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PS+ Rundown for September 2020

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Posted 01 September 2020 - 12:17 AM


The new batch of free PS+ games are about to drop.  Here’s my quick rundown of what they are, my thoughts about them and what the trophies are like.  Remember, even if you don’t have the system yet or are unsure about whether you’d like the game, always go to the PSN store online and “buy” all the free games every month.  They will get added to your account and you can download them anytime in the future as long as you have an active PS+ subscription.




PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - PS4
Retail - $29.99 Sale - $9.59


What is it - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, or PUBG, sends up to 100 players to a large island to fight until only one player remains. Dropped with nothing, you have to scavenge for weapons and equipment while avoiding or killing others trying to do the same. Over time, a circle of death closes in until there is only a small area left. Go solo, with a friend or in a small squad.



My thoughts - PUBG was the breakout battle royale phenomenon that popularized the genre... just in time for Fortnite to take over the world. Despite falling behind in popularity the publisher still chose to be a paid game when everyone else went free to play. At least now with PS+ we can get it at that same price point. PUBG was well reviewed and still has a healthy player base, it's just there are so many (arguably better) alternatives now.


Trophies - The most difficult trophies on your way to the PUBG platinum are the ones for getting wins. You need to win at least 10 times (trophy can be buggy) including at least once in each of the modes; solo, duo, and squad. This may seem difficult, but it is possible to boost it in low population game modes like First Person Perspective. A recent patch has added bot controlled characters as well. All of the other trophies will likely come naturally if you play normally and you will only need to grind out the 1000 kill trophy (also buggy). If you boosted your wins, then there are a bunch of trophies you will need to clean up after. Even with boosting, this will still be 100+ hours. Without boosting, it's going to vary based on skill.




Street Fighter V - PS4
Retail - $19.99 Sale - $7.99


What is it - Street Fighter V is the latest iteration of one of the longest running fighting games of all time. Ryu and friends are still fighting M. Bison and his Shadaloo forces. A series of "Black Moon" satellites are being used to absorb energy from around the world to make the Shadloo forces unstoppable. 16 fighters are available in the base game with 5 seasons of DLC fighters released since (it's still not clear which, if any, of the DLC we are getting with PS+). Story, Arcade, Team and Extra Battle modes are included in the base game as well.



My thoughts - Capcom caused a lot of drama in making Street Fighter a Playstation console exclusive. Even worse, the game released with lots of bugs and little content. Luckily, they've had years to fix things and the game is in a great place now. It's not very clear which content we'll be getting with PS+ but even with just the base content this is one of the premier fighting games available.


Trophies - Get ready for a very difficult, very time consuming, and very grindy platinum. The simple trophies revolve around the usual fighting game feats and beating the story. Then you move into beating 100 levels of survival on Hell difficulty. Once you master fighting against the AI, you now have to play ranked mode against human players. Street Fighter V is one of the main games in the professional fighting game circuit so be prepared to fight against people who play for a living. It will take hundreds of matches even if you win just to get enough points for gold ranking. Once you master the game and achieve gold ranking, you may still need to grind out trophies for money, exp and skill usage. This is a beast of a platinum and will take hundreds of hours to obtain it. The good news is you may be good enough by then to enter tournaments.


Last month I was mentioning how we seem to be getting way too many shooters this year and we get another one. At least PUBG is a slightly different type of shooter. Genre complaints aside, both games this month are very good and provide a ton of replay value with hundreds of hours of content, especially if you are going for the platinums.



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Posted 21 September 2020 - 04:49 PM

The top one is a go.


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