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Aquanaut's Holiday - Review

Review Aquanauts Holiday

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Posted 26 July 2011 - 08:07 PM

Aquanauts Holiday is a visually stunning game.

You play a reporter, trying to find out what happened to a missing Oceanographer named Bill. You drive around a mini-sub following Bill's underwater course. You catalog fish along the way, to make money to buy batteries for the "Sonobuoy's". Sonobuoy's allow you to travel this underwater course. Along the way....you discover what happened to Bill and the first mini-sub.

The controls are very simple....left thumbstick to control the camera, right thumbstick to move around. So there isn't much of a learning curve here...the controls won't stress you much. Every fish, slug, whale, and shark you find...will be added to your library. You can then access your library to read up on anything you catalog here. Very informative too.

There was a bit of a curve for me....as the game version I had was in Japanese. Since I don't read Japanese...it was very difficult to figure out how to get back to base the first time I left it. There are guides (like Roughdawg's for example) that will help you along the way. I had to watch a video walkthrough to read the story as I played...and to figure out how to get back to the base. You can't die or damage the mini-sub...which is a good thing considering I really can't pilot a mini-sub. The trophies are fairly easy to get...the challenge will be actually "finding" the fish in the first place. The game is set in "patterns" and there are 8 patterns. Meaning, everytime you leave the base....you are in the next pattern. Certain animals are found ONLY in certain patterns. Take Megladon for example....you can only find him in pattern "G", and only in one area of the sea. If you miss him...you have to advance the patterns back to "G" to see him again, as he only appears for a short time and then is gone again.

I would recommend this game to anyone who likes fish...or learning about the animals living in the oceans. This is not a game your going to finish in a day or two....you are going to have to invest some time in this. This is a lot like Afrika...so if you have played that one, you will get an idea of what this one is like.




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