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Outriders; Quick review

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Posted 02 April 2021 - 03:26 PM

If you haven't bought this game yet, Wait.

Wait, wait, wait.


Outriders is set in the future on the planet Enoch.  Earth has been decimated and the few million humans that are left, fled the Earth and traveled to Enoch to colonize the planet.

You are an Outrider and are among the first group to land on Enoch.  From what I can gather...you are like a Pathfinder, or a Scout.  Your group encounters a storm, that turns most people to ash.  You are struck by a bolt of energy and are put back into stasis.  You are awakened 31 years later and are captured.  You are made to run across a "no mans land" where there is constant fighting.  A pole pierces your chest..like Wade in the first Deadpool movie..and you don't die.  You find out you have "powers" and are now called "Altered".  The "Altered" are treated as basic gods and have...pretty much a free run of everything.

The game is constant online...like Destiny or Anthem, and has supposed crossplay across all platforms.  Playstation, Xbox, and PC's...but has current issues.  The developers know of a bug, that is causing people to be kicked from the game...when they are playing with other platforms.

I love the scifi setting.  I love the universe they set up.  I really like the story...what I have seen of it.  I really want to love this game...but I can't.  I can't stay logged into the Outriders servers for any major length of time.  I play for a couple of hours...then spend 1-4 hours trying to log back into the Outrider servers.

I can't give an honest score to this game as I can't play it.


Best I can give it is a 6. 

I think that is being generous.


At least until they fix the server issues.  This is why I don't like "constant" online games...if the servers go down, you can't even play the game



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Posted 02 April 2021 - 05:08 PM

Thanks for the warning.  Nice review.


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