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Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Ga'Hoole - Road Map and Trophy Guide

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Posted 16 January 2012 - 03:27 PM

Posted Image

  • Estimate difficulty: 3/10.
  • Estimated time to platinum: 12-15 hours.
  • Minimum number of play-throughs needed: 4.
  • Trophy breakdown: 51 (42Posted Image, 5 Posted Image, 3 Posted Image, 1 Posted Image).
    • Offline: All.
    • Online: None.
  • Missable trophies: None.
  • Glitched trophies: None.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies? Not applicable.
  • Do cheats disable trophies? Not applicable.
  • Special hardware required for platinum? No.
Road Map

Introduction: Yep, it's time for another family oriented movie-tie-in. Like Disney, Warner Brothers now has an interactive media department and one of its first ventures is the game adaptation based off the movie Legends of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole. In this game, you will be playing as an owl named Shard and will be doing various missions as a guardian. With some pretty decent flight controls and a basic, easy to execute combat system, this game is surprisingly fun. That said, in order to get the platinum, you have to play through the game four times; and consequently, you'll probably be more than happy to be done after the fourth run. Other than this slightly annoying grind factor, the trophies for this game are very easy to get. Here's how:

Step 1: Complete the game with the Spotted Owl. Here you're just looking to get a feel for the game and the layout of the missions. As such, you do not want to worry about replaying levels to get gold rankings nor do you want to even bother with the bonus missions. Just get through the game as fast as you can. You're using the spotted owl first because it's the worst one and all subsequent play-throughs will seem a lot easier. During this step, you will invariably unlock the a good chuck of the game's trophies.

Step 2: Complete the game again getting all gold medals on all the story and bonus missions and finding all the art scrolls. Make sure to utilize a different save slot when starting this step. For this play-through, you're free to choose whichever of the remaining owl species you want, but having played through the game with all four types, I think I like the one on the far right best, the Great Grey Owl. For more information on getting gold rankings in the story and bonus missions, see the "Gold, Shard, Gold!" and "Bonus Gold" trophies, respectively.

Note that Pierce has suggested that the Great Grey Owl is not the best owl to get gold medals on the bonus missions, specifically the speed challenges. He points out that since you'll be playing the game with all four owls (see step 3 below), you may want to hold off on doing the bonus missions for the owl you like best.

Step 3: Replay the game two more times, each time using an owl that you haven't used yet. This step is specifically geared towards unlocking the "Birds of a Different Feather" trophy. That said, you should look at your trophy list and take note of any easily obtained trophies that you happened to miss during your other play-throughs and try to knock them out on the way now. Again, I recommend utilizing the other save slots when doing this step, as I don't know if overwriting a save slot affects the aforementioned trophy.

Step 4: Mop up. Well, if you somehow managed to miss any trophies after Step 3, get them now. You'll probably want to load up the save from Step 2, since that should have the most progress on it.

Acknowledgements: Thanks goes to funkyweed for providing the sweet header!

Trophy Guide

Posted Image A Bird in the Hand Posted Image
Upgrade your owl with any Battleset

See the “Fashionable Owl” trophy.

Posted Image Fashionable Owl Posted Image
Wear 4 different Battlesets in missions

You will unlock battlesets as you progress through the story and complete missions. Once unlocked, you must purchase the battlesets with your shinies. Upon purchase, you may equip the battlesets to enhance certain attributes for your owls. For this specific trophy, you have unlock and wear four different battlesets while playing the mission. In particular, you must actually play a mission with the different battlesets equipped in order for the trophy to unlock.

Posted Image Victory Posted Image
Defeat an enemy in a mission

This will be one of the very first trophies you unlock and is pretty much a no-brainer.

