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You Are Being Followed Trophy Guide and Walkthrough

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Posted 04 September 2021 - 07:07 PM




  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10
  • Offline trophies: 14 (11 :bronze, 2  :silver, 1 :gold)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 1 hour
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 2
  • Number of missable trophies: technically almost everything is missable but the game is extremely short so it doesn't really matter
  • Glitched trophies: Hard to Follow - :gold
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A
  • Do trophies stack?: N/A
  • VR and Dualshock 4 required


You Are Being Followed is a VR walking simulator styled game where you spend a day as a blind girl named Emma. She "sees" by using the sounds around her and her dog Samuel's barks. Loud or sudden sounds frighten Emma and she always has this feeling someone is following her. A simple stroll soon becomes quite the adventure.



The most efficient way to 100% this is to spend a single playthrough getting all the trophies except for the speed run. Most trophies are missable and each new area will lock you out of the previous one. If you do miss something the game is so short that it's not a big deal to clean anything up later. Once you have all the other trophies you should be familiar enough with the game to do the speed run no problem.


Note: This game has a setting called "Trophy alert." This is turned off by default and it means that all trophies will not pop until you reach the main menu (i.e. beating the game or quitting out). If you are trying to do a "speed run" for sites that track trophy progress you will want to have this off. Then get every trophy except for the actual speed run trophy. Remember, they will not pop but the game remembers which you've done. Once you beat the game all of the trophies except one should pop and then you need to quickly do the speed run. You can even shave off a few seconds if you turn the Trophy alert on or quit out once you reach the dog at the end of your second run. Glitch note: Hard to follow - :gold sometimes doesn't pop so be aware of this as you go for the top time.



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Posted 04 September 2021 - 07:07 PM




Eavesdropper - :bronze

Overheard every conversation along the way.


There's only 3 conversations to find and listen to. You will want to walk right up to the people talking and you don't seem to need to hear the entire conversations but might as well just in case.


1 - If you go straight from your apartment you should see 2 people to your right having a conversation

2 - After the car crash head left and follow the road around to the right, there are 2 people having a conversation at the bus stop

3 - In the mall, down the left path as you enter, there are 2 employees having a conversation (they walk in from the Christmas area)



What Remains of Wacky Winzeler - :bronze

Witnessed the rise and fall of a sleazy air con empire. Forever banned in Mainland China.


Wacky Winzeler is the local air conditioner dealer. The first part of this trophy is to listen to his TV commercial. When in town, turn right at the harmonica player and walk through the parking lot. Towards the back right you can stand under the lit up windows and hear the commercial. Listen to it completely (the lights will go out when it's done) and then continue on with the game. Once you get to the mall you will find his store. It's the store with the half closed gate and Winzeler inside arguing on the phone. It's just past the drink counter. Listen to the call until the trophy pops.



Cautious - :bronze

Remained at home for an extended period of time.


At the beginning of the game just stay in your house until the trophy pops. It should only take a minute or two.



This is Nice - :bronze

Took the time to appreciate the playground. If this isn't nice, I don't know what is. 


Once Sam leads you to a playground head over to the merry-go-round and climb onto it. Ride it for a bit and the trophy should pop.



Went Home - :bronze

Sought a path home on multiple occasions.


At multiple points in the game you can try and go back but are met with an obstacle preventing you from continuing. I'm not 100% all of these are needed or when exactly you can turn back but you will get the trophy turning back at the following points in the game. You will want to walk all the way up to whatever is blocking your path.


- Right after you leave your house head to the elevator. Walk right up to it and then go back to your house. Emma should make a comment about it if done right.


- When the car accident occurs turn around and head back to your apartment building. Emma will comment as you reach the closed door.


- A little after you pass the harmonica player and head into the woods until it turns green then turn around and head back to town. As you approach the gate the harmonica player will be blocking your way.


- Once you cross the blue bridge and find the train turn around and head back. A mysterious figure should be blocking your path across the bridge.


- As you continue through the woods you will hear a tree fall. Turn around and walk up to the fallen tree blocking your path.


- Once you leave the playground and head under the road wait until you hear the police car. Turn around and head back to the playground. The gates will be closed and a mysterious figure will be on the swings. The trophy should pop at this point.



Thomas, Not Alone - :bronze

Insisted on hearing Thomas out.


Thomas is your friendly downstairs neighbor. He's standing in the hall and will start talking as you approach. Listen to his entire conversation to pop the trophy.



Hard to Follow - :gold

Reached the ending in record time. 


Glitchy - I've had this not pop a couple times for no reason that I can figure out. Just try again if it happens.


This is a speed run trophy and you should attempt it after you have found everything else and have a good idea of where you need to go. I don't know the exact time limit but if you just run straight through the game you should be fine. If you are struggling here are some tips:


- In the first area just go straight down the road past the accident and when you get to the fountain you should see the path you need to follow lit up ahead of you.


- Whenever you get freaked out and everything turns red, just follow Samuel. When things aren't red Samuel can be unreliable though he usually heads in the correct direction.


- In the mall you want to go to the Christmas display and wait for Matt. He'll get called away on his walkie talkie and you want to follow him to the gate that he opens. Just keep walking straight on from there.


- In the end forest just walk straight and a little to the right until you see Sam. The trophy should pop upon reaching him.



You Are Being Educated - :bronze

Learned about the state of humanity... and "crowmanity."


