attempt this you need all command upgrades and the Infernal Helmet. Once you've done this you want to go to the last area where golden weapons are. This trophy requires you to get your minions up to 400%, which is much easier said than done. You want so tell sweep them over shiny weapons and armor on the ground until all 50 hit 400%. You want to pull them out one by one until they each it max. Once you have one at max, send them to a flag and tell them to wait. Do this with every one until you get the trophy. You can do this with any minion but the browns are best since they can be seen wearing things they pick up.

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Posted 05 January 2013 - 08:19 PM

Sorry to inform you, but the servers are closed, so you should add that in your guide.
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Posted 05 January 2013 - 08:37 PM

I added that in the top. Thank you.

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