Posted Image Feeling Shattered Posted Image
Break an enemy's armor

Some enemies have armor equipped. This is signified by an ironish bird helmet looking thing that covers their health bar. Before you can do damage to them, you must break their armor. The ability to break armor is unlocked as you defeat enemies. Unfortunately, if you avoid battles it is possible to encounter these enemies before you've unlocked the ability. In this case, you will have exit the level and replay old levels defeating enemies to until you unlock that barge skill. Now, to break an enemies armor, you should lock on to them with :l1 and press :triangle when your reticle turns red.

Posted Image Top Speed Posted Image
Reach maximum speed in a mission

I got this very early in the game, during the speed flying challenge in the first bonus mission. Basically, if you perform a nose-dive for around two or three seconds, you'll reach top speed.

Posted Image That Was Close! Posted Image
Narrowly avoid colliding with an enemy in a mission

Just fly close to an enemy during any mission and don't hit them. I got this without even trying.

Posted Image Do a Barrel Roll! Posted Image
Do a barrel roll in a mission

Simply press left or right on the :r3 during any mission and this trophy will unlock.

Posted Image Team Attack Posted Image
Use the Team Attack Combo to help out a wingman in trouble

To perform a team attack combo, you need to first send a wingman to combat an enemy by targeting the enemy with :l1 . Next, send a wingman to him by pressing :r1 . Finally, keep this enemy targeted and go help your wingman by attacking the enemy. There will be a notification on your screen if you've done a team attack. As long as you're using your wingmen throughout the game to assist you and as long as you're fighting along side them, this trophy should come naturally.

Posted Image Upgrade Your Flight Posted Image
Unlock a new combat attack

You unlock new combat attacks and abilities by defeating enemies. As such, this will come naturally and very early as you progress the game.

Posted Image Make some noise Posted Image
Hoot 108 times

You hoot by pressing :cross . Repeat 107 more times.

Posted Image O Rly? Posted Image
Replay a mission

Just pick any non-bonus mission and replay it.

Posted Image That's Got to Hurt Posted Image
Successfully perform the Fall From Grace

This move will be unlocked about midway through the game, as long as your consistently defeating enemies. For some targeted enemies, you will get the prompt to press :l2 + :r2 . When you press these buttons, this will initiate the fall from grace move. To finish it, you must press :l2 + :r2 once again, when prompted.

Posted Image Ready For Battle Posted Image
Complete the Tutorial Missions

This will probably be the very first trophy you unlock. Just start up the game and finish the tutorial level.

Posted Image C-C-Combo Breaker Posted Image
Perform a chain attack on a single enemy in a mission

When attacking an enemy, you will have the option to chain attacks. To do this, target the enemy by pressing and holding :l1 . Now, when the reticle turns red attack the enemy ( :square will work fine). After you attack the enemy, the reticle will flash red, giving you the opportunity to chain your attack. At this time, press another attack button (again :square will do).

Posted Image Counter Culture Posted Image
Successfully counter attack an enemy in a mission

Occasionally, when an enemy attacks, you will be given the chance to counter by pressing the button prompted, usually :square or :triangle . Just press this button and you'll perform the counter and unlock the trophy.

Posted Image Take That, You Fiend Posted Image
Hit an enemy with the Corkscrew in a mission

See the "Owlage" trophy.

Posted Image Owlage Posted Image
Use the corkscrew on 20 enemies

If you're flying towards an enemy and have enough prowess built up, you can corkscrew to attack the enemy. To do this press up on the :r3 . Repeat 19 more times for this trophy.

Posted Image Great Shot Posted Image
Hit an enemy with a flaming coal

During some missions, you can use hot coals to destroy objects or to light torches. These are usually found on little pedestals or carried by allies. You can also use these coals against enemies by targeting them and pressing :cross when the prompt appears. However, if you want to wait to get this, there is a boss that can only be damaged by attacking him with hot coals. So, you'll get this trophy eventually, without going out of your way for it.

Posted Image The Journey Posted Image
Fly 100 Kilometers

See the "Boy My Are Arms Tired" trophy.

Posted Image Boy Are My Arms Tired Posted Image
Fly more than 200 Kilometres

This is actually not that much and will come naturally, as you progress the game.

