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Down the Rabbit Hole Collectible Guide

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Posted 05 May 2020 - 01:38 AM



Collectible Guide:


This is the collectible guide and likely the only thing in the game needing a guide. If you are looking for the general trophy guide please see - http://ps3imports.or...e-trophy-guide/


You can go back to any previous area using the mirrors. Once you get to the Hatter he allows you to choose to look for more invitations. If you do proceed to the party the game will end but continuing brings you back to the Hatter. To get to the mirror room interact with the bookcase halfway up the stairs from the throne room when you find the Hatter. Each mirror will show you how many invitations you have for that area or you can track your progress by pushing the touch pad.





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Posted 05 May 2020 - 05:01 PM

Area 1 - Rabbit's House (6 invitations)


1 - Under the landing in the room with the fireplace

2 - On top of the mirror

3 - Between the two clock rooms you need to poke at the wall a few times to expose the invitation

4 - In the lunch time clock room it's on the landing to the left

5 - In the lunch time clock room it's near the spare minute hand on the wall to the right

6 - In the chest in the office to the right of the lunch time clock room




Area 2 - Cook's House (5 invitations)


1 - After talking with the card soldiers it's in the trees in the next room

2 - In the chest just inside the house

3 - Upstairs in the room with the fish tree

4 - Outside, on the moon behind the kitchen

5 - In the folds of the rug above you just as you enter the caterpillar room




Area 3 - Mirror Realm (5 invitations)


1 - It's on the center stairwell in the MC Escher room

2 - In the clouds just past the spoon you knock down

3 - After taking control of Four Half you pull a rope and go through a door. The chest is to your right when you exit the door

4 - After taking a ride in the teacup and then going through another door, it's on a post below you

5 - At the end of the level in the caterpillar room, it's behind the sign for the Cheshire Cat




Area 4 - Cheshire Cat's Forest (7 invitations)


1 - Just as you enter the forest with the Cheshire Cat poke at the rocks on the left side until they break away

2 - Look in the trees in front of the red domino doors

3 - In the tree room before entering the Imposter King's throne room it's in one of the openings in the ceiling

4 - In the chest inside the Imposter King's throne room

5 - This is under the bird's foot. To get him to release it you have to play his three songs on the flowers  (you have to do the first two for the story). If you number the flowers from left to right the patterns are:


First Song - 3, 2, 1

More flowers open

Second Song - 1, 3, 4, 2, 5

Third Song - 5, 3, 4, 2, 3, 5, 1 


6 - Poke at the rocks under the bird's nest

7 - In the room with the bird there's a large door on the right side. Interact with it to have Four Half slide through and into a room with the invitation on the teacup

Note: invitations 5 and 6 seem to be numbered in the order you get them and are interchangeable




Area 5 - Gardens (4 invitations)


1 - In a tree to the left of the chest

2 - On a hedge wall to the right of the chest

3 - On the bench behind the checkered diamond trees. The checkered tree cutter is on the right side of the club garden gardens

4 - It's in the chest next to the Imposter King




Area 6 - Keep of Hearts (6 invitations)


1 - On a ledge above the dishes in the room with the King's left arm

2 - In the bathroom on top of the toilet tank

3 - On the chandelier in the bathroom

4 - In the chest in the bedroom with the pyramid puzzle

5 - In the window above your lost pet

6 - In the window between Four Half and the Hatter





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