At the very start of the game listen to the entire TV broadcast about crows. Then towards the end of the game right before the final train you should see a crow on your left, watching TV and talking. Stay here and listen to the entire thing for the trophy to pop.



Follow and be Damned - :silver

Met a most elusive Duke.


Near the end of the game everything is red and going crazy. After you pass the guy sleeping above you look to the left. There is a large Christmas tree/shrine/fountain thing with the crazy drunk guy sitting in it. Look down on the left side of this thing and there is a small statue that will pop the trophy when you look at it. You may need to get as close to it as possible if it isn't unlocking.



First Things First - :silver

Discovered a shocking tribute to PlayStationⓇ First.


In the final forest area with the lightning storm there is a very bright and shiny tree just to your right. Behind it on the ground is a PS1 controller that you need to look at for the trophy. It lights up when the lightning strikes so you may need to wait a bit before you can see it. You may also need to get as close to it as possible if it isn't unlocking.



Grave Story - :bronze

Encountered a mysterious monument.


Right after the blue bridge and right before the train there is a grave to your left. Walk up to it for the trophy. You may need to get as close to it as possible if it isn't unlocking.



High Roller - :bronze

Pressed your luck in the casino for 77.7 seconds.


Inside the mall is a casino/arcade area. It will be loud with slot machine and coin sounds when you are there. Just sit in here until the trophy pops.



Fearless - :bronze

Charged boldly into the face of danger.


After the mall the world goes crazy and red. At the very end of this area a train is coming towards you. Just walk straight at it for the trophy.



Height in the Woods - :bronze

Climbed the highest peak in the forest.


In the final forest area there's a rocky incline just barely to your left in front of you. The lightning makes it more visible but it's not too hard to find. Just head up this rock until the trophy pops at the top.



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Posted 07 September 2021 - 01:17 AM



- Listen to the entire TV broadcast and wait until Cautious -  :bronze pops.


- Leave your house and head to the elevator but don't get in. Instead turn around and head back to your house until Emma comments about it.


- Get in the elevator and go downstairs. Head down the hall and stop and listen to Thomas' entire conversation. Thomas, Not Alone -  :bronze


- Head outside and go straight until you see two guys having a conversation on the right. Stand between them and listen to their conversation.


- Once they finish talking continue down the road until a car crashes. Turn around and head back to your apartment until you hear Emma commenting on leading something home.


- Head back down the street and turn left at the car crash. Continue down the road (it curves to the right) until you see 2 people talking at a bus stop to your left. Stand between them and listen to their conversation.


- Continue down the road (it again curves to the right) until you see a harmonica player. When facing him turn to your right and head through a parking lot. At the back you will hear an advertisement for Wacky Winzeler coming from the lit up upstairs windows. Listen to the whole thing (windows will go dark when done).


- Now head back to the harmonica player and head through the gate behind him. Keep walking until the scenery turns green. Turn around and head back to the harmonica player. You will see the gate is now shut and he's sitting in your way.


- Turn back around and continue through the woods and over a blue bridge. When the train arrives turn around and try to head back across the bridge. You will be blocked by a mysterious figure.


- Between the bridge and the train on your left side walk up and observe a hidden grave marker. Grave Story -  :bronze


- Continue past the tracks and follow Samuel until you hear a tree falling. Turn around and walk up to the fallen tree now blocking your path.


- Turn back around and follow Samuel until you reach a playground. Climb onto the merry-go-round and ride it until This is Nice -  :bronze pops.


- Leave the playground and head under the road. When you hear the police sirens turn around and head back to the park. Walk up to the closed gates and the mysterious man will be on the swings. Went Home -  :bronze


- Turn back around and follow your dog into the mall. Take the path to your left past the spaceship ride until you run into 2 people having a conversation. Eavesdropper :bronze


- Now head back to where you entered the mall and next to the drink shop you should see a store with its gate half closed. Wacky Winzeler is inside arguing on the phone. Listen to the entire call. What Remains of Wacky Winzeler -  :bronze


- In the center of the mall is a casino. You can hear the sound of arcade machines and coins if you are in the right place. Wait in here for 77.7 seconds. High Roller -  :bronze


- Now head out of the casino towards the drink counter and turn left. Head to the back corner and the turn left through the gates (if these gates are somehow still closed, go to the Christmas display and wait until Matt gets called away on his walkie talkie. Follow him and he'll open the gates). Keep going down this hall as everything around you goes red and trippy. Keep going until you walk under a man sleeping above the path. Turn left and you should see a Christmas tree and a round area with the crazy guy in it. Look down around the left outer side of this thing and there is a small statue on the ground. Follow and be Damned -  :silver


- Continue down the path until you see a crow on your left watching TV and talking. Wait here and listen to his entire speech. You Are Being Educated -  :bronze


- Once done, keep going down the path and run straight at the oncoming train. Fearless  :bronze


- In the forest area just in front of you slightly to the left is a rocky incline you can walk up. The lightning can help make this more visible. Walk all the way to the top of this rocky incline. Height in the Woods -  :bronze


- As you come down you should see a tree that lights up super bright in the lightning. Behind this tree there is a PS1 controller on the ground that also gets lit up by the lightning. Move as close as you can and observe this controller. First Things First -  :silver


- Continue down the path until you reach your dog.


- Replay the game heading straight for the end, skipping everything but the main path. Hard to Follow -  :gold





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Posted 08 September 2021 - 02:25 AM

Nice guide Sef. I'll be using this real soon

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