Posted Image Light 'em up Posted Image
Complete Lighting the Way without a torch going out too early

Well, I don't know exactly how the torches "go out", but I will say that if you get a gold medal on this mission, you should unlock the trophy. At least, this worked for me. (I got the gold ranking the first time, by the way.) To get a gold, you just need to finish the level quickly. (If I recall correctly, under 6 minutes 30 seconds.)

Posted Image Make a Splash Posted Image
Throw an enemy into the water

To get this trophy, you need to throw an enemy using :circle while close to water. When battling on any mission with water, just fly down fairly close to water and hang around until an enemy gets close, target with :l1 and then press :circle after the reticle turns red.

Posted Image Fly Safe Posted Image
Complete An Ally in the Sand without touching a twister

This is very easy to do, since the twisters are pretty spread out. You can hit other things, just don't touch a twister.

Posted Image Gliding with Style Posted Image
Complete a mission without losing your armor

You have to have some battleset equipped so that you actually have some armor and these are available pretty early in the game, but not right from the start. You can get this trophy on regular missions and bonus missions. Since the bonus missions are usually shorter and are pretty easy, I say go for this trophy on one of them. Personally, I got this during a survival challenge.

Posted Image Seven In One Blow Posted Image
Defeat seven enemies without being hit in a mission

Once you get in a groove on how to attack enemies and chain combos, this trophy will be very easy to get. A good place to get this trophy is during any of the survival challenges.

Posted Image No Flies On Shard Posted Image
Complete all objectives in a mission successfully without dying

This is actually really easy, since this game is pretty easy, especially the early levels.

Posted Image Free Flight Posted Image
Explore all five environments in the Bonus Missions for a short time

All you have to do is fly around in each of the five bonus levels. The trophy unlocked about 30 seconds in to the fifth bonus level.

Posted Image Dodge 'ems Posted Image
Complete Pure Retaliation without being hit by a turret

The "turrets" that this trophy is talking about are actually the catapults. The projectiles can easily be dodged, you just have to map your attacking route carefully. You can get hit by the other enemies, just not the projectiles. I suggest you don't worry about taking out anything but the catapults and remember to fly safely.

Posted Image Love The Smell Posted Image
Bomb 20 Turrets

Again, in this game, "turrets" are catapults. You will have to "bomb" them with hot coals. Simply collect some hot coals from your flying "coal-supplying" allies and target and bomb the catapults (by pressing :cross , when prompted). By completing all of the story and bonus missions, you shouldn't have to replay anything to get this trophy. However, if you do, or if you're getting too anxious, you can always replay bombing challenges.

Posted Image Put the Win in Wingman Posted Image
Use your Wingman 20 times

To use a wingman, you need to build up your yellow Prowess meter. Then target an enemy with :l1 . Finally, press :r1 to send out your wingman.

Posted Image Lucky Number Posted Image
Achieve a 15 hit chain in a mission

The only reason this is not trivial is because you'll often run out of enemies before you can get your chain full. I ended up getting this during the second survival challenge. Also, I'm pretty sure you have to get a hit chain of 15 exactly because I could have sworn that I got over a 15 hit chain and the trophy didn't unlock. But when I got a 15 hit chain exactly, it did.

Posted Image No Witnesses Posted Image
Defeat every enemy in a story mission

This will come naturally, since some story missions require that you defeat all the enemies.

Posted Image As the Crow Flies Posted Image
Defeat 20 Crows

This will come naturally as you progress through the game, as long as you aren't actively avoiding any battles.

Posted Image See a Penny Posted Image
Collect 4200 Shinies

This was the last (non-platinum) trophy I got. The reason being that the shinies from separate save files don't count towards this trophy. :( So, after I finished the game with all four owls, I loaded up the save file that had the most accumulated shinies and started my grinding. On the plus side, you don't have to have 4200 shinies at one time; i.e. you can spend your shinies to unlock all of the battle armor with no penalty to this trophy.

I found the best way to rack up shinies is to play your favourite survival challenge. I liked the one from the bonus level in The Forest Kingdom of Tyto. If you go this route, just make sure that you keep your combo up, because that gives you a multiplier bonus for your shinies.

Posted Image Max Power Posted Image
Equip a top quality Battlset

The two last battlesets qualify for this trophy. Just purchase and equip one of these and the trophy will unlock. (I can't remember exactly when it unlocked. So, if it doesn't unlock as soon as you purchase and equip it, just play a mission.)

Posted Image Fly like the Wind Posted Image
Use 50 Wind Currents

Wind currents give you a speed boost. They are scattered liberally throughout many levels. If you want to farm this trophy you can, just repeatedly fly through the same wind current over and over again.

Posted Image Art Appreciation Posted Image
Collect all the artwork

There are five scrolls in each bonus level and each one corresponds to a piece of art. When you approach a scroll, your owl radar will pop up and transition from red to green, where green means you're really close to it. Check under the spoiler tag below for a video guide and a rough written collectible guide.

Here is the video guide. I didn't use it, so I can't vouch for it's quality or accuracy.

Warning: This is a very rough guide. You'll have to use the radar quite a bit. Sorry, but I'm not the one that decided a level map wasn't necessary. Also, the order that I've given these below are not the same as the video guide above.

The Island of Hoole
  • Fly towards the very top of the main tree.
  • In a nook in the middle part of the tree below #1.
  • In another nook, around the base area of the tree.
  • In an alcove, along the coastal perimeter.
  • Also along the coastal perimeter, but this time above an elevated pond.
The Desert of Kuneer
  • Close from where you start.
  • Close from where you start, in the hallow of a rock.
  • Close from where you start, on top of a tree.
  • Out in the mountain area, on top of mountain peak.
  • Out in the flat desert area, next to some spiky rock structures.
The Forest Kingdom of Tyto
  • Over a lake surrounded by mountains, pretty close to the survival challenge.
  • Over another lake that is surrounded by waterfalls, pretty close to the map boarder.
  • At the peak of a very tall mountain, also fairly close to the survival challenge.
  • Towards the base of the mountain that has the speed flying challenge at the peak.
  • At the top of the peak that overlooks the bomber challenge.
The Glauxian Brothers Retreat
  • Head towards the owl rescue challenge and it will be around the large mountain there.
  • Over a frozen lake that has trees and wooden structures.
  • Towards the boarder of the map on the back side of a mountain over another frozen lake.
  • In a glacier valley with many rock formations, under a rock arch.
  • At the end of the same glacier valley as #4, close the boarder of the map.
The Beaks
  • Under the main central archway/tunnel directly in front of where you start.
  • Pretty close to #1, off the river in a nook in the mountains.
  • High above a peak, really close to the map boarder.
  • Turn 180 degrees from your starting position, then follow the edge to the right. It will be above a mountain tunnel that has a river passing through it.
  • Go slightly left from your starting position and continue in this direction for a little while. You'll find it under an archway.
Posted Image Passive Aggressive Posted Image
Complete a mission using just wingmen

I suggest doing this early on, since there will be more enemies in later missions. Just nose dive to build up your yellow Prowess meter and every time you have enough power, use a wingman on an enemy. If you decide to go for this trophy on a level that doesn't require you to defeat all the enemies, I suggest using a wingman at least once. Other than that, just don't attack any of the enemies.

Posted Image New Game + Posted Image
Continue playing after completing the game

After you beat the game, just start a new game and the trophy will unlock. I recommend saving to one of your open slots so you don't potentially interfere with the "Birds of a Different Feather" trophy. Also related to that trophy, you should select an owl type that you didn't use in your first play-through.

Posted Image Sold Out Posted Image
Buy all the Battlesets

As you should expect, this will unlock once you purchase all the battlesets.

Posted Image Boss Rush Posted Image
Defeat any boss without being defeated

See the "Gold, Shard, Gold!" trophy.

Posted Image Silver Lining Posted Image
Get all Silver medals

See the "Gold, Shard, Gold!" trophy.

Posted Image Vanquish The Evil Posted Image
Complete the game

See the "Gold, Shard, Gold!" trophy.

Posted Image Tyto is Righto Posted Image
Complete the Forest Kingdom of Tyto Missions

See the "Gold, Shard, Gold!" trophy.

Posted Image Kuneer or Kufaar Posted Image
Complete the Desert Kuneer Missions

See the "Gold, Shard, Gold!" trophy.

Posted Image Defeat the Hagsfiend Queen Posted Image
Complete the Glauxian Retreat Missions

See the "Gold, Shard, Gold!" trophy.

Posted Image Owls of Derisive Laughter Posted Image
Complete Race to the Retreat in 4 minutes or less

See the "Gold, Shard, Gold!" trophy.

Posted Image Gold, Shard, Gold! Posted Image
Get a Gold ranking in all story missions

This is actually very straight forward, as all of the gold ranking requirements are pretty darn easy. Moreover, you don't have to get golds for all the bonus missions to get this trophy (but you do for a different one). Oddly, the only place you can see the mission's requirement is from the level selection screen. As such, you may not want to press continue after you clear a mission, because you'll immediately start the next mission, and therefore, won't know what the gold ranking requirement is. Alternatively, you can check under the spoiler tag below to see the requirements.

The Desert of Kuneer
  • An Ally in the Sand – Rescue Streak in 04:00 min.
  • Desert Eagle – Find the bat hideout in 08:30 min.
  • Thieves in the Night – Rescue the owlets in 06:30 min.
  • Into the Hideout – Flush out the bats in 03:30 min.
  • The Chieftain Strikes – Defeat the Chieftain with no lives lost.
The Forest Kingdom of Tyto
  • Pure Ones Pursuit – Reach the headquarters in 07:00 min.
  • Resistance Evacuation – All carriers survive.
  • Lighting the Way – Light all the torches in 06:00 min.
  • Fire Fight – All carriers survive.
  • Pure Retaliation – Destroy the fort in 09:00 min.
The Glauxian Brothers Retreat
  • Race to the Retreat – Finish the race in 03:00 min.
  • A Curious Convoy – Survive the assault in 08:00 min.
  • Shard to the Rescue – Rescue the monks in 08:30 min.
  • Battle at the Mine – Destroy the facility in 06:00 min.
  • The Queen’s Game – Defeat the Queen with no lives lost.
The Beaks
  • No Owl Gets Left Behind – Escape the Beaks in 05:00 min.
  • Defense Destruction – Destroy all defenses in 07:30 min.
  • Breaking the Signal – Destroy the tower in 04:30 min.
  • Clawing Towards the Forge – Reach the forge in 07:00 min.
  • Allomere’s Fury – Defeat Allomere with no lives lost.
Note that while working towards this trophy, you will unlock all the trophies that reference it.

Posted Image Bonus Gold Posted Image
Get a Gold ranking in all Bonus missions

There are five bonus mission areas and each area has four challenges, except the first one which only has three. All of them are very easy. The only ones that presented a small challenge were the speed flying challenges. If you're having problems with these, don't forget to use the speed boost by corkscrewing (up on the :r3 ). Also, equipping different battlesets may help.

Posted Image Birds of a Different Feather Posted Image
Complete the game as all Four Characters

Well, this is the big grind trophy for this game. The trophy description is self-explanatory: you have to beat the game will all four owls. There is some good news, however, you do not have to complete any of the bonus missions. By your third or forth run, you'll know this game forwards and backwards and should be able to clear it in just over 2 hours.

One final important remark: I would recommend using up the extra save slots, as I don't know what will happen if you overwrite your old save files. There's no reason not to after all, as there are four save slots available.

Posted Image Collect All Trophies Posted Image
Every trophy has been collected

As usual, you'll unlock this once all the other trophies have been unlocked. Congrats